Things to Remember

When you go and have blood drawn when you reside in Florida. First, the pool of people going is generally from 60 to 85, so the people working there are generally nice but believe your older than dirt and not a reliable fact giver. They're paid low wages and do the bare minimum, so if you introduce a change in the routine, do it after they've done what you've signed up for. They hate people trying to be helpful so if your doctor or another doctor wants extra tests done, make another appointment. The company has a plan, they are taught the plan and not to deviate from the plan. It doesn't matter that a needle is in your arm and adding another vial makes sense to you, it's not in the plan! So to all my other senile Baby Boomers living in Florida, while the Medical practices here are a curse, they are also a necessity, so figure out a way to accept them. Common sense is a curse and should not be taken into the Doctors office with you, it doesn't work here. Florida Retirement, never boring.

Animals Concerns

There are so many short falls in care for all animals. Dog racing is expected to end next year, finally. Students that experiment on live animals for science, medical education training programs, and labs nationwide is still so disturbing. Dogs are cut up, opened and sewed back up. When the dog has little left to give they are put to sleep. Mice also show pain with their facial expressions between tightly closed eyes along with the movement and gestures of their nose and cheeks. their pained expression is through being forced to breath dangerous vapors and aerosols, or by having chemicals pumped into their stomachs for hours and even days. We need alternatives to testing chemicals on live animals. Military also teaches medical procedures on animals and to me they are the worst abusers in the country. Pigs are cut opoen in advanced medical training programs. Goat limbs clipped with tree trimmers, mice crushed in tubes, rabbits forced to endure painful skin and eye irritation tests and more. Dogs in puppy mills are placed to live in squalor, dirty conditions with no human interaction before being sold to pet stores in turn being sold to unsuspecting families. P.C.R.M. (Physicians For Responsible Medicine), have stopped all medical schools from these needless experiments. P.C.R.M. is leading the campaign to end all use of live animals.

Doctors office endless waits

Yesterday when I checked in at the front desk - I confirmed that my doctor wasn't running behind. "No not at all". Great news at least I thought. I had an appointment for 9:30 a.m., was positioned in 4 different waiting areas. I finally saw my doctor at 11 a.m. Keep in mind, my doctor supposedly wasn't running behind. When my doctor came in to discuss my Xrays, my blood work and answered a handful of questions- that was the end of my appointment. I told him as we were walking out that it would be appreciated that you respect my time, just as I do to show up on time to see you for answers. He giggled. Sorry doc I'm sure to you I may be insignificant because I'm only one patient - however many of us patients feel the same way. Doctors need to realize if they didn't have patients, how would they earn their next paycheck or keep their practice? Just a side note, how many of you have high blood pressure? Maybe the only reason because the doctors make you stressed from the long wait. Get rechecked when your doctor actually honors your appointment time. It may be one less medication to take.

Helping Hands

Many, many Treasure Coast residents care for their community, to help those in need. Thank you for your drive and passion!

There's still many that have forgotten that the items they discard may help others and/or be suitable for those in need of their generous donation. Donate before Discarding to help someone in need. I guarantee your heart will feel good. Spread the word.

Why's your lawn a driveway?

I would like to understand why people think it is alright to park all over their lawns?

Yes, it is their property but does the appearance of this mean nothing? I have seen totally empty driveways that would hold four vehicles and yet two cars are parked by the front door. The houses might not be first class but we can at least do small things to make them look better.

I have lived in several different places in Florida and other states and never seen this done.

Federal child abuse

Our government is treating the immigrant children they have in custody very close to the way that California couple treated 12 of their 13 children.

The Turpins got life in prison for imprisoning their kids, while not providing them enough food or allowing them to shower.

Support local newspapers

Don’t close the casket and bury local newspapers yet! Ye naysayers of doom and gloom - readers want, need and love their local newspapers.

I urge readers of every local newspaper in every state, city and town to write a letter of support for their local newspaper. Dust off your duff and email a letter to your local editor.

Stories in newspapers connect neighbors - past, present, and future. Take some time out of your hurry-scurry day and communicate with your newspaper people. They need to know you care.

What else can you do? Pay for a subscription to your local newspaper. The staff and their families need to eat at least once a day.

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