Stop with the masks and environment

Masks: how long do we have to wear these things? I don't want to hear about climate change or the environment when I see masks thrown everywhere in parking lots and bushes. That's not helping the environment and people are pushing for these masks with these commercials. Knock it off with the masks and I don't want to hear about the environment so stop talking about it!

American Founders Wrong?

A couple of days ago, I heard a guy talking about the American founders. He claimed the founders were unschooled in the needs of today's society. He thought the Declaration Of Independence amounted to ancient thinking, weakened by time. He wanted change, including the possibility for revolution and a more autocratic government.

Really? That sounds like nonsense to me. The founders told us that Americans must be wary of tyranny. They said there was no room for the tyrant's penchant for manipulating law to suit their purposes. The founders knew that anarchy was a stepping stone to insurrection, and insurrection meant the end for democracy.

So, what do we have today? Violent groups claim that law and order is unfair and oppressive. Police forces are held at bay. Officers are attacked mercilessly. Cities are held under siege, with looting and rioting the norm. Crimes are committed under the guise of social justice. There is little regard for civil order.

Local government officials refuse to intervene because they think the rights of criminals is a popular theme. Politicians appease marauders by defunding police forces. New legislation bubbles in the Congress in support of whimsical so-called protesters.

Today, the American founders would be shouting for 2020 Americans to be wary. They would tell us to think carefully about the leaders we elect. There are tyrants among us. The bullies are in the streets and they want to change America. Consider your vote carefully Americans. Don't ever think it doesn't matter.

Lost wallet returned!

On Sep 6, my husband was at BJ's doing some shopping. As he was getting ready to pay, he notice his wallet wasn't with him. He backed tracked his steps.

When he pulled into the driveway at home, two ladies were at the door waiting for him. These ladies were a life saver, they found his wallet, and my husband wanted to give them something. They wouldn't take it.

I just want to thank these ladies with all of my heart. We need more people like you two.

Wearing a mask is unhealthy

Now that I am old and hard-of-hearing, I often cannot hear what people are saying when they wear a mask. Usually, I have to ask them to repeat themselves, and after several repetitions, they pull down their mask to speak. As I lean forward to hear what they are saying, I have come to realize that people who wear masks develop bad breath! Also known as halitosis, it is often a sign of ill health.

The reason for this is obvious. The lungs are one of the main avenues by which our bodies expel toxins. When you wear a mask, the toxins your body is trying to eliminate by exhaling become trapped in your mask and are re-inhaled back into your lungs. Wearing a mask also makes you re-breath exhaled carbon dioxide, and prevents you from inhaling adequate oxygen. It is well known that cancer proliferates in an oxygen-deprived environment. Wearing a mask actually impairs your immune system, making you less healthy and more likely to suffer infection by an opportunistic bacteria or virus.

For people who know better, wearing a mask is just plain disgusting, and for good reason. Make masks optional, and end the government mandates which encroach upon our right to act in our own best interest and breathe fresh air.

Respect others property/views

We all need to be respectful of others property. Please stop taking down opponents political signs and defacing opponents property.

For one thing, there are cameras everywhere. It can cost you gravely for a moment of madness.

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