Be You, it's okay to love

To the person disparaging the use of the word "homophobia," that's exactly what it is. You obviously know nothing about people who are and who have a right to live "their own lives" as they choose. I may "disapprove" of the way you live your life, but that is your choice. God made all of us in his image. Your perception is limited.

I am a college-educated woman of color with two degrees of higher learning. I pay my taxes, help my neighbors, cared for my parents & led a highly productive professional life before I retired,all while being a homosexual. I am not waiting for you or anyone else to "approve" of my life choices.

You, my fellow resident, should find something more productive to do with your time. There are recent hurricane victims that could use your energy for something more meaningful than passing judgment on fellow Americans. You don't have the final say. God does. I will pray for your thoughtful transformation of simply accepting people who love people regardless of race, creed or gender. What matters is that they just love .You should try it & not let words get in the way.

Pride Community

Gay people have been murdered, tortured, and beaten, among many other despicable acts because of fear i.e. phobia. Some parents are against gay teachers because they fear that they might turn their children gay. Some people feared and hated gays during the AIDS crisis because they feared that it was them that were spreading the disease. Some fear that gays threaten the cohesion of the military despite the many gay marines, navy seals,and many other elite members of the military that defend this country. The reasons for fearing gays are many and those fears have led to the hate that has marginalized gays for centuries. The fear that homosexuality can be taught or caught like a virus has been disproved more than once. The believe that it is a choice is so absurd that it begs this question of all heterosexuals. At what point in your life did you decide to become heterosexual and reject your homosexual character? Why would a person choose to become a part of a feared and hated minority? While some people may have an attitude of live and let live, when it comes to gays many have an attitude of live and let die. This hatred comes from fear, and fear comes from ignorance. If your moral foundation requires you to disapprove of gays for who they are so be it, but don't trivialize the reality in which we are living with a play on words. The dictionary describes fear as anxiety caused by imminent danger. And that is exactly how gays are viewed and treated by homophobes.

Cats get short end of stick or bad cat owner

Why do cats always get the short end of the stick? I recently read in the paper that a 12 year old diabetic cat was up for adoption at the HSTC. The reason why this cat was at the Humane Society? Because her "mommy" had recently adopted a dog and they did not get along well. Now, the way I see it is she had the cat for years before adopting the dog. So the dog should have been returned to the HSTC, not the cat, who should have been the owner's first priority. Where is the justice? Cats seem to get the raw deal too often! Hopefully, this elderly traumatized kitty gets a better home, someone who will truly love it for the rest of its life.

Blinded by the lights

I personally have a major issue with pick up trucks and SUV drivers that insist on having extremely bright, or decorative lighting of the front of their vehicles.

If other drivers have cars that are lower to the ground, they are being blinded when they drive at night by these monster trucks with their grills "ablaze" with lights. This is especially annoying when you are approaching a traffic light at night.

Just want to tell these people to be considerate to other drivers, turn off the high beams and fancy lights and don't be a show off. You are going to cause accidents to approaching cars or to ones you are tail gating.

Overbuying on hurricane supplies

I'm so very grateful we were all spared from the hurricane. I was watching the news and it stated that Publix and Walmart said they would take back hurricane supplies that people overbought.

This kinda of bothers me because a lot of people were hoarding. Walmart and Publix taking back excessive groceries that were boat kind of buys into it. I think in the long run they'll raise prices on groceries that people like myself bought the right amount of.

Walmart is hypocritical

Walmart has caved in to political pressure by their decision to no longer sell fire arms.  If they are that concerned about public safety, why don't they also discontinue selling booze!

Booze kills more people everyday than guns, drugs, food etc, combined! Yet we approve the booze and ban the guns.

How hypocritical!

Divine intervention

Thanksgiving came early for us Floridians living along the Atlantic coast. Hurricane Dorian passed us by, inflicting minimal property damage but maximum anxiety and uncertainty.

Thank you to all those who prayed for divine intervention. Our collective prayers were answered. Thank you, God Almighty.

England can help Bahamas, too

Can anybody explain to me how after the horrible storm in the Bahamas, which is a commonwealth of England, how all they show is the United States helping them?

Where are all the ships and planes from England? I'm of English decent and shame on England for now helping as well.

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