Police Stops

Since there’s a lot of people ranting & raving about how people drive, no turn signals, speeding 20 plus over the speed limit, no trailer lights and running red lights, How about humoring the public?

Lets try going to the Police Department weekly and get a copy of all the traffic stops in Sebastian & Vero Beach. You know, like the County Arrest reports you post? But I’m sure it’d be a waste of time having a blank page, since there are so few traffic stops anywhere. How about a copy of each officers daily reports? Please Humor “We the people”

Crazy Driving Continued, Golf Carts on public roadways

Golf Carts have become very popular recently. It’s not uncommon to see them driving in residential neighborhoods on and off the island. I know there are areas on Orchid Island that allow golf carts on the streets and are delineated on the City of Vero Beach maps. I have not found any designated golf cart legal roads elsewhere in the City or County. Are there other golf cart friendly areas in Indian River County? Some of the golf carts have licenses tags while other don’t. Those without license tags I will assume are not street legal and probably should not be on the roadway. I will also assume those golf carts with license tags are street legal with similar features as automobiles and are required to have vehicle insurance like all other vehicle. I will further assume that golf cart drivers and passengers should be wearing seat belts and obeying all rules of the road. Recently I had a near miss with a golf cart full of kids being driven by a young boy who was maybe 10 years old. The young driver was parked talking with his friends when he decided to pull onto the road without looking from the grassy parkway parallel to 30th St. I was driving the speed limit 30 mph and slammed on my brakes as he pulled out 100 ft. in front of me. I was able to stop in time Thank God! I almost hit a golf cart full of young kids. I was shaking as the young driver drove off unfazed by the near accident he almost caused. I should have escorted him home and spoken with his parents but I didn’t.

A number of questions have passed through my mind since.

1. Does the driver of a golf cart need a driver’s license?

2. Are golf carts operated on public roads required to have vehicle insurance?

3. Do drivers and passengers have to wear seat belts while driving on roadways?

4. Do they have to obey all traffic laws?

5. If I would have hit the kids in the golf cart would my insurance be the primary insurance charged since the child driving was clearly too young to have a driver’s license?

6. Why are young children driving golf carts on public roads? Shouldn’t they be riding their bicycle or walking until they are able to obtain a driver’s license?

7. If the children are driving illegally on the roadways why doesn’t law enforcement intervene and write tickets for driving without a license? With that in mind; aren’t the parents endangering their children’s lives and the lives others when allowing their children to operate a vehicle on a roadway illegally?

A Walk in the Park

I love the small neighborhood parks that add charm to Martin County. We are building at an alarming speed and these little parks help preserve our small town appeal. I am distressed to see one of the parks turned into a smoking break room for the employees of an insurance company. Eagle Nest Park on Monterey Road and 6th Street smells disgusting. It needs to be raked clean of cigarette butts and allowed to air out. There is an opening in the hedge that allows the smokers to take over the park.

Perhaps, they instead of the taxpayers, should foot the maintenance bill. It would be nice if everyone could enjoy the fresh air and take a walk in the park.

Re: Pot Smoking Zombies

To the person who thinks we are becoming a nation of “pot smoking zombies”. Famous trumpeter Louis Armstrong was arrested and jailed in 1930 for smoking pot. President Eisenhower later appointed him ambassador at large, and his joyful face won many friends for the U.S overseas, esp. during “the Cold War”. He continued to use marijuana all his life, not understanding why it was so condemned, when alcohol was much more likely to cause harm, to innocent people as well. First cigarettes, now vaping? Opioids don’t smell, and have killed hundreds of Americans. Vaping, now, gets kids hooked on nicotine. Marijuana seems not to have killed anyone, anywhere, over centuries of use all over the world. Yet it's been on the list of most dangerous drugs, since 1970? President Trump could simply take it off the list, and save us how much money, and how many lives?

Re: Pets Cost Too Much

Your words made me sad not only because you couldn’t get your pet but also because it’s true, pets are expensive. The $200 the shelter asked for the dog is actually only the beginning of the expenses that a new pet owner would encounter through the life of the animal. It will many times exceed the $200 acquisition fee of the dog. So the shelter did you actually a favor considering your age, disability and economic status because later you could have come to the conclusion that you cannot really afford the dog, which would render it homeless or neglected. Wanting a dog is a nice idea but behind it are a lot of responsibilities pet wellness requires. If they cannot be met, it’s better not to have one. This was intended for your information. It didn’t mean to doubt your ability to take care of “a little dog”, and if you really want one there’re shelters that have available dogs with “adoption fees paid”. The rest will be up to you, hoping that you’re now well aware what it means to be “a responsible pet owner”. Thank you for your service.

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