Kings Ile, Shame on you

Yes. Shame on you for taking our bus away. Now we can't go to the food stores when we need food. Only the people getting on the bus received a letter. Nobody called from the office saying that the bus was cancelled as of the first of January. That letter should have been for all the people that live in Kings Ile. People call and say what you think. You may not need it now, but when you do need it, it will be gone.

Library Staff

Did anyone ever think they'd be getting books the way they got soda and snacks? From vending machines? Residents in the Oslo Road area deserve a librarian with staff composed of humans. When did libraries and staffing them with humans who received paychecks become a bad idea?

What about the value of human interaction and assistance? Students to whom the vendor library is closer to home for have to deal with traffic in the area and have no access to information and reference help that can be provided by a human librarian. Haven't most intelligent humans realized Google is often not a 'reliable' source. The use of computers is totally ignored with the vending machine mentality.

Are our county commissioners aware of our library locations and services? Some folks don't use, and don't want to depend on Amazon for everything. This generation scraps everything previously available the minute a new technology is introduced. Isn't there anyone who realizes the value of the old axiom "welcome the new, keep the old: one is silver, the other gold."

Financial Mistakes

Kudos to Mark Gotz of Port Saint Lucie for occasionally reminding our residents of the high-priced financial mistakes the city has made in the past. After all, we’ll still be paying for them for some time. As much as the Council doesn’t like it, Mark is a watchdog and one of the rare individuals in town who chooses to speak on major issues affecting us all rather than on some NIMBY issue involving a few elite. With new transplants pushing our population over the 200 thousand mark (with the accompanying tax revenue) I think the new folks need to hear the city’s history, good and bad. If newcomers don’t know about our mistakes and what it’s taking to recover from them, then we may slip back into a new hole before we can pay our way out of this one.

Make America Great?

All this hype to make “America Great Again” and bring business back to America. I am a 91 year old WWII disabled veteran, who receives some of his medication from the Veterans Administration. When I received my medication it was always made in America. Now I just received my much needed medication which was made in Ireland. Yes, Ireland. This is the substitute medication which takes the place of my American made medication. What is the quality of this foreign made medication? Who monitors its manufacture? This I believe is being ignored but is being purchased as the “lowest bidder” as practiced by our government. To supposedly save money they may be sacrificing quality. Certainly we are not helping our economy. The Congressman who love to investigate everyone should be investigating these practices that our own Government uses in purchasing the much needed medication and whatever from foreign nations. Yes, help keep America great but how? A law should be passed that items for health and national security should be purchased only by items made in America. Remember it is the federal government’s duty to look out for our national security and the welfare of its people.

Re: Plastic Straws

To the person who thought it was unlikely that plastic straws would end up in the ocean, I guess you’re reluctant to do a little research. Some cruise ships dump trash (including plastic straws) directly into the ocean. If plastic straws are left on a beach, hotel staff don’t bother to pick them up. Straws (even dropped in trash bins) are lightweight enough to blow out and into gutters, canals or rivers and end up in the ocean. Plastic straws are made of polypropylene (recycling code 5), which makes them hard to recycle. Also, they’re small enough to pass through the recycling process and end up in the landfill, where they can blow away. Every year, a million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals are killed by plastic, straws being the primary culprit. Isn’t it worth saving even one bird or animal by switching to alternatives? There are now straws made of stainless steel, bamboo, glass, wheat and others.

Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember

Trimmings of gratitude,

surround Thanksgiving day

A table filled

And symbols reared

A feast begins to raise

Where a time to remember

Brings family together

To embrace and partake

A feast of Love.

-Deirdre Henry

OceanBreeze, FL

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