In response to patron

The person who recently complained about a delay in seating at a local barbecue restaurant should be ashamed of their attempt to vilify a small business.  Have you ever run a business yourself?  Have you ever had a bad day at work?  Have you ever made a mistake of any kind in your life?  You say you go to that restaurant frequently yet write a nasty, hateful letter after one bad experience.  And you say you went there after Church?!?!? Judging by your letter, I bet you went there with a bad attitude, a sour face, and a high and mighty air.  In these economic times, I choose to give businesses the benefit of the doubt.  If you came into my small business, I'd be delighted to send you on to another place!

No receipt, no exchange

I recently received a blouse as a gift, and it did not fit. I went to the store and asked to do an exchange for a difference size.

I was asked if I had a receipt.

I said, "No, it was a gift."

She said, "You have to have a receipt."

I said, "I don't want to return it. I just want to exchange it for a different size."

She told me that you cannot do that without a receipt.

I asked, "How many people give a gift with a receipt?"

Now I have a beautiful blouse that I cannot wear. This is ridiculous, and if that is the policy, I do not intend to shop at that store again.

'You know? You know what I mean?'

I am calling to get some feedback on this and get it off my chest.

What irritates me is when people are talking and every other word is "you know, you know, you know;" or "you know what I mean."

Please, people, leave that out of you sentence. I gets on my nerves - I don't know about anybody else - but I would sure like to know if anybody else agrees with me.

Be a defensive driver

I just read the rant from the school bus driver about how rude and dangerous people are to them on the road. I totally agree but it's not to them, is also to truck drivers and anyone pulling a trailer. It's an "all about me" world now.

Unfortunately, bus drivers have precious cargo on board, and extra care and caution should be given them. But it works both ways. Where I drive, the bus drivers never use their blinkers or seem to respect other drivers. I used to have to travel in town, back and forth, to work when school buses were on the road, and I used to get very annoyed with their drivers, just like semis on I-95. I like the middle lane, they are normally in the right lane, and it's nerve-wracking every time there's an on ramp because if there are cars, the semi "zips" over in front of me, and cuts me off, since no one seems to know how to merge anymore, everyone seems to think we, on the main road, have to move out of their way. What's that yield sign for? You have to really be a defensive driver these days.

Artists up to the challenge?

I've attended art festivals but seldom find anything worth buying. So, I have a few suggestions if there are any enterprising artists up to the challenge.

First, paint portraits or profiles of kids, grandkids and adults. Work from a digital photo if necessary. Use paint, pencil or charcoal. Make it inexpensive and quick. Personal art like this is kept forever.

Second, make an American flag, using material that won't fray and fade within a year of flying in our harsh weather. There is nothing on the market today.

Lastly, instead of a flag made of material, paint an American flag or other images on garage doors, driveways or interior walls using large, custom-made stencils. Multiple stencils may be needed per image per color. Hold the stencil in place with Velcro at the corners. Make your own images or purchase copyrighted ones to sell. Godspeed!

Don't let this guy trim your trees

A man pulled up to our home and proposed trimming our trees for a specified amount of money and stated that he would have the piles of cuttings picked up within 24 hours by someone from Waste Management.

This, he wrote on the paid bill and signed it.

The next day, I called him and asked him when the pickup would occur.

He said "the person was reassigned to a different route, and he could not follow through with his promise."

I would have not hired him had he had not have been able to remove the debris.

He is obviously giving false promises to people in the area.

I warn you not to hire him.

Thank you.

I have a letter for the paper

I lost my husband three years ago. He was a smoker, and he was in the military.

I never saw a cigarette butt anywhere. He never threw one on the ground, never made a mess.

Everywhere I go, even outside of all the stores, somebody puts a cigarette out on the sidewalk just as they are opening the door to an establishment.

I think there ought to be a law. Somebody ought to be sued if they are caught doing this. I think it is a waste of our beautiful country.

Thank you very much.

I will never understand what this world is coming to

Talk about the ridiculous. Now we have driverless cars. What is next? Why not buses and trains and planes?

The stupidity of driverless cars. It is another way of these car people to make more money.

Why do you need a driver sitting in the driver's seat?

I would not want to be on the road with a car like that. That is ridiculous for anybody to manufacture one.

What is this idiocy in our country going to stop? It borders on insanity. I am so annoyed, I could go on about other things this country is suffering, but it would take too much of my time and your time.

I am just fed up with the stupidity of some of the people in our country.

Buying online is not easier

A lot of department stores are closing their doors and going out of business. The main reason is that a lot of people are doing their buying online.

There are a number of reasons for buying online, most of them valid.

However, when a person is retired and in good health and says that they do not have time to go shopping, this blows my mind.

When you buy an article of clothing, don't you want to feel the material and see how it fits?

I realize that when you buy something online, you can always return it. You might have to do this numerous times to get it perfect.

If that is supposed to be easier than going to a store and trying on different outfits and buying on the spot? It is not.

Downtown delights

I'm going to visit Fort Pierce's downtown shops and restaurants more often! The owners and shopkeepers were, without exception, friendly and accommodating. What I saw was attractive merchandise and appealing places to eat. I've lived here less than two years, but just learned yesterday that downtown Fort Pierce is a great place to shop.

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Karen Howard

This is in response to the person who lamented that there is little worth buying at local art festivals and suggested painting portraits that are “inexpensive and quick.” As a crafter, I can’t tell you how many people want something “inexpensive and quick”, not taking into consideration the work that goes into a project. I’ve turned down “offers” of half my asking price because I know what materials cost and the time and energy that went into the item. There may be artists willing to do “inexpensive and quick” portraits, but if not, please understand why. If you want quality work, be prepared to pay for it.

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