Social Security Fraud calls

Today we received 6 calls from "Social Security Dept" that were computer generated, and said to call back at a number that was different each time. Do not call these numbers back, it is a scam to get your information and steal your Social Security. Instead go to the website recommended by the Govt., NOMOROBO, and sign up over your computer for protection on you phone. The service is free and recommended by the Govt so don't delay. Each call I get I enter into the program and it blocks the number in the future for everyone. I get great enjoyment in doing this to stop these fraudsters, and you should to. remember, Social Security will not call you, they send you a letter, and they do have local offices not some strange area code like the calls use. Protect yourself today and use NOMOROBO, it's free and it works.

Love One Another

To the individual who questioned if Jesus welcomed Gays into His life, as he can not find it in his bible. Given Jesus was 33 years old, single and His first choice of companions were 12 other men, most of who were single, and the dinner guests at the last supper were all men… futhermore, given He was kind, gentle, tolerant, and close to his mother, Isn’t it possible He might have been gay? “Not there’s anything wrong with it”. Jesus did say: “love one another”. You’ll find that in the bible. Why don’t we all try living that way?

Random Acts Of Kindness

I was involved in a sideswiping accident on September 14th about 9:40 a m. on US 1 near Ketterman Rd. A good Samaritan, Marylou, stopped her truck and came over to see if I was okay. She called 911 and stayed with me until the police and fire rescue got there. I just want to say thank you. Your act of concern and kindness will always be remembered. Also a hearty thank you to the Sheriff's Department and Fire Rescue for doing your jobs so very well.

Taking Advantage

Last week, the blower on my top of the line 11 year old Carrier A/C went out. I called the company that installed it and had also provided most of the yearly maintenance checks on it. The technician checked the system and said the blower was defective. However, a replacement variable speed motor was expensive and he would not order one. He said I needed a completely new system which the company later said costs $7200. So I got ARS to install the motor the next day. Indeed it was expensive but it was my choice to replace it. Did the first company try to take advantage of a senior citizen by not allowing me the choice of replacing the part or getting a new system?

The Miracle of life

So simple the air we breath

How does it work?

Complex but yet

It enable to set a table before us

That brings no regret

Feast or Famine

We experience it all

Fulfilling a destiny that befalls us all!

-Deirdre Henry, Ocean Breeze FL


Bahamian miracle airplanes

To those who ridicule the power of prayer: Wait and you will see the power of prayer at work.

Some Americans are using their own airplanes to fly food and water into the Bahamas. The American Red Cross is hard at work there, as are other nonprofit organizations.

We will hear of miracle after miracle as the Bahamas restores themselves and their island.

The power of prayer is a free gift. Try it, you'll like it.

More on “Walmart hypocritical”

Walmart, like most gun sellers, made millions and millions of dollars selling guns and ammo to anyone who was interested in buying them for many years.

To be so ignorant as to side with the NRA because Walmart finally got the courage to do the right thing and refuse to sell certain guns and ammo is wrong.

You should be asking Walmart, “Why only assault rifles and ammunition? Why not all guns and ammo except for small caliber hand-guns and shotguns?”

You should be asking your politicians “Why aren’t you doing something about making sure guns and ammo don’t get into the wrong hands?”

Instead of bad-mouthing Walmart for doing something you should be bad-mouthing the NRA for doing nothing. The NRA gets millions of dollars from the gun manufacturers to lobby the Congress and make big donations to politicians who would rather accept the money than to stand up for the rights of the law abiding public.

I know because I am a gun owner and I have no problem passing a background check, if that is what it takes for me to keep my guns. Anyone who can’t pass a background check, should not be allowed legally to possess or own a firearm of any type, anywhere in the United States.

Re: 'Biblical proof needed'

To the gentleperson who thinks that if you can’t prove it with the Bible, it didn’t happen. The Bible can’t prove anything. It consists of unproven stories, claims and parables of which none have ever been proven to have ever existed.

One fact about the bible is that it tries to teach people how to live their lives in a way as to serve mankind, not control it. I applaud the Bible for that but, none of the stories have any basis of actual fact.

We, as a society, are just as ignorant as the Mayans were hundreds of years ago.

Just like the Mayans, we believe in gods that don’t really exist because we want to believe there is a place somewhere that, if we believe hard enough, we will spend eternity.

Look around, none of your politicians believe in God. They do however want you to believe, because, otherwise you would act like they do.

Do you think the NRA is a godly establishment? They live off the murder of innocent people, because that is what most guns are used for. Especially religious leaders don’t really believe in god, but they all want to get rich from your believing in god and some have unimaginable wealth, thanks to your faith. Remember the Bakers?

If something can’t be proven scientifically, it didn’t happen. Wake up, people.

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