Intersection inconvenience

As a resident of Port St. Lucie I am somewhat taken aback by the new type of intersection that has come under the fire of local residents, like myself. I would just like to make my opinion known about the fiasco at Floresta and Crosstown. I drive a scooter (cannot afford a car) and this intersection scares the hell out of me. I talked to the people that designed the intersection and they sent me samples of where else this type if intersection already exists. When I looked at those others on Google maps, they were set in a more rural atmosphere. Possibly not bearing as much traffic that we have here. I might tend to agree with that type of intersection if there were less traffic. Here in PSL we seem to have a tad more traffic going through that intersection. The other thing is how I have remedied my situation. Now I no longer use Floresta as my north/south route from my location, I have decided to and am using Sandia as my way of going east on Crosstown (going west I’ll still use Floresta). When I want to continue going south on Floresta I will be using Coral Reef and going under Crosstown (not sure if this will work or not – untried to date). Most people would find this time consuming but I’m in no hurry and it works for me. The explanation I got from the engineering company was that it was supposed to allow the people living on Floresta time enough to get out of their driveways. Putting this type of intersection will surely leave them enough time because less and less folks will be using Floresta to avoid that intersection. This will probably put more traffic on US 1, Airoso, Bayshore and all other roads traveling north and south between Prima Vista and Port St. Lucie Blvd. I’m not saying to put in a six lane circle just a regular stop light. Much simpler and a lot less expensive? I just wanted to express my disappointment in this intersection.

Behind the Scene

For those who do not know what goes on behind the scenes of the jail house of St. Lucie county in Fort Pierce. Number one. Never put too much money on commissary because they will deduct a twenty five dollar booking fee but only for the ones with money in their commissary or if you have money on you when you were arrested they will take all of that returning none. Number two. If you do not use all your commissary money on the day of commissary they will subtract three dollars a day until the next commissary. Number three. Trying to get information from jail house staff makes you feel like you are an inmate instead of a concerned family member. Number four. Too bad for the ones that live hours away from the jail because they can only write letters using an index card so they can save money and time not having to work as hard going through the mail but have no problem taking your money.

Re: Plastic Straws

Let us look at statistics as well as some math.

Statistic 1: In just the U.S. alone, one estimate suggests 500 million straws are used every single day. One study published earlier this year estimated as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world's beaches. Eight million tons of plastic flow into the ocean every year. That is almost 1.5 straws used per person a day.

Statistic 2: 100,000 marine creatures a year die from plastic entanglement and these are the ones found. Approximately 1 million sea birds also die from plastic. Yes, we can’t hold straws accountable for all those deaths, but a vast majority are.

Statistic 3: Experts estimate that about 60 percent of U.S. restaurants recycle at least some of their waste. Let’s not forget the fact that fast food restaurants are primarily TO-GO, which means millions of straws are leaving their premises without making it to a recycling facility as only around 28% of American actually recycle their own waste.

Statistic 4: 43% of Americans have openly admitted to littering in the US. With the current population in the US of 327mil, it is fair to say 140mil citizens have littered in the past year. 80% of which, is intentional. Let’s not forget that littering cost the US taxpayer around $11bil a year to clean.

Statistic 5: Many Cruise lines are able to dump waste and garbage into the oceans, with plastic being an exception. But many cruise lines have actually been found guilty of dumping plastic into the ocean, which includes plastic straws. One example of this is; “Carnival Corp and one of its subsidiaries, Princess Cruises, pleaded guilty on Monday to violating the terms of a probation agreement stemming from a 2017 conviction for improper waste disposal. The company admitted to releasing food waste and plastic into the ocean in violation of pollution regulations, among other breaches of a five-year probation term that began in 2017 after Carnival said it illegally released oil into the ocean and deliberately hid the practice.”


Statistic 6: Navy vessels actually do dump waste and plastic into the ocean, again straws being a plastic. They are allowed to do so through this clause; “Dumping hazardous waste from Navy ships is illegal. Dumping plastic is not. The Navy is exempt from a 1987 federal law that bans all ships from dumping plastic anywhere in U.S. waters.”

I just find it so ironic that so many of your arguments were hindering on ocean craft vessels. Which is a direct link to the ocean. Let’s do some basic math, there are around 12mil registered vessels in the US and 43% of people openly admit to littering which means around 5mil vessels openly litter if we put 1 person per vessel. I do believe you have your head stuck in the sand and need to look around you and come into terms with reality. I can agree that plastic straws are only a small part of the problem, the bigger picture is people need to act like responsible citizens and not congest the world with litter.

So think about it, if we aren’t going to become model citizens and stop our littering habits. Rather let your neighbor be tossing a biodegradable straw, rather than the plastic one harming our environment.

Winter Wonderland

Soft and white

Making a collage in the snow

Blended in dream-like effects of illusions long ago

For window panes and frosted frames

Designed to make them glow

Send an angel near

would appear

dancing to natures show.

-Deirdre Henry, Ocean Breeze, FL

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