New blacktop woes

Portions of US 1 in Stuart have been paved with blacktop that is slick-looking and probably slippery when wet. The new lanes are very smooth and seem fine when dry, but when you compare the paved lanes to the older cement lane the difference is striking. After a light rain, the older cement lane appears dry; no water splashes up on your vehicle. Yet the newly-paved blacktop lanes have a layer of water across the entire surface causing splashing and glare on the road from oncoming headlights at night. The contrast between the two road surfaces after a sprinkle of rain is astounding. If the new asphalt is excreting oil and possibly causing a skidding risk, the highway department should alert drivers with signage. Better yet, it should review the material being used before paving further sections of this heavily traveled road.

What about the others?

In response to the person who says “do your part in keeping our planet clean,” you might want to address China, Mexico and India as they are the main polluters, not only in unclean air, but Asia dumps tons of garbage in the ocean! Yes, doing our part is good, but other countries are not willing to do their part!

A Message to the Martin County Fire Rescue Department

Are our Fire/Rescue folks preparing or being prepared, both in physical equipment and fire fighting and rescue, to handle a potential situation similar to the Campfire in Paradise and surrounding towns in California, should it occur?

At the minimum, how are evacuation skills?

Are they communicating with firefighters from that area on what they were able to do during the fire, and what they are finding post fire? How have they responded and what they could have done better?

Here’s hoping so, as there were many, many unusual and unprecedented events and circumstances about that fire and many others in California.

There is also a noticeable lack of normal rains here in the areas east of 95 for a few years now…even during hurricanes….any one else notice?

Storefront ideas

Why is it that Sebastian has so few quality commercial retailers? Am I alone thinking it would be a perfect town for a COSTCO? We have ample room for growth heading west on Hwy.-512 past 510 towards Fellsmere. Having to drive to Vero or Melbourne just to go to Sam’s club is not worth it. New local retailers would create more full-time job opportunities and supply our community with a much needed source of quality products.

Do we really need another consignment shop, auto parts retailer, dollar store, barber shop, drinking establishment, or pizza joint? How about a nice movie theater, a Target, a good furniture store or an Olive Garden, maybe a decent steak house or a Chick-Fil-A? Also stop building along the water side of the lagoon. We don’t need any more fish restaurants crowding our shrinking view of the lagoon. Soon you will have to pay to see the water and once that happens Sebastian is done for, because without our free and beautiful nature views we don’t have much else other than fishing. Once we lose sight of the water there goes the fishing and we lose our snowbirds and economy. Get ready to pay to park your car, put your boat in the water and park your trailer. It’s coming folks watch how quickly the view along Indian River Drive is shrinking. Build out west of 510 and save the waterways.

Superintendent Rendell

I watch these board meetings and I get so disgusted at the absolute waste of taxpayers money! Is this new board going to be any different from the last one? It doesn’t appear to be the case!

Superintendent Rendell is taking the life and career of a 14-year-veteran, Carter Morrison, after slandering his name in the 7/31/2018 board meeting, and demoting this CFO to a transportation coordinator. If you go by one Board Member’s comments “it looks like we can only delay this”, it’s going to be more of the same.

This means the School District of Indian River County will undergo another costly lawsuit and will most likely lose. How much more will the taxpayers of this county be expected to clean of this Superintendent’s messes? If you recall several years ago, due to mismanagement of the HR benefits/insurance fund balance, Supt. Rendell made excuses for his HR department lead for the loss of $7 million. Employees and taxpayers are still digging out of that hole.

So, it would seem that taxpayers will wind up paying again for the total lack of character of this Superintendent and the Board’s lack of ability to reign him in. Read Tom Hardy’s assessment of the “investigation” at

At least it’s more honest than that of the current Superintendent of the School District of Indian River County.

Turtle reminder

Just a reminder to everyone that not all “turtles” live in water. Most of us know about our gopher tortoises and will even help them cross the road. However, they are land dwellers and cannot swim like a turtle. There are many tortoises that live in the dunes at the beach, and they are not sea turtles and would not survive if they were returned to the ocean.

Thank you!

I want to thank you for your act of kindness. My mother and I were having breakfast at Friendly’s in Port St. Lucie on Tuesday November 13th. Upon finishing our meal our server, with a huge grin on her face, informed us that our meal had been paid for. Both of us thank you so much for making our day a beautiful one. Your kindness was much appreciated. I hope you see this so you know how much you brightened our day!

Political season

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait till election is over. Not because of the outcome of the election but because the ads will cease.

All the political attack ads tell me more about the advertiser than the attacked. I would really much prefer to hear what candidates are going to do, maybe even how they are going to change themselves so they can change the political climate, our country and the world.

In these words of Jesus (Matthew 7:1, 3) we find a timely message for our politicians and ourselves. There is way too much negativity and downright meanness in our world today. We all need to take a step back and look in the mirror.

What do we need to change in ourselves? What do we need to confess and repent? How can we change ourselves so that we can then change the world around us?

I could really get behind a candidate who did this; and I am reminded that it always starts with me...

Red tide affects tourism

Blue-green algae is scheduled to be fixed in three years time; during that 3-year period, discharges will continue to be made from lakes into the lagoon, which will continue to move more (or additional) blue-green algae into our waters. I dont know how this is going to alleviate this serious problem, it will only continue to make matters worse by killing more sea grass and more fish.

The red tide is a very serious additional problem that is a huge threat to florida and its survival as a tourist attraction. With beach closures due to the rapid spread of red tide, now not only on the west coast, but going rapidly up the east coast from the keys up to and beyond Sebastian. We need to address this before it further affects tourism, our major industry. We need to conact city state and federal officials as soon as possible.

In response to 2nd amendment rant

I am responding to the rant and rave on Americans’ right to bear arms (2nd amendment to our constitution) thank God. First of all, the guns used in these horrible shootings were not automatic weapons.

Second, we Americans abide by our Constitution and that is what makes my country great, and everyone wants to be here. If you don’t like our Constitution, you should just go home were you are controlled by your government and have no way to defend yourself if needed.

As far as the NRA goes, they again are for American’s right to BEAR ARMS and not to lose that right. Most of us don’t want to become a socialist country-- we like our Freedoms and love our Constitution.

Don’t get me wrong, those shooting were reprehensible and if the teachers utilized their right to bear arms, the death toll would not have been. Crazy people and criminals will always find a way to kill if that is their intent. It is not because of law abiding citizens who have this right. If they don’t legally purchase their firearm, be sure they will find one on the street, like all criminals do, if they want a gun. I just don’t understand why you would want to take the teeth out of the rottweiler who has been protecting you all of these years.

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