I'm just curious about praying while in the foxhole. Why didn't the prayers work for the people who did get shot or hit with a grenade? There must have been some of the causalities who were saying prayers. If divine intervention prevented the hurricane from hitting Florida why did it not work for the thousands praying for it to turn before hitting the Bahamas? If your answer is god has a plan for everybody, which it often is, then why bother praying at all? If your fate is already planned then saying a prayer will not change that as that is his plan. If you feel praying helps you make it through tough times that is wonderful and I am all for that if that brings peace to you. But thinking there is a force listening to millions of people every second of every day and making life and death decisions on the spot for these millions of people is just quite amusing.

Animal cruelty

We recently had an appointment at a local animal clinic.

A woman brought in a dog who had been tied to a sign with 'Take me home' on him. When the vet looked at him he was sunburned and starved from being left tied up for so long.

I want to tell the people who went past that dog and did nothing that I'm so appalled at the people of this area. So many people have a lot and they don't want their little lives to be interrupted by helping an animal.

A lady I knew had a cat who escaped her crate and got outside. The cat was found two weeks later, almost starved to death. This was at an upscale gated community where people are doing the same thing as everyone else around here...looking out for number one.

These are just two examples of the arrogance and coldness of a lot of people who live here. All out for themselves.

Why couldn't anyone stop and at least pick up a dog tied to a sign and take him to the Humane Society? Are you afraid of ruining your schedule to save an animal? What's wrong with you people?

I've been a minister for 20 years and it never ceases to amaze me how self-interested human beings are. People don't want to believe that heaven takes work. They think it's all free with no effort on their part.

Angry mobs, yesterday and today

Remember it was approximately 2000 years ago when an angry mob shouted 'Crucify him!' for no good reason at all, other than because he healed a man on the Sabbath.  Now an angrier mob is shouting 'Impeach this man!' for no good reason, other than he lowered taxes.

Re: 'Divine Intervention'

In response to the divine intervener:  You asked, 'Where did your science send you when Dorian hit and what did you do when you came home?'  Funny thing, I never went anywhere because Science (Meteorology) told me that Dorian would stay offshore.  The facts don’t care about your feelings.  In science, extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.

More on 'Brainwashed Millenials'

I just read your rants and raves or whatever you call it, and I am completely appalled at this incredibly stupid letter called 'Brainwashed Millenials.' A complete idiot must have written this and sent it into you. I understand these aren't your opinions and you are printing the opinions of others, but what kind of stupid person would send you that?

Impeachment fears

If our congress spent as much time at the jobs they were voted in to do, instead of worrying so much about our President, our country would be in great shape.

Ever since his election they have spent just about every waking moment trying to impeach him. WHY?!  He is doing what he said he would do and I for one appreciate it. 

For the first time in many years, we have a President who hasn't talked out of one corner of his mouth and done something else with the other corner.  How refreshing.

  We need to show other countries that he is backed by USA citizens. They should just stand behind him and back him up when he is trying to do his job.

  I am glad not to be a Democrat as I would be ashamed of what the party is trying to do.  We just have to pray that he gets elected again so he can finish what he has started. 

Re: 'Deep State Fears'

I want to give Kudos to the author of 'Deep State Fears.'

That was an excellent article describing the intense fervor and hatred of a political party that was defeated in a political campaign. They believed they should have won even when they also thought they had the deck stacked against their opponent.

They had forgotten one thing, the voters choice and the ballot box.

Even before the President was sworn into office the plot was on the overthrown his Presidency.

Here is the ironic part of the plan:

Democrats today have a chant to eliminate ICE, why? Because they are the law enforcement agency under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security principally responsible for immigration enforcement.

That is a thorn in the side of Democrats, since they are for open borders, sanctuary cities/counties/states, and want a free flow of immigration.

On the flip side we have the CIA, who are now at the forefront with agents, ex-agents and ex-directors coming forward in lockstep talking about being in a brotherhood and protecting their own. Yet we now know they were in collusion with the leaders of the FBI in the scheme to bring down President Trump.

Now is it time to disband the CIA? My vote is yes. The CIA has been wrong in every major situation in the world for the past 60 years, yes since they were created after World War II.

You name a major event and the CIA was wrong, and in conjunction they were involved in more assassinations of world leaders; turmoil in the Southern Hemisphere; the Iran gun-running with Ronald Reagan; with the drugs (crack cocaine) into Los Angeles; and the weapons to the cartels under Obama.

Their ex-Director Brennan is constantly on TV chanting that the President is a traitor without a shred of evidence, he was wrong during the Mueller investigation, he was wrong during the Stormy Daniels review, he was wrong with the list of women that came forward (some wanted Trump’s autograph), he was wrong when Trump said he believed Putin over the Intelligence Agencies (Brennan of course was the lying ex-Director) but there is no penalty for being wrong.

The CIA has always been wrong…no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, the Cuban missile crisis and on and on and on. They are at the heart of the Deep State

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