RE: Bicycles on sidewalks

In a recent Rant, a claim was made that bicyclists could not use sidewalks. This is not correct. The Official Florida Drivers License Handbook states the following “ Unlike motorists, bicyclists may also operate on sidewalks, but they must yield to pedestrians on sidewalks and in crosswalks”.

I have ridden my bike on golf lanes and sidewalks for 20 years. The sidewalks are full of children going to school every day. Would the reader rather put them in the road?

Case closed.

Neighborhood stores: the places to go

I thoroughly enjoyed this article and for those readers that have not lived in areas of the country/world where you can enjoy this you really have missed something.

My family is from West Virginia and I am of the age that when I describe the conditions that we lived in my wife, Belgian, she finds it hard to believe. Yes, think about this, rural WV, when I was a child, no running water, no electricity and a crank telephone.

We moved into civilization and eventually a city so by the time that I was in Europe (Germany), thanks to the U.S. Air Force, I had experience in all the comforts that a major city in W.Va. could offer. I met a young lady in Liege, Belgium who would later become my wife. She lived in an apartment with her mother and both worked, she at a large department store in the center of the city. Liege was probably the largest city that I had ever been in and their apartment was walking distance from the center, but back then people were accustomed to walking although there was transit system everywhere.

Now, here is what was nice, on her street, although residential, was every shop, bars (these are unlike what you would associate here as locals would often bring in their entire family, her father owned one of these) vegetables, meats, alcohol, deserts, everything. It was great, we would go out daily and buy what we would have that day for our meals and you would know the shop owners.

When they built a “supermarket” in the city the citizens were not familiar with the concept so I took her to it, this was the precursor to “Food Lion” which is the giant of the industry internationally. Anyway, to use it you would have to buy stuff, then bring it home on the bus since it was too far to walk and carry, then apartments at that time did not have refrigerators/freezers for long periods of storage, so it wasn’t really a good idea. Then they opened a Laundromat and that confused people because they were just used to sending their clothes out to be cleaned, so I took her to the new Laundromat to instruct her on using it but that didn’t go over too well since the cost of having it done was not much different. But I loved the shop. I loved the human contact, the freshness of the food and quality….but I think those times are gone, unfortunately.

Driving them crazy

I recently saw a push for people to slow down their driving and that is fine, but I have a few other complaints about Florida drivers:

No. 1. Driving slower than the rest of the traffic

No. 2. Knowing someone wants to change lanes and flat out refusing to allow them

No. 3. Driving with high beams on at night and not dropping them down for an oncoming car

No. 4. Learning the little stick on the left side of your steering wheel is called a turn signal -- you are expected to use this unique device when changing lanes, entering or exiting the freeway.

No. 5. When you see a road is cutting down a lane, get over instead of rushing to the very top to push your way in.

No. 6. Also, just because you put your signal on to change lanes, you still have to look before changing lanes.

Maybe, just maybe, if people started doing a few of these items, there would be less of these stupid accidents that we have right now and the police could put their abilities to more important things than giving self-entitled drivers tickets for being stupid.

Grateful customer

I was overwhelmed with gratitude recently at Publix.

I went to pick my husband's prescription up, and it was a little high. I told the pharmacist I have a prescription card, and he said, “Let me see what I can do for you”. He found discounts so I could afford it. We have no insurance.

Leave handicap spots to the handicapped

I frequently see cars in handicapped spots that don’t belong there. You know who you are.

I also see people in handicapped restroom stalls changing their clothes. This is especially bad at restaurants as servers arrive at work.

There are people who really need the parking space and the restroom stall. Please be thankful you don’t need it and leave it for those who do.

Texting and driving has to stop

I almost got smashed up today by a driver who was texting.

I have a good idea to stop this, have the governor make a law that states when you are driving a vehicle, wear gloves and, if that doesn't work, wear mittens. This texting has to stop.

It's about money

It has all been explained to me.

It is about do as they say and not as they do. Money equals power. Money solves and starts mores problems. Do as they say not as they do.

Conserve drinking water

We are reminded to conserve drinking water yet many servers at Florida restaurants bring water to the table without the customer requesting it. Just think about how much water is wasted every day when the server ultimately ends up dumping that water down the drain.

Water should only be brought to the table upon request.

What happened to turn signals?

Are we still required to use turn signals? I noticed most drivers do not use them.

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