Use caution when dining out

Although my friend and I do not eat out during this pandemic we are conscious of the fact that our age group is more likely to become ill.

On this particular occasion we found ourselves at Sams a little longer than planned. So, we decided to stop at a restaurant on nearby. We were seated before we realized that none of the wait staff had masks on. We wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt so we inquired and were told that the extremely high ceilings were keeping everyone safe.

We had ordered and bought into that reason. We realize what a close call that was for us and how foolish we were. It's also very dangerous for the staff. No masks, no 6 ft distance and they served the food by delivering the trays of food to the tables on their shoulders and passing it in front of their face and bodies.

Upon checking we discovered high ceilings offered no protection for anyone! We would like to let any customers and the staff working there know this. Keeping others informed is one way we are in this together.

Thank you!

On masks and the environment

This is about masks being thrown out: I don't want to hear about the environment. People are always talking about the climate and everything. I'm finding all these masks laying around, thrown out on the parking lots and all that. They're all over the place.

So you people that are demanding mask, they're getting thrown everywhere so I don't want to hear about the environment.

Police culture and defunding

It’s not the minority of bad cops that are the problem. It’s the culture. Ask the cops you know what they would do if they saw another officer do something wrong.

If they knew the person was white supremacist would they speak up? If they did, what would happen? Is there a realistic way to hold police accountable? To make sure people who are unfit are removed and can’t become an officer anywhere? The police unions and fraternal orders protect their own. It’s a soldier mentality. Panhandlers, addicts, drunks, prostitutes, the homeless are not the enemy.

Defund the police means spending money and implementing solutions to the many social problems police shouldn’t have to deal with.

Virus mishap

A family member went for the COVID-19 test about a month ago. The line was long and they waited close to two hours. After filling out the paperwork, she decided to leave as she had other obligations.

Almost two weeks later she received notice in the mail that she had tested positive on a test she had never taken. This makes us all worried about incorrect reports. It's frightening.

Do they make it up as they go? How do we know if the results are true?How many positives are false?

This is bugging me

For the last few months I've had a terrible time with bugs coming out of my drain. My regular pet control came a few times and sprayed a few times and between them and my handyman they were looking at all possible places they could be coming from.

Disgusting as it was, I happen to have caught one of them and found out it was a water bug, originally thought to be a roach. My neighbors have had to put bleach in their drains as well to keep them from coming up out of the drains monthly. My call to the sewage department told me that they had put in a chemical to kill them. They say that it's this bad because of the lack of rain.

I have to keep the stopper on the drain so they don't come up. This is just awful and no one can say what to do. If anyone has any suggestions I would like some, thank you!

Post office should have deadline

All of the furor over the post office delaying the political ballots could have been prevented if the post office would have been allowed to state a deadline when all ballots had to be in their hands to be processed before the election.

State laws which allow voters to pick up ballots one or two days before the election are the real issues and the politicians know it too. Each year at the holiday season the post office announces deadlines by which holiday mail needs to be in their hands if the items were expected to be at their destinations by the holiday.

What a logical expectation and simple, effective solution to the current political fabrication of a problem!

Their first hurricane

I read with much interest the rant from the three month newbies to Florida about their first hurricane.

My advise is take heed at most of the local and national weather reporters when they say to take precautions due to a tropical storm or hurricane on the way. I believe that it was Aug. 2008 that Tropical Storm Fay hit Melbourne and dropped about two feet of rain in one day.

A very few years before Fay, a hurricane dropped sufficient rain the day after it went through, that our city street was so flooded that two teenagers from down the block were offering canoe rides for stranded motorists down the middle of the street.

In 2017, a huge tree was taken to the ground behind us in a Category 2 Hurricane. So, change your attitudes and you may live to see as many storms the next 41 years as I have seen in the last 41.

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