Using stores as babysitters

Parents are responsible for their child's actions. If your child is caring, responsible and following your requests to be good, you are a good parent, or your child just gets it; to be non-destructive and irritating to others in a store. Stores are not playgrounds. Come on "parents".

Parking on lawns

Yes it's very convenient but not fair to the rest of your community and having your yard end up with tire marks, ruts and dead grass. Follow the rules and stop being a lazy bad neighbor.

Keep East Ridge Park clean

Here in Hobe Sound Martin County Parks Department removed every garbage can in East Ridge Park. It’s disgusting ! This is a heavily used park in the East Ridge Estates neighborhoods of Hobe Sound. The Martin County Parks Department closed the restrooms to the park so kids near the playground step in feces of those who use the ground as their toilet. Many of these residents pay thousands of hard earned dollars in property taxes to a county government which withholds basic sanitation services. The Martin County Parks Department also removed most of the trash cans on the Bathtub beach leaving a stinking pile of garbage almost daily. The one good thing I will say about Martin County government is that they are transparent. A look at commissioners emails on their website will reveal some of the complaints from the public regarding Martin County Parks Department removing cans and potentially creating a wide spread health hazard across the area. More people should complain about this taxation without representation.

Green light means "Go"

To those of you who fall asleep at a green light, don't you look in your mirrors and see there may be eight or nine cars behind you that would like to make it through the light also?

The pedal on the right is the gas. Please use it. Did you read the manual that came with your car? That stick on the left of your steering wheel is called a directional. It tells others what your intentions are so they can make an informed decision on when to go or not. Also, be aware that left turns yield on green. The oncoming traffic has the right of way.

Let's try to be more courteous and more informed. It could save lives.

Buying online is not easier

A lot of department stores are closing their doors and going out of business. The main reason is that a lot of people are doing their buying online.

There are a number of reasons for buying online, most of them valid.

However, when a person is retired and in good health and says that they do not have time to go shopping, this blows my mind.

When you buy an article of clothing, don't you want to feel the material and see how it fits?

I realize that when you buy something online, you can always return it. You might have to do this numerous times to get it perfect.

If that is supposed to be easier than going to a store and trying on different outfits and buying on the spot? It is not.

Repair business - true and honest

I know I am not alone, but I find it hard to understand why it is so hard to find a business needed for repairs that you can trust and rely on them to do the job right and honest.

I have spoken to others who are feeling the same way that work is done but either partially or incorrectly requiring the work to be needed again. I remember years ago never having problems, and businesses were like family - trustworthy.

What happened?

Veterans are veterans

I went into the service when I was 17 years old. I am what they call a Cold War vet. I gave five years of my life for my country, but most other vets and especially the VA consider us lower than you-know-what.

It's not my fault we weren't at war at the time, even though we trained for it. I don't even get veterans preference for jobs or anything. Sad,actually.

Would I do it all over again? Of course.

FYI - I wasn't a soldier, just a Seabee.

Your safety lights might be defective

From my observations on Florida's streets and highways, I have come to a conclusion that the vast majority of cars and some trucks, both new and old, seem to have a common defect which appears almost immediately after delivery.

I'm sure the vehicles are OK when purchased. Florida statutes (laws), I believe, require all safety-related items must be in working order. But after delivery, for whatever reason, the directional lights stop working.

I think the probable cause might be somewhere in the area of the steering wheel, or more specifically the nut holding it. Maybe a recall of this nut would be in order.

Let's put license plates on the adult bicycles on our streets and roads

I pay for auto tags every year because that is the law to ride on our roads in Florida, like in every other state. They have to pay for the tags to pay for the roads. That's what pays for the roads; that is what maintains the roads.

The biking people think that they can hog our roads, and use them as they please without paying any kind of money to use our roads, and I think that every person who rides these bikes racing down our roads with their skin-tight pants, with their helmets on and do it all the time; I think they should be made to pay for little license plates to put on their bicycles so they could pay for the use of the road, too.

Right now, they are getting it for free, and that is not right. The even have their own bike lanes now, and they still don't pay for it.

So, I think that anyone who has one of these bikes and wants to use these bikes on our streets should be required to have tags on them. And make them pay at least $30 or $40, like our tags are for the cars.

Act like trash, pick up trash

Recently, several articles were written ranting about litter problems. We have many people committing criminal acts within our community. These people rob us, harm us, commit property damage, take advantage of us and give our community a bad name. I think it’s time to pay it back. The misdemeanor offenders get litter projects along with jail time. They wear a fluorescent T-shirt that states “I Love My Community and I’m Paying Back.” Everyone will see them and this if not a lesson learned for them; at least it will benefit us. The message it speaks is “Act like trash then pick up trash.” I would much rather see our tax dollars pay for supervision of a program like this.

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