Random Acts of Kindness

I want to say a special "Thank you" to the lovely woman who paid for my purchase at Michael's on Thursday, September 12. I was so surprised that I don't know if I thanked her or not. I want her to know that i really appreciated her thoughtfulness. May god bless you always. I will do as you asked.

Lovebug cleaning tip

I saw one lovebug today, hopefully that's the only one, but in case it's not there's an easy method to get rid of them on your cars.  You can spray Lysol Tub and Tile on it, let it sit for a minute and then wipe it off.  It's an easy and clean method.

RE: Divine Intervention

The writer says the collective prayers for divine intervention kept Hurricane Dorian from damaging the Atlantic Coast: Where was this divine intervention when Dorian hit the Bahamas?  How selfish!

A big rave for helpful residents

I would to thank everyone who helped me when I tripped going to my car in the handicap parking space.  A young woman with her baby and another woman stayed with me until my daughter arrived. A young man called the rescue squad as well. Everyone was so helpful and kind and I want to thank them.  I'm doing fine, I just can't ever get up anymore without some help. I'm doing OK with just some minor scrapes and I just wanted to thank them all for being my guides and staying with me. Thank you!

Your responsibility, not auto makers

Here we go again making companies fix something that is your responsibility. Now the auto makers have to add another feature to the automobile to make sure parents remember that their children are in the car so they do not lock them in on a hot day.  Parents responsibility now becomes the responsibility of auto manufacturers. When are parents going to acknowledge that their children belong to them? I am sure the companies are not going to add this feature without adding the cost to all of the general public.  Why am I responsible to pay this additional fee since I always remembered where my children were, and I was responsible for them even on the days I wished I didn't have too.  Parents wake up and take responsibility.

'Florida Man' often the scapegoat

It seems the whole country likes to poke fun at "Florida Man" and all the weird news and arrest stories about Florida Man.  Does anyone take the time to report where this Florida Man comes from? Many Floridians are actually transplants, tax exiles from other states, people fleeing winter weather and even the law. I bet if we all dig deep into the Florida Man lore, we may find this birth certificate tells a different story.

More on divine intervention

Of all the arrogant, superstitious claptrap I have ever read the letter crediting prayer and divine intervention for sparing us the fury of Dorian takes the cake.  Were the Bahamians not pious enough? Or the Carolinians? Maybe Pat Robertson’s Prayer Shield is defective. Maybe meteorological science and an understanding of global warming, cold fronts, steering currents, wind sheer would be more instructive.  I really don’t care what god, gods or magic unicorns you worship and adore, but please take time to inform yourself on science.

Biblical proof needed

Just when I think I have seen everything, one of your supporters of the gay lifestyle comes up with a justification I had never been exposed to.  I would like to know where in the Bible I would find "Jesus welcomed gays into his life" and "King David had a male lover." If both these events are documented in the Bible - as the rebuttal writer indicates - I would like to exactly where so I could mark these events in my Bible.

Keep your prayers to yourself

If you prayed for Hurricane Dorian to go east and stall over the Bahamas, then you prayed for death in the Bahamas.  The original forecast for Dorian was a tropical storm, harmless to everyone in its path. That is what you should have prayed for, but religion is a disease fed by selfishness and greed.  Somebody else must suffer for you to feel good about your life. The body count is rising in the Bahamas.  Do you feel better now?

"Walmart is hypocritical" rebuttal

Walmart is the largest store in the world and the Walmart family is the wealthiest family in the world.  They have built their empire on importing Chinese goods, underselling and driving out of business every mom/pop business in every town in which they establish a store. They corrupt the politicians in those localities with the billions of dollars they have.  Walmart stays on the side of what they believe is the popular side, which they believe is the political pressure being put on by the left because of the recent mass shootings. The right are afraid to confront the left, are afraid to defend the NRA who represent millions of gun owners. The right simply needs to get out the facts, because the media is in the pocket of the left.  Customers should not purchase from Walmart when there are alternatives, even if they have to pay slightly more. Every dollar spent there is contributing to China, one of the largest importers of deadly drugs into the U.S., fake prescription drugs, defective products and one of the most dangerous products ever introduced to our children, e-cigarettes.

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