Animal concerns

I wish it could be tomorrow to end dog racing but at least we have concerned people who voted, that in two years it will end. The vets who had to attend to the dog injuries from the racing were appalled by the horrible injuries and drugs given to dogs to race faster. All for money. That’s a sick way for dogs to exist.

Here’s some information for humane purchases:

Cage free eggs. Chickens have a life, not to live in a 2 by 4 cage for all their lives.

Do not by any ivory products. Elephants are massacred for their ivory in Africa by poachers.

Please buy pets from adoption shelters. Dog factories are churning out over 2 million puppies each year. Those animal factories do not take care, or care about the animals’ welfare at all.

Yearly in Spain, they hold the ‘Running of the Bulls,’ then you hear someone got hurt. “Run with the bulls, die with the bulls.”

Horse protection is needed to prevent the transport and export of U.S. horses to slaughter for human consumption.

The wolf population is on the brink of extinction from the upcoming trophy hunting and trapping seasons.

End painful tests that rabbits and mice and other defenseless animals endure to evaluate safety for products like mascara, shampoo and shaving cream.

In response to ‘Turn Signals’

I would like to answer the Rant in the paper entitled “Turn Signals.”

Well, I worked for the Ford Motor Company, just south of Chicago, Il., for 30 years, and I can tell you that most people know what that lever on the left side of the car’s steering column is, and what it’s for. We also know what those two pedals under the dash is for. We also know that American car manufacturers spent time and money developing these devices also. One is for making the car go faster or slower, depending on the amount of pressure you put on it. The other is for stopping the forward motion of the car.

We also know that more often than not, when you indicate that you want to get into another lane, by turning on the signal, people will speed up to close off the opening which you want to pull over into.

And by the way, you are correct when you say that the turn signal is to let others know what you intend on doing. So, when there are no cars in front of you, no cars behind you, and no cars at the intersection into which you wish to turn, why do you think we should use our signals then, since there is no one there to indicate to regarding what you intend to do. All this does is to cause the device to wear out more quickly, for no reason.

And I would be willing to bet $10 to a hole in a doughnut, that this one is the type I see all the time on the roadway. I will be in the right lane doing the speed limit, cars will speed up behind me, get within inches of my back bumper, when I will not speed up, they will fly around me, at 10 to 15 mph over the speed limit, and 10 car lengths ahead of me, they move back into the right lane, and they do use their signal. Sometimes these types will speed by me, and because I would not go faster, they will pull in right on top of me, and if I had another coat of paint on my car, they would have hit me, and they also used their signal.

Others will simply fly by me, and when they change lanes, you guessed it, they use their signal. So, when a car flies by you at speeds greater than the posted limit, how does that affect you for him to use his signal when he is some 20 car lengths ahead you?

Being an ex-police officer, I ask you which is really more dangerous? /would it be a failure to use your signal, when it does not affect the movement of any other car on the roadway, or would it be speeding, sometimes between 10 to 25 mph over the posted speed limit? Although we should be concerned about turn signals, when it is necessary, we should be MORE concerned about speeding.

And by the way, if a car is sitting in either the right lane or the left turn lane, does it really make sense to you for that car to have the signal on? Does this person really think that people are so stupid that they don’t understand that if a car is in the left turn lane, that car intends on turning left? Does this person really think that a car in the left turn lane, is about to make a right turn?

In response to 'Equity Committee'

Having read the article regarding the "Equity Committee", I find it inconceivable that it should even exist. I just checked the Indian River school district website to confirm that they claim to be EEO. If that is so, they should not be "recruiting black teachers". All candidates should be handled equally and the best candidates should be offered the job. Is "the retention of black teachers" any more important than the retention of any other teacher? What is the overall retention rate of all teachers?

