Regarding Maggie Hurchalla being sued for trying to stop mining

In 1997, the State of Florida approved large-scale limestone mining at the edge of the Everglades, which means blasting and digging deep holes in the ancient, compressed coral reef that is the very foundation of most of our state. We all draw our drinking water from the aquifers that flow through this incredibly complex porous structure. When the state or local governments allow profit making companies to remove tons and tons of FL’s foundation, don’t you wonder what is happening underneath us? Sinkholes, anyone? Are we like Esau, selling off his birthright for a bowl of oatmeal?

Tire Kingdom on US1 in Vero Beach

On December 12, I was getting gas at a local 7/11. When I came out from paying, 2 men were standing near my car. Immediately one man said, “Hear that! Oh! Look! Your tire is going flat!” It was hard to hear anything as a train was going by, but I looked at the rear tire he was pointing to and it looked like it had been sliced; immediately it lost air. The man said, “Quick, go right away to get it fixed!” I thought it all such a strange scenario, but the reality was the tire was almost flat and I thought I’d better quick get to a place for help. When I drove the 1/4 mile to the US1 Tire Kingdom the tire was totally flat. It was about 6:15 p.m. and at 2:00 a.m. I was leaving to go to Orlando airport to fly to a family get-together. Pat Arriagada, sales associate, at Tire Kingdom could not have given me better customer service. I bought a set of tires, at a great price, to replace the flat and the worn set. The technician put them on my car in about an hour. Normal business hours were till 7 p.m. but they stayed opened later to help me. I got to the family reunion the next day too! THANK YOU! for making my holiday excellent!

Election results

Elections are over. Happy or not, those elected will represent us for the next four to six years and possibly beyond that. I remember clearly the promises made over and over again to pay special attention to the TOXIC ALGAE that is affecting our everyday lives in the Treasure Coast. Jobs were lost, our health is at risk, our wildlife found dead on the beach and this is only the beginning. The steps that are being considered will take at least three years to accomplish at a minimum. We must hold our leaders feet to the fire and demand immediate attention to this devastating problem that plagues both the east and west coast. There are many factors that have led to this disgrace but one of the biggest problems was evident when the South Florida Management District held an emergency meeting the DAY AFTER THE ELECTION which was not supposed to take place until March. This meeting was concocted to make sure the sugar farmers were allowed to extend leases on the land where the reservoir will be eventually. This very board should be replaced immediately with scientists and/or people who have knowledge of protection of our water so they will no longer cater to special interests. And our new Senator spoke of the governments responsibility to support the efforts to get these programs underway quickly and efficiently. If that is so, we would expect this would be Senator Scotts first and most important job in Washington. We will not sit back and wait for these vital issues to be accomplished. We expect more from those representing us and will be calling and writing to make sure they follow up on their campaign promises.

What wall?

A wall? Really? When hi-tech drones are so cheap people are getting them as gifts?

We cheered when the Berlin Wall came crashing down decades ago. Why would Washington even consider that same low-tech, outdated approach to keeping illegals out when tiny drones offer the latest in technology?

Drones are cheap, dirt cheap compared to building a wall. Drones can be provided to each CBP vehicle, giving that officer a range of miles. He can see illegals long before they even reach the border. He can alert other officers so they can provide back-up for his safety. Drones show him exactly where to head to stop illegals in their tracks. No guesswork; no being miles from the action.

Drones are available ‘off the shelf’. No delays. They can be in operation to safeguard the entire border, almost overnight. Contrast that with the years to complete a wall, at a massive cost. There is no comparison, either in cost or in speed.

The military is using drones overseas. It only makes sense to employ them at home to provide urgently-needed border security to protect Americans. This is not exactly rocket science.

Maybe a call or a note to those in Washington who asked to represent us a few weeks ago will prompt speedy action? Give it a try. Then, hold them accountable for putting drones to work, fast, on our behalf. End the border fiasco that has festered for years, and has cost too many American lives. Put drones to work. Now.

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