Animal Concerns

I hope I am wrong when I saw a notation on television news that they want to revoke the ban on dog racing, which is supposed to end within a year. I cannot believe that you can't see the uglyness of forcing animals to race endlessly and sometimes drug them because they're not winning for you.

I hope it will end soon without opposition. I would also like to see an end to horse racing. 33 horses dies at Santa Anita Track. Some had broken legs and were tortured to run for money with no choice.

Rodeos are also tortureto the animals. Tight ropes and pressure on private parts for the animals to jump up and down as they are ridden.

Animals don't have choices in life. When you see people abuse animals, do you wnat them around you or your children? Animals are a lower form of life, but can also feel pain, anxiety, lonliness and more just as we do.

Personal Gain

Syria is our Czechoslovakia. Just as with Chamberlain’s abject surrender of Czechoslovakia to Hitler, Trump”s handing over our most loyal and steadfast ally in the Middle East to Erdogan’s Turkey will be the beginning of the permanent dismemberment of Syria into Turkish, Russian and Syrian segments. This and other consequences of this fatal move based on false premises are deeply disturbing.

First, the Kurds will be decimated by the Turkish Army in an attack that promises to amount to genocide. Second, the escape of thousands of ISIS fighters now held in prison by Kurdish forces may result in further bloodshed in the area. Indeed, the ISIS fighters may end up being allies of the Kurds in their defense of the Kurds’ homes. Third, Russia, Putin’s Russia, will get a freer hand in establishing Russian power and influence in the area.

Erdogan is a dictator with demonstrated willingness to use any force at his disposal to gain power and bend Turkey to his whims and wishes. In the past, Turkey has used mass population moves to enhance their political and military positions. From the Armenian Massacre to the more recent uses of large forces population moves, often amounting to genocide in the affected areas.

Like Trump, he undermines state and government institutions so as to use them for his personal gain. He flirts with Russia to entice Trump to give him more room to gain power. This is part of an old story of the West using the Kurds to fight battles for us and then leaving them to be killed in mass. The territory where the Kurds have lived for centuries has been carved up in furtherance of European and American economic and security interests. This treacherous behavior by the West began during WWI and has been a consistently feature of the Middle East power plays since then.

It remains to be revealed just what promises were made by Erdogan to Trump, but there is little doubt that such promises, if kept, would benefit Trump personally, and not this country.

Re: Prayer

To the person who was amused by people that believe in prayer and an all-knowing God, the short answer is - the existence of God cannot be proven in a laboratory. Neither can you prove happiness, love or beauty, but that doesn't mean they are not real. The existence of God requires faith; faith is complete trust. Having faith means that although you don't know or understand everything about something, you believe it anyway.

God made man to be perfect and have everlasting life. When Adam and Eve rebelled against him, their act said, "We don't need you. We can build our life without you." God's reply was, man must suffer and die.

It is said, a lot of people get religion in a fox hole. I suppose that is true, but it is unrealistic to expect a one time prayer will allow you to emerge unscathed in a time of war, just as it was for the folks in the Bahamas to pray they emerge undamaged in the hurricane.

Prayer works, but it works when it is an ongoing conversation with God - not a one time thing.

Plastic Straws

Math helps put things into perspective. For example, the odds of winning the lotto are millions to one. Why can’t we use math to put the plastic straw frenzy into perspective? Since restaurants recycle their trash which does not go into the ocean, what are the odds of a plastic straw served in a restaurant winding up in the ocean? What are the odds of a plastic straw served on a cruise ships winding up in the ocean? What are the odds of a plastic straw served on naval vessels of the world winding up in the ocean? What are the odds of a plastic straw served on private yachts winding up in the ocean? Therefore, it seems to me that banning plastic straws in restaurants is much ado about nothing.

Turning Point

A new season

one closes

With emotions that life imposes

Challenging by restoring

hard times that are spoken

Blending together

Place, people and time

Finding its place to integrate

A tapestry divine

-Deirdre Henry, Ocean Breeze, FL

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