As for the "achievement gap between white and black students", again this should not even be a statistic. All students are taught with the same curriculum and give the same opportunity to succeed. Separating scores by race should not be a statistic in today's society. Are the scores also separated by religion, creed, sexual orientation, natonal origin etc, etc? It gets to the point that statistics mean nothing. Data can be manipulated to form arguments for any bias for which you slant it.

The last census for Indian RIver County had a 9.5% black population. To form an Equity Committee that only represents that percentage of the population does not seem very equitable. There are children of every race struggling with education. All children should be represented. School is not the place to fix economic or social inequities, but rather a place where all children are treated and taught equally. We are lucky that we have professionals who want to teach our children. Let them do so without the added pressure of fixing society's woes.

Regarding immigrants

Well, now they’re at America’s “doormat.” More bullies-- not wanting to follow procedures because “they don’t have to.” One lady said that “we’re not criminals.” Well, yes, yes you are, using force to get your way!

And to the pregnant lady-- when you cross the border with no money or health insurance, WHO will cover the birth, formula, diapers, clothes and both of your medical costs? But then, there’s welfare to be offered to you. The baby will be born in the USA, and that will help with a lot of citizenships.

Corporations in the USA now are cutting work-hours and are only going to hire part-time so they don’t have to offer medical. So now, even US citizens are struggling, and will struggle.

Some people are helping “along the way.” Sure, because they don’t want to offer you jobs or housing-- they just want to keep you moving away and onward.

Soon we’ll press 2 for English. Because, again, you don’t have to learn English, we will accommodate.

And about the real criminals crossing. Yes, more serious crimes are coming our way.

We need border protection to work.

What wall?

Drones may be able to spot people who are approaching the southern US border and signal their operator to that effect. Unfortunately our border patrol personnel can not legally go into Mexico to apprehend them. Once those people arrive at our border they can then completely overwhelm our agents and enter the country with impunity.

A wall is a needed, effective tool which our border agents say works and they want. It would also serve as a deterrent to keep would be migrants from leaving their home countries in order to illegally break into the US. Legal immigration is open to those who wish to come here. Even then, the job of figuring out who wants to come here to live and assimilate as opposed to those who would wish us harm is a huge job.

Write to our representatives and senators to demand a wall!

Florida-Mexico border wall solves all

Here’s how Trump can get out of his latest mess (so he can move on to his next mess - being a Russian agent).

If Trump will agree that 100% of Congressionally-approved border security “wall” funds will be exclusively used to build a wall on the border between Mexico and Florida, I bet the U.S. Congress can get the government back open.

It’s a win-win-win-win.

Trump gets his “wall”, Mexico would likely agree to pay for it, federal workers will be released from being unpaid Trump hostages, and Americans will get our government back.

Poem for the modern age

In the early 19th century:

Mary had a little lamb,

Its fleece was white as snow;

And everywhere that Mary went,

The lamb was sure to go.

In this 21st century:

Mary has an iPod,

With a fierce need to know;

It follows her everywhere,

And Mary can’t say ‘no.’

First or last?

Is it better to be first or last? As president, President Obama tried to lead from behind. Americans are now delighted that President Trump puts the interests of our nation first.

Old age

Someone once labeled old age our “golden years”. This person had to be a few notes short of a sonata-- golden? Hardly! Shall we take a walk down memory lane? When I was young, I brushed my teeth in the hope they would resemble pearls-- now, my teeth float nightly in a glass of Polident. When I was young, my hair received 100 strokes to make it shine. Now, I dare not brush for fear of losing what little I have left. When I was young, I sprayed myself with perfume so I would carry the scent of flowers-- now, the company that makes Depends undergarmets assure me that their diapers are scented and odor-free. When I was young, if I sneezed I was always given a kind “bless you.” Now, if I cough or sneeze, my radiator leaks and my exhaust backfires!

I am 91 years young, and refuse to let Father Time put a damper on the time the good Lord allows me to spend time with friends and loved ones.

The fact remains; youth was romance-- old age is reality-- but the melody lingers on.

Let’s just not use the word ‘golden’!

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