De-gun, not defund

A solution to police continuous killings of American citizens is to advocate a “De-Gun Policy of the Police Departments” in the United States.

Only the supervisor on site should have access to the weapon be be stored in the vehicle.

Mask are your choice

To the 87 year old (and anyone else) who was worried because some people did not wear masks: two things.

One, everyone has the option to stay home if they feel compromised, very easy today as groceries, prescriptions and other items are now delivered.

Two, you are in charge of yourself not of other people. Take care of yourself and all will be fine. If you want to follow the CDC guidelines, stay home.

Don’t pick and choose which guidelines you want to follow. Many, many times we have been told do this, do that and the next day it changes. The experts”should complete their research before making regulations.

I am 75 years old and will not wear a restrictive mask so others can feel safe going out in public - it’s a choice for each of us.

Re: Meat eating is another pandemic

There are a few more books to read about livestock polluting our atmosphere.

When the expansion to the West began the oceans of grassland that covered the Midwest and Western Plains were also covered by millions upon millions of buffalo.

The Native Americans then, incidentally there was a huge population of them also before 80% of their population died from the diseases the “whites” carried but were immune to, used the buffalo for everything in their society.

There were herds of every other kind of animal: elk, Antelope, goats, wild animals in abundance that people do not realize.

What happened to them? We slaughtered millions upon millions of buffalo, we provided Europeans great sport by utilizing flatbed train cars as shooting stages to kill animals while the trains went from coast to coast.

But in all the pictures made at the time we had a pristine sky, cobalt blue with a blazing sun.

But what about the alligators?

I just read with interest about the article someone wrote about the slaughter of the bears, and I see it on TV all the time. However, my rant is about the alligators.

Now, no one seems to complain about those ugly things that are predators and dangerous to people and other animals, as well, like cats and dogs and etc.

We have more than 1 million alligators in the state of Florida. Try telling that to the fish and wildlife people that we ought to eliminate a good portion of those alligators.

But they say, “Oh, but they are indigenous to the state. They are native to the state. We can’t do that.”

They have open season for hunting, but that’s not enough to cure it, as far as I’m concerned. Because, in a few months they lay more eggs, which replaces what they have killed.

This does not make sense to me to eliminate those bears the way they do by hunting and why not be alligators?

I suggest that if they want to eliminate the nuisance, they should tranquilize them, pack them up and bring them somewhere out of state in the wild.

You are making the animal happy, and it will live among its own.

You don’t have to kill them here in Florida to eliminate them. Kill the alligators first. And get rid of the poisonous snakes, on top of it.

‘Homophobia’ is the wrong word

I would like to comment on a misleading, if not inaccurate, perception that exists in our society; namely “homophobia.”

If you say anything in opposition to the gay and lesbian lifestyle, you are labeled a “homophobe” or bigot! In the first place the idea of “phobia” is false!

A phobia is an “irrational fear based on a perceived threat or danger,” ie. acrophobia - fear of high places; claustrophobia - fear of closed places; zoophobia - fear of animals, etc.

If I disagree or am opposed to the behavior or lifestyle of gays and lesbians, it’s not because I am in FEAR of these people, (that I feel threatened in some way). It has more to do with my belief in “traditional moral values,” which many in our society, including gays and lesbians, reject.

They have a right to live the way they choose; I have the right to disapprove of that lifestyle. That does mean I am a bigot or hate these people?

So, if someone calls you a “homophobe,” they do so out of ignorance to the meaning of the term “phobia.”

Regarding requests for money

A guy wrote in about getting 49 requests for money in the mail.  Here is what I do.  Since my wife and i have not been going to lunches and dinners with friends, nor to movies, I open some of those requests.  Then I am moved by some of the letters and go to to check out the organizations and send them some of the money I have saved by not going out.

What happened to the flag?

I noticed the American flag was not being flown at the post office on roseland rd for over a month.  I asked the postmaster about it and he said they were waiting for maintenance to fix it.  With all the trying times going on in our country right now our flag should be displayed.  It seems no one cares.  Fix whatever respect our country and fly our flag.

No mask for the President

I am glad to see President Trumps refusal to wear one of those stupid masks.  No real man will put a Kotex across his face.  It’s time for America to man-up and tear the mask off !

Re: Handicap parking spots

Let me begin by giving my utmost respect to the person who wrote the article regarding handicap parking spots. As well as a Thank You for serving our country.  Let me also enlighten you and others about certain handicaps that can’t always be seen. I’m speaking about one in particular, MS. Or Multiple Sclerosis.  We aren’t always in a wheelchair, or use a device. But the handicap is still there. There are days I am in my WC. And the next day I might not be. It’s the “nature of the beast”. MS is one that we must conserve every bit of energy we have, stay out of hot, humid weather and be in AC as soon as we can.  We cannot park in a spot too far because we won’t make it, we search for the closest shopping cart. That’s on a good day.  The bad days, well you can imagine.  Bottom line, yes I walk, some days better than most. That doesn’t mean I don’t need my HC plaque. Do not think because your in a WC that a HC spot is only necessary for you.  Some handicaps are not always that visible. But human kindness and understanding should be.

What about unemployment?

I find it disturbing that the Hometown News, which we always read, finds space to print trivial raves about the silliest things week after week during the pandemic, yet continually ignores the rants about the one in five Floridian worker forced to be unemployed and the failed leadership of our governor to make Florida’s unemployment system, (which has kept more than half of us waiting more than eight weeks for a single payment) work properly.  What a shame!  Please, take a moment to let us rant about our economic calamity. We didn’t choose to be unemployed, our governor chose to make us unemployed.

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