Wear a facemask

It's not about you! Wearing facemasks, like wearing condoms, prevents the wearer from spreading diseases to others nearby.

Nobody knows at any particular time if they are carrying COVID-19. Persons taking coronavirus tests are currently waiting many days for test results. Even if a person were negative on test day, that person might become infected during the waiting-for-test-results period. Infection during the waiting period is much more likely if the tested person had been within 6 feet of anybody not wearing a facemask.

For hundreds of years, our country has had in place laws and regulations requiring citizens to wear various items of clothing. The purpose behind many of these ordinances is to keep people from offending other people they may come in contact with. This also is the reason for enacting facemask-wearing ordinances. What could be more offensive to your family members and fellow citizens than for you to give them a life-threatening disease?

About mail-in ballots

Mail in ballots appears to be the most misunderstood politically shrouded subject today.

Let me take a stab at this. Simply put, an absentee ballot adopted by the majority of states today puts the

responsibility on "the REGISTERED voter" to ask for a by mail ballot. The process is simple...the voter contacts the local elections office (website,call, person to person)that they want a mail in/absentee ballot. I have done it for years and in fact I have elected through documentation to have "all" present/future ballots mailed to me. It is absolutely painless....but you have to take the initiative to get it done...the local ELECTIONS office is super user friendly..

The burden rest on the registered voter to take the initiative to ask for a mail in ballot. Its not the POST OFFICE responsibility to delineate who should get a ballot. No one is denying anyone from voting not to mention standing in line if a voter prefers

not to take the initiative to request a ballot. Please note through all of this I have emphasized VOTER INITIATIVE (not the post office to indiscriminately mailing ballots by request or from a telephone directory).

There are two months plus until election day...if you care enough about voting by

mail please take the time now to request a mail in ballot.

RE: Much Ado About Nothing

It is far better to put up shutters and nothing happen. In 1999, Hurricane Floyd was a Category 5 heading directly at us. It was the only time I evacuated. I spent two nights sleeping in my car at the Georgia Welcome Center. I was very relieved to see my house still standing as Floyd had veered away from us. Yet, people said to me "I evacuated and the electric didn't even go off!" Would they have preferred to have their house gone?

In 2004, Frances, a Category 2, then Jeanne, a Category 3 hit us three weeks apart.

The National Guard assisted local law enforcement agencies. Last year, Dorian Cat 5 took aim at us but, luckily, wobbled at last moment - everyone covered their windows. Hurricane Isaias took aim at us but moved away. I spent days covering windows with shutters. I do not regret doing so.

It is far better to cover and then uncover your windows then to have hurricane destroy your property. Hurricanes are odd in that it is sunny and weather pleasant until they hit--take advantage of that time to protect your property. In 2004, it took me a year to get my roof replace. Do as you will, but don't complain.

Thank you, Hometown News

Thank you so much for your wonderful paper. I really look forward to it every week.

Thank you also for putting in the people running for office and their qualifications. I was able to make out my ballot in a rather quick fashion. Thank you so much for your paper and all your information.

To mask debaters

To those who refuse to wear masks.

Would you travel on an airliner with an untrained pilot? Of course not.

You would demand the protection of a well trained professional. Consequently, if our brilliantly trained health care professionals and the CDC request that we all wear masks. Why refuse?

In both cases, it's tantamount to saving lives, yours also. Have respect for your neighbor, if not for yourself. If you still insist on rights not to wear a mask, and are unfortunate enough to contract COVID-19, I suggest you not burden our health resources because of your selfishness and stubbornness.

Stay your distance in your own little corner in your own little world, and may God have mercy on you and bless you. You reap what you sow.

The winners are...

Darwin Award winners eliminate themselves in an extraordinary idiotic manner. Awards are usually bestowed posthumously. Recent award winners include those who did not wear masks.

Scammers are afoot

I got a call on my landline from Amazon-recorded, "fraudulent alert-your account has been charged $700 for a Galaxy phone, please hold..."

Then, my friend got the same alert on her cellphone. This is a scam.

Amazon does not work that way. Please, don't fall for it, and it's widespread and just one of many. Please protect yourselves, don't respond. It's a scam. If someone broke into your account, it wouldn't be handled in this way ever. We're all tense, all scared, so please do not fall for it! Also, Microsoft, Apple and others do not work this way either. Hang up!

Check your expiration dates

I would just like to remind everyone to please, please check your expiration dates that I just got at the local store. I would have been very sick if I hadn't had looked. You won't believe this, but they were two years old! A lot of us are in a hurry, especially men, and just grab items without looking and off they do. Take the extra time to look at the date.

Stores can't get away with putting this old stuff out on us. I did call the companies about replacements and they were very kind. I just wanted to remind everyone so they don't have to go through all of that as well.

When was America great?

I want to know why people think that America's not great?

Oh, the 2016 election.

Don't stand so close to me

I vowed to myself not to weigh in with all of the craziness that is out there, but I feel this is important.

May I remind everyone to read the CDC.gov website regarding COVID-19.

It is easy to read and has lots of information. One important rule that is not being followed: Quote per CDC.gov: "Continue to keep about 6 feet between yourself and others. The mask is not a substitute for social distancing."

One for All, All for One

As anyone having served in the military knows, the effectiveness of a unit depends on “One for All, All for One” or “No man left behind”. Unit cohesiveness and effectiveness decreases or may even fail without this commitment. These concepts now apply to all of us across the United States with Covid-19. With rights and freedom come obligations and responsibilities for the common good. We all should have followed the scientific guidelines of wearing personal protection, social distancing and washing hands as recommended by epidemiologists to be able to fight the pandemic.

In contrast, South-Korea was faced with the Covid-19 pandemic several weeks before us. Their leaders immediately implemented scientific recommendations resulting by August 21st in only 324 deaths for a nation of 52 million people. Based on a population comparison between the two nations and 175,000 deaths in our country, our death rate is 85 times greater. South-Korea’s rapid response allowed it to open up its economy and schools safely. In difference, with our pandemic continuing, our loss of life, school closures and damage to our economy keep piling up.

This debacle is the responsibility of our President and his Republican enablers ignoring science, despite our country having the world’s leading scientists.

Remember for the upcoming November election, a true leader seeks advice, admits mistakes and serves the interest of our nation.

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