The real cost of COVID

For those of you who are still in denial about COVID-19 because it hasn’t affected you, think again.

Who do you think will pay for the enormous health care costs caused by this pandemic? Insurance companies have to recover their costs, which means higher premiums and deductibles for all of us. So next year when your employer or insurance company presents you with your annual healthcare plan or you get notice from Medicare of increased premiums, don’t be surprised.

Sooner or later this pandemic should “burn” itself out but only when enough people are vaccinated, or the virus has infected all available hosts. In the beginning, many costs were unavoidable because we didn’t know about prevention and there was no vaccine; now there is. We are living in a state reporting the highest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths with hospitals and healthcare workers stressed to the max, yet many Floridians continue to ignore the best prevention advice available – wearing masks, social distancing, handwashing and getting vaccinated.

You may be lucky enough to escape the virus itself, but we will all be paying the price tag.

Solicitors becoming a pain

I think enough time has passed since Christmas that I can Rant about solicitations from charities without sounding like Scrooge.

I get at least one solicitation a day, every week. Some are from groups I’ve never heard of. Some are from groups I haven’t given to in years. Some are from groups that I only donate to once a year – yet I hear from them regularly, year-round. Some are from groups that just sent me something 3 weeks ago (and 3 weeks before that…).I’ve noticed many do not put a return address on the envelopes – or they put only the street address, no name.

What are they hiding?

Then there is the “free gift enclosed” – along with the response form to send your gift. I have so many return address labels I can’t afford to move. I have enough notepads I could write the Great American Novel. I am starting to get the 2022 calendars (I got 8 last year) I have greeting cards and stickers, pens, gift bags, gift wrap and gift tags. I have certificates of appreciation in fancy calligraphy from groups I have never donated to. I have insulated tote bags and socks and nickels.If I don’t respond in about 2 weeks, I get another letter – did you get the free gift we sent (with that paragraph about our letters crossing in the mail)? I’ve noticed that they never include a “No” option on that response form

My concern is that if I do give, it is a relatively modest gift, and I am not sure how much of my gift is actually going to the “cause”.With all the printing, folding, stuffing and postage and return postage – not to mention the “free” gifts – how do I know I am not paying for all that? There may be an answer somewhere in all the fine print, but the perception to the potential donor is not good.

Rave for “Rants and Raves”

I would like to say “good job” and rave about your Rants and Raves folks for the superb job they do every week. I cannot imagine reading all the entries you receive each week.

Keep up the good work and thank you!

City Council doesn’t care

When it comes to Sebastian City Council listening to the needs of its constituents, you may as well be talking to a brick wall.

Many, including myself, on my street have gone to city council meetings proposing that a lighting/lumens ordinance be added to the current list of city ordinances. So that what is happening on our street and should never be allowed to happen in residential areas of Sebastian.

What we proposed was shot down immediately, the members calling it a neighbor dispute. This is an environmental injustice causing surrounding residents’ unpleasant discomfort every night. The almost 130 ft. of commercial grade LED string lights are strung up around a grove of palm trees and are on a daily timer set from dusk to dawn, 365 days a year. Many cities and towns have lighting/lumens laws so why shouldn't Sebastian?

I'll tell you why. Because our city council just doesn't care. In fact, one of the council members told me I should just sell my house. I responded to his remark "who would buy it?" His response: “Sell it during the day." I could not believe what I was hearing! So, if you don't want this to happen in your neighborhood, contact our city council members and voice your opinion or just vote them out at the next election and maybe we just might get some members who care.

They won't even enforce the existing Nuisance Ordinance Sec. 66-1 Item (6). Just shameful.

Who’s fault is it?

If you are texting while driving and get into an accident, and a loved one who is a passenger is severely injured is it your fault?

If you have a child in your car and is not in a child seat, and is severely injured in a crash is it your fault? If you are not vaccinated and get Covid 19 and you pass it on to a loved one who gets severely sick is it your fault?

Who’s fault is it?

Florida through the pandemic

I thought that governor DeSantis handled the onset of the pandemic rather well. He allowed businesses to remain open and left it up to the citizens to choose whether or not to patronize those businesses. He came to the defense of the cruise industry, causing the CDC to ease up on their draconian restrictions.

At that point, I think that the governor started to go astray. By forbidding all state businesses from instituting so-called “vaccine passports”, he threw a monkey wrench into the cruise industry’s recovery. There are many cruise lovers who are hesitant to book a future cruise if they cannot be assured that ALL their fellow passengers have been vaccinated. Also, the federal government is responsible for international commerce. The state should not be adding restrictions over and above what the federal government mandates.

When it comes to school district mandates regarding masks, once again, I think that the governor overstepped the bounds of his authority. The citizens of each school district, through their elected school boards, should decide what is best for their students. If the citizens disagree with their school board’s decisions, they should attend the school board meetings and voice their disapproval. These are elected officials and their decisions will have consequences on election day.

I would hate to see hubris destroy another promising political career.

RE: Rethinking rants

To the person wanting to revamp the Rants and Raves section: please listen to yourself. You are requesting censoring rants because they are "right" or "left". Really??

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Phone Solicitors

I have caller ID on a landline, yeah I am still 20th century, proud of it & am not going to change!! I have a Tracfone only to call AAA for roadside assistance, or for a family issue that may be happening.

When I used to get a call from name unavailable or other unknown name, or even police officers organizations or firefighters organizations. I now answer the phone, I say "Hello!" If there is no response within 5 seconds I hang up! We all know it will be a recording. These calls are not from local phone numbers, so they probably are a con, which actually hurts our own communities! I refuse to give $ to a recording! When I have the cash I will donate to associations where I want my $ to go. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE TO ANY PHONE SOLICITOR! If there is a cause that you care about, contact the actual association & give your donation directly.

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