Dogs in the food markets

You know there ought to be a limit, boundaries and laws enforced on certain things in this state of Florida. Truly some things are just out of control.  For example: is it necessary for dogs to be allowed in food markets where humans shop for food?  There is always one person who behaves like a child and determines to break the rules, regulations and laws; and then dares anyone to stop them. These folk know exactly what they are doing and would be the first to cry wolf when someone steps to them for their offense.  Long ago, a dog, an animal, would not be allowed in a food market because it was considered unsanitary.  Well, nothing has changed today. In fact, it may be worse today with all the germs going around. I would not want to use a shopping cart, knowing someone put their dog in that cart.  All dog owners are not sanitary dog owners either. Truth.  The folks who purposely bring their dogs in food markets are selfish lawbreakers and they are inconsiderate of others. There are folks who are allergic to dogs. There are folks who are afraid of dogs. There are folks who don't like your dog. That is your dog to enjoy, and it should be enjoyed in areas that will not be bothersome to others. That is common logic, folks.  I thought it was such a wonderful idea when places like PetSmart opened. Here was a beautiful solution to pet owners who wanted to take their dogs on a shopping spree. Dog parks were opened for those who want to take their animals among other dogs.  But no, these folk have to bring these animals, and I repeat, animals, into places designated for humans only and around food purchased by humans. That is unsanitary, human people.  Then there is the so-called service dog issue. My question is, “What can a service dog do for its owner in a food market, except walk with its owner?” The dog cannot put food in the cart. It cannot push the shopping cart. It is not telling the owner what to buy. It cannot even converse with the owner. It is foolishness tinged with selfishness.  For years, folks have had no problem leaving their dogs at home while they food shop.  For years, storeowners have prohibited dogs being brought into food markets because of the above logical reasons. What is wrong with these spineless store managers who won't step to the people and say, “No dogs allowed” or call 911?  It is wrong, and it is not healthy, people.  I believe our food markets need to crack down on this problem before it gets out of hand.  By the way, I have had four dogs; and when I went shopping, I was concerned about someone besides myself and I left my dogs at home. Trust me, they never knew the difference.  I was the master, and they were the dogs. Think about it.

Watch out for slippery bathroom floors

I recently had an experience I’d like to share with all who stay at hotels and occupy an accessible (disability) room with a roll-in shower, which has no curb between the shower area and the main part of the bathroom, merely a hanging curtain.  I took a shower shortly before bedtime and, as probably often happens, some of the shower water, along with soap and shampoo, spilled beyond the curtain onto the main tiled floor a short distance from the shower area, making it very slippery.  The following day, after I had left the hotel for several hours and the room had been cleaned, I walked into the bathroom, made it to the sink, and both feet started to slip sideways. It was so bad that I had to hold onto the sink and otherwise would have fallen onto the hard slippery tile floor.  Evidently, the floor had been casually mopped, spreading the residue from outside the shower over the entire bathroom floor, rather than separately cleaning and drying it.  The only way I was able to use the bathroom was to spread bath trowels on the floor between the door and the sink and toilet, reducing a probable serious accident.  I informed the front desk and stayed elsewhere the next few days.  If this experience is read about by others, perhaps possible accidents will be prevented. Maybe hotel chains should be notified somehow.

Jobs, not machines

Twice now my mail was not delivered, and there were bills I should get.  It is because the United States Postal Service now uses machines and have done away with the sorters.  Now, if my mail gets stuck to someone else’s mail, they will get my mail.  I already told the Post Office about this problem, and here we are, happening again.  Why replace people with the machines – to reduce the pay and create more problems?  Someone besides me has got to make a better change about this, for I will keep letting them know that I don't need this problem. Even my own mailman did not care that I did not get my last bill, and now another one was not delivered.  This has got to stop. I am disabled and I have enough problems with people and how they treat me. They have no respect for a disabled veteran – and now this problem.  Enough is enough with this new way of having machines and doing away with many jobs.  It's time to bring back the ways things were before all of this new way of getting machines to create problems for people out of work, as well as those of us who are not getting the mail.

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