Political season

I don’t know about you, but I'm so glad the election is over. Not because of the outcome, but because the ads will cease.

All the political attack ads tell me more about the advertiser than the attacked. I would really much prefer to hear what candidates are going to do, maybe even how they are going to change themselves so they can change the political climate, our country and the world.

In these words of Jesus (Matthew 7:1, 3) we find a timely message for our politicians and ourselves. There is way too much negativity and downright meanness in our world today. We all need to take a step back and look in the mirror.

What do we need to change in ourselves? What do we need to confess and repent? How can we change ourselves so that we can then change the world around us?

I could really get behind a candidate who did this; and I am reminded that it always starts with me...

Red tide affects tourism

Blue-green algae is scheduled to be fixed in three years time; during that 3-year period, discharges will continue to be made from lakes into the lagoon, which will continue to move more (or additional) blue-green algae into our waters. I don't know how this is going to alleviate this serious problem, it will only continue to make matters worse by killing more sea grass and more fish.

The red tide is a very serious additional problem that is a huge threat to Florida and its survival as a tourist attraction. With recent beach closures due to the rapid spread of red tide, now not only on the west coast, but going rapidly up the east coast from the keys up to Brevard County. We need to address this before it further affects tourism, our major industry. We need to contact city state and federal officials as soon as possible.

In response to 2nd amendment rant

I am responding to the rant and rave on Americans’ right to bear arms (2nd amendment to our constitution) thank God. First of all, the guns used in these horrible shootings were not automatic weapons.

Second, we Americans abide by our Constitution and that is what makes my country great, and everyone wants to be here. If you don’t like our Constitution, you should just go home were you are controlled by your government and have no way to defend yourself if needed.

As far as the NRA goes, they again are for American’s right to BEAR ARMS and not to lose that right. Most of us don’t want to become a socialist country-- we like our Freedoms and love our Constitution.

Don’t get me wrong, those shooting were reprehensible and if the teachers utilized their right to bear arms, the death toll would not have been. Crazy people and criminals will always find a way to kill if that is their intent. It is not because of law abiding citizens who have this right. If they don’t legally purchase their firearm, be sure they will find one on the street, like all criminals do, if they want a gun. I just don’t understand why you would want to take the teeth out of the Rottweiler who has been protecting you all of these years.

Happy with employment

So glad that you provide this forum.....I just want to say something nice.....I have worked in my native Palm Beach County and now here......public service and retail for over 30 years. Never have I seen an employer treat their employees with as much respect as does Lowes. I’ve been there a little over a month. Management’s regards to their employees has more than once nearly brought me to tears. I’m not kidding. Happy co-workers means happy customers... thank you Hometown News and thank you Lowes.

People who are stopped at a red light and more

They get on their phones, text, or whatever; and when the light changes to green or the arrow, they are still sitting there doing something that must be "real important.”

I have to sound my horn, because that is what horns are for - to wake people up.

People, it can't be that important that you have to hold up everybody else to talk on your stupid phone.

Also, I have seen a lot of people go through red lights. They are so impatient. What is wrong with people today?

Stay away from my bumper. Read your manual. It says to stay so many feet away from the next car, the car in front of you.

Some of these roads are like racetracks. They need to give out more tickets on that road.

Being a litterbug is not a good example

While driving this morning, I was appalled at the amount of trash along the streets.

You see, there was the annual Christmas Parade last night, and this was part of the parade route.

Many people with their children watched the parade and fireworks, then left their pizza boxes, water and soda bottles, fast food bags, drink cups, soda cans and paper behind.

Wake up, people. This is not only a very bad example for the children, but it costs the taxpayers and homeowners many thousands of dollars to clean it up. Besides, it just looks terrible.

So, let us all be considerate of our neighbors and clean up after ourselves at all times.

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