You are responsible for your dog

Pit Bulls are not violent by nature but could certainly act that way if

their owners mistreat or train them to be aggressive. You should never

approach a stray dog unless you know the dog or the owners. People have

been very lazy about letting their dogs out. Put a fence around your

property or walk them on a leash and pick up after them either way. When

you just open the door and let them out that is when the problems begin.

Yes sometimes they get out by accident. but they are scared and only

defending themselves if you try to approach them. The dog you really

have to worry about are the small dogs. Sorry the dog died but the

owners should be more responsible for their dogs and not just let them

run free.

Where are the results?

Some people can’t see the forest for the trees. Trump by trade is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) not a politician. CEOs keep their job, not by being popular, but achieving financial goals because the company can go out of business. Therefore, for CEOs, results matter. Politicians keep their job by being popular because the government can’t go out of business. Therefore, for politicians, results don’t matter. The disaster called Obamacare didn’t keep Obama from being reelected.

Keep Leisure Square, Leasure Square!

Closing or selling off the Leisure Square Pool is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve heard. The computation that it loses money is silly. Do the city parks make money? Do the city roads make money? How about the beautiful grassy medians on some of our roadways that require extra maintenance? Do the city beaches make money? The value of a city owned entity can’t always be measured on a two columned balance sheet.

I for one would like to actually keep Vero, Vero! I’d rather not hear about a child that drowned because they were unable to take swimming lessons at the public pool; or the elderly arthritic patient who suffers more from the lack of water therapy and social interactions with friends at the pool; or laughing and fun times that youngsters and adults can no longer have at a great facility at a reasonable price.

I’m sure there is significant liability for operating a pool, but what about at a skate park? What happens when the first person breaks a bone or suffers a brain injury from a fall? What is the age range of patrons that would frequent a skate park compared to a pool? How many staff would be required to operate it and oversee the safety of the patrons while skating? Will they be required to show proof of insurance, be accompanied by an adult, sign waivers of liability which may not “hold water” (pun intended) in a court of law.

Move over!

Ok, this is my belief: The reason all these slow drivers in the left lane are not ticketed is because they are no skin off the back of Martin County's Sheriff Schneider. As the matter of fact, he knows that permitting that kind of behavior, pretty much, forces people to have to gun it and go around them passing on the right.

At that point, the deputies write up a speeding citation- plus whatever else they can pin on the poor young person. Yes, it is the young families with young children who get ticketed because the Sheriff's department is not making sure that the roads are clear for smooth traffic. Not to mention all the collisions that we all see all the time with the drivers having to go around the slow drivers in the left lane.

Those cars just stay right there despite the fact that you come up at a proper pace behind them and politely wait for them move over. When they don't, you are forced to flash your lights at them- again, no move over. They are retired folks with no where to go and nothing to do but drive to and fro from store to store.

When you drive in other states and counties it does not happen to this extent or at all. Not to mention, we also have a one lane road on Dixie Hwy which is squeezed in, to facilitate slower driving. That's all these people need. ANOTHER reason to slow down. Come on, Sheriff!

There has to be a formula which shows if a county is ticketing slow drivers blocking the left lane. Isn't there anyone out there smart or savvy enough to check and see if what I believe is intentionally happening, really is? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed this.

I would imagine there's a formula

Mockingbird Media

I am an independent conservative and I believe in God. I hope you can put aside your prejudice and thoughtfully examine what your beliefs are. I was once a progressive. The difference is that I have learned to think for myself, as most conservatives have.

Discussion has been reduced to anger and name calling and seems to be the norm from anyone who hates President Trump. Liberals attack people wearing MAGA hats, try to censor what we say, and call us all racist.

He is our President, and if you don’t like him as a person, you are not being asked to, but have respect for the fact he is President. A president is not a god or a perfect person, has made mistakes in his life that do not disqualify him from being president. Do you think President Trump is this terrible person the left portrays? If so, why are many people of all colors following him? He didn’t need to do this, he had everything, gives pay to charity.

Left and right all have things we disagree on. Do YOU know what YOU believe, or is the media telling you what to think? The things you listed in your letter were talking points the news media is pushing, and not necessarily true.

If you are interested in discussing, do what I did back in 2014. Think for yourself, turn off the “news,” put down the newspapers, think about this: How can all different channels and “news media” say the same things, word for word, at the same time? They call it mockingbird media, look it up, read about it, not just one article, several. After a few days off media, notice if you feel calmer, less angry, more able to think.

Research issues yourself, look at real videos of President Trump speaking instead of sound bites. Decide what YOU believe and stop letting others tell you. Understand you have been lied to, as we all have, for years.

Look on internet, search out alternative media. Search You Tube “#walkaway” and you will be surprised at results. These are made by people who are liberal and tired of the fighting. They have learned to stop hating.

You are correct about a movement to hijack American politics. It has been going on longer than you realize. It is socialism, being pushed by the democrats and has been for years. Do you REALLY support democrats like Omar Ilhan and Rashida Talib who say white men should be put in chains? She did say that, you can find it. Why do these people hate America? Nothing wrong with asking why they don’t go back where they came from since they hate it so much.

We are in a fight for our country and our very lives. This is not about Democrats and Republicans, it is about good and evil. Something is going on, some of us see it, some feel it. Things are changing and we will go back to being free Americans, proud of who we are. Some people we thought we could trust took over and have been running the show for a long time. They were just criminals who took over and fooled us all. We are free, and will always be American Patriots, fighting for what we believe in.

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