Animal Concerns

I was elated to read an article stating that rescue animals could become Florida's official pet of the sunshine state. It should raise public awareness of the many animals waiting for forever homes. Hopefully this will encourage more Floridians to adopt pets out of our shelters. Very wise house bill waiting for approval of committees and to the full chamber for final approval. I wish this would automatically stop people who make money through producing animals. The only animal needed for this is the female as she survives only until she is no longer able to produce. It's a sad society.

Re: Safe Driving

On Friday, Jan. 31, 2020 you published an article from someone addressing complaints about people stopping two car lengths behind another car at a stop light. I do this myself because of a hard lesson learned years ago. Did you know...if you are stopped at a light or stop sign behind another car, and a third car hits you from behind and you then, in turn, hit the car in front of you, YOU will receive a ticket for that. I've been there. It's true. And it happens all the time. So, leaving two car lengths between myself and the person in front of me insures that I have time to instinctively hit my breaks to keep that from happening.

Regarding animals in stores

Dear Sir or Madam,

As someone who works in a retail store, I can tell you that BY LAW we are not able to ask for definitive proof whether an animal is or is not a service animal. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, the only questions an employee of a government agency, business, or a non-profit organization is allowed to ask are (1) “Is this a service animal?” and (2) “What tasks has it been trained to perform?”. However, we are NOT able to ask for documentation, demonstration of tasks, or inquire about the person’s disability. In addition, service animals are not required by the ADA to wear a vest, patch, or other service animal identifier. Therefore, anybody can simply lie, and claim their animal is a service animal, and by law, we cannot ask for proof.

Multiple times a week, I have customers complain to me about animals inside of our store, and I have to explain the law to them. Believe me, as an animal lover myself, even I find it ridiculous that we have to allow it, but the law is the law. You can find out more about the laws regarding service animals at ADA.GOV

Old people and old cars on the road

I'm going to start by saying no one wants their license to drive taken away just for getting old.

Here are the facts as I see them, though.

First off, there are people behind the wheel that have no right driving a vehicle any longer, they are dangerous to themselves and me.

Secondly, why do you have to drive a car that is a half a block long? Why the huge Cadillac, Lincoln, Buick or Grand Marquis?

Get yourselves something you can handle, like a Sentra or Corolla or anything smaller. Try one out, they are comfortable and reliable and easier to park.

If you can't even turn your head to see what's next to you, then get something that will lessen the crash and save a life. Besides, your gas and insurance bills will go down, and you will have more room in the garage.

Thank you to anyone who listens.

It's all in the pour

Thanks Hometown News for allowing me to write in without having to include my name, address and phone number.  It makes extreme sense to be able to remain anonymous, rather than risk being attacked for making statements that though truthful, may exact anger or revenge by others.

I'm writing this for owners or managers of bars who actually want their businesses to succeed and also for bartenders who care about the tips they receive.  In short, if you please the customer, you will reap the rewards. 

I happen to like good beer, essentially craft beers in the 5 percent or higher range and not, the imitation beers, like light beers, that to me, don't even qualify as beer.  I don't mind paying five or six bucks for a quality draft beer, even when the crap beers are half the price.  What I do mind however, is the server not respecting that I'm paying more and that there is a right and a wrong way to pour quality beer.

My rule of thumb is simple:  If you're pouring the cheap stuff, do it anyway you like, because your customer has no knowledge of what he's drinking because he is not really a beer person.  However, if the customer is paying $4. or more, pay attention to what I'm saying, and get it right, please.  Even when I try to explain this in person, many servers still don't get it, or simply refuse to do it right.

A proper pour consist of holding the glass at an angle, with the faucet touching the glass.  Pull the handle forward and constantly hold the glass in place without moving it, whatsoever.  When the foam begins to overflow, tilt the glass to a straight up position without lowering it, until it's full.  A bit of foam is OK, but not more than a half inch.

There is a sound reason for this method of operation.  When a glass of beer is full after a proper pour, you can hold it up to the light and see carbonation rising.  If you don't see that, the flavor will be changed due to lack of carbonation and you now have a flat beer.  People who care about their beer consider this ignorant and rude.  Some will not return to an establishment that can't do this right, or they may tip less or not at all.  Oh, and it doesn't matter if you've been a bartender for 20 years, you either do it right, or you don't.  It's your profit, or your loss.

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