A Real Honest Waiter

The other evening my wife and I went out for dinner at Sweet Basil Restaurant in Port St. Lucie. We both enjoyed our meals, and after finishing were presented with the bill by our waiter. We paid the bill, left the restaurant and proceeded to the parking area. Suddenly our waiter came chasing after us. He told us that we had overpaid the bill and tip. We had inadvertently paid with a $50 bill, instead of a $20. Our waiter could have easily pocketed the overpayment, but his sense of honesty and fairness came to light. The young man deserves a lot of credit for being so honest. Besides, he was also a very good waiter.

Vero Police

After I read the police report section I stopped and wondered, why is it that Indian River County sheriffs make 35 arrests or more and the Vero police only make two or three and sometimes none at all? What are they doing all week? Are they parked in a parking lot talking to each other? They can't be at Dunkin Donuts all day. Maybe there is a logical answer to this.

Robo Calls

I immediately block the number should the caller not leave a message. Please be aware of the two following alarming calls: “This is the (Jupiter) police department. We have a warrant for your arrest.” and the other: “We have suspended your social security.” I hung up without saying something and no more calls of such alarming messages, have followed.

Banks shouldn't be charging fees on a child's savings account

As a good grandmother, I wanted to teach my grandchildren the value of saving, so I had each of them open a savings account. My first two grandchildren opened accounts with me as custodian, first at Peoples Bank which later became Florida Community Bank. By saving, my granddaughter was able to purchase a flute for the school band.

My next two grandchildren opened accounts with Florida Community Bank. Last Christmas I was unable to deposit money due to medical issues with my husband. Now Florida Community Bank is Synovus. This week I got a statement for one of the four grandchildren from Synovus and it showed a service charge of five dollars. I called and was told that since it did not show a deposit in 16 months they were charging fees.

I am appalled that a child's saving account is being charged. What does this teach a child? Why should they save? I thought minors are exempt from charges since they are children. Isn't this like stealing from a child?

As soon as I can, I will be going over to this new bank and removing any money that each of my four grandchildren have left since stealing money from a child's account is not what I want my grandchildren to learn.

I am an Independent liberal in a conservative Republican family

Watching my family become radicalized by the hateful rhetoric of Trump is almost too much to bare. Before Trump, we just disagreed on issues – which is expected and welcomed. We would talk about how we understood different problems and what policies we thought would be beneficial. Now? I can not get one sentence out without being told I am an America-hating, unpatriotic, libtard, snowflake, socialist who needs to just “love it or leave it”.

What on earth happened? There is no discussion anymore, only ad hominem and anger. Seeing the decline played out on the world stage is downright frightening. There is no discussion of policy in the media or thoughtful consideration of the issues; only a constant attack on anyone trying to have the conversation.

We have come to the point where calling out racism is somehow perceived as WORSE than the actual racism being called out.

The irony is this country was built on creating a path to solving problems across political divides – so chanting “send her back” is quite literally in direct conflict with our founding principles. They hypocrisy is astounding and yet, no matter how calmly you say this, you’re only ignored or blocked on social media.

We have to confront the fact that there is a cultist movement that has hijacked American politics. So, I say to the Trump supporters,

Trump said in his campaign for the 2016 election that he would:

- Rebuild infrastructure – he hasn’t (nor is there any word of it)

- Tax cuts for the middle class – when 80% of the cuts in the tax bill went to the top richest 1% and not the middle class.

- He promised to fix healthcare and protect people with preexisting conditions but he has repeatedly backed legislation, regulations, and lawsuits that would make it harder for sick people to get health insurance, allow insurance companies to discriminate against patients with preexisting conditions, and kick millions of Americans off the Medicaid program.

- Said he would not cut Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare but his 2020 budget cuts all three.

Furthermore, he said he would help the working class Americans, those who were left behind by Washington and the political elite. Well, the stock market is doing great but, half of Americans don't own any stock and the other half that do own less than 8% of all stocks. Wages remain stagnant. But, I digress...

What is it going to take to reach you? To try and talk about the real issues?


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To the "Independent Liberal"--would love to discuss politics. As an independent conservative my experience is that liberals will never engage in a meaningful debate.


To the 'Independent' writer..............I wholeheartedly agree with you!

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