The horror of socialism

Government control must end. How dare government officials require the wearing of face masks or order vaccinations. As free Americans, it's our individual right to reject polio, mumps, measles, small pox, or covid vaccinations.

Socialism must cease. It's time to end free public education, social security, medicare, and unemployment protection. We should just fend for ourselves. As the song "Another Brick in the Wall" states, "we don't need no education." Oh wait, maybe we need education or vaccinations against life threatening diseases, an income source should we lose our job, financial assistance when we retire, or even some kind of medical coverage should we become ill.

Maybe these forms of socialism aren't communist left wing people destroying our way of life, or are they? These socialistic issues have improved, protected, and contributed to making our nation one to be admired.

Rant against homeless 

Why is it OK for a man, about 30 years old, to sleep, spread out his stuffs and live on a bench and get away with it ?

No work, no bills, living the dream?

More on an "epidemic of stupid"

In response to "an epidemic of stupid." Yes there is an epidemic of stupid, but not how you describe. First referring to vaccines it must be noted that these vaccines are not vaccines in the traditional sense. They do not contain a weakened or dead virus to create antibodies in the human immune system like a polio, measles or a flu shot. These are experimental RNA modification shots, and there have been many serious side effects including death associated with these injections. 

Secondly, I applaud the stance that Governor DeSantis has taken during the pandemic. It is not government's job to create an environment free of all risk, even if they could. It is government's job to protect the rights of the individual. People have a natural right to breathe the air freely without government mandates, and to an informed choice as to what or what not to put into their bodies.

The epidemic of stupidity is of those demanding that the rights of others and themselves be stripped away by government to create some risk free super safe environment. It is everyone's choice as to vaccinations or masks. If you are vaccinated, and if the vaccine is effective, the unvaccinated pose no risk except to themselves.

Are immigrants bringing in COVID?

The Covid 19 pandemic has been upsetting for everyone, especially those who lost loved ones.

We hear in the news about an increase in Covid cases over the last few months. Well,

migrants are allowed to enter the United States without being vetted or tested and are being bused to several southern states.

According to a news report on August 16, 2021, 80% of positive covid cases in McCallen, Texas were migrants. Who knows which states they go to once allowed in our southern borders. And people wonder why an increase in Covid 19. Recently we take the military out of Afghanistan before getting everyone out!! What is happening there is horrible. People need to stop complaining to one another on social media. Get on the phone, call your President, Senator, Congress Rep., Governor etc. Let your voice be heard where it matters. And more than anything spend more time praying for OUR country, YOUR country!!

If you read something on social media do your own research on legitimate websites. Remember, anyone can create a website.

Stay well and Safe... GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Depressing cable news

I live in a beautiful gated community where there are still folks suffering from depression over the presidential election.

I can help them to get over their depression , free of charge . Stop watching the fear, rage and hate cable station. Fox News is going to be the number one demise of this great country.

RE: "epidemic of stupid"

If "Epidemic of stupid" decides to respond to someone else's post, he should do so factually. His post was based on HIS opinion and NOT the SCIENCE that hopes to eradicate this pandemic. In most cases, it PREVENTS the person vaccinated from contracting the disease. In some cases, depending on each individual's health concerns and problems, it lessens the symptoms. Are some vaccinated individuals contracting the virus? Unfortunately, yes. The producers of the various vaccines state an efficacy rate of 90 to 95%. I decided that I liked the odds of being protected from this killer, I decided NOT to be STUPID!

Rave for the kindness of strangers

Yesterday at Home Depot I was blessed to see three men in action. While inside, I was trying to get plywood on to the cart, when out of the heavens appears a man who asked if I needed help loading and proceeded to load them for me. I told him he was an angel. Then, he went outside as I was getting ready to load the six pieces into my truck, two more angels appeared out of nowhere and loaded them up for me all the while continuing their conversations with each other.

Jan. 6 response

In response to the person who wrote a letter about the Jan, 6 assault on the Capitol.

Does he/she know what ANTIFA stands for? Look it up! And how do you know ANTIFA and BLM were there? And if they were, how do you know they were planted there?

And...with all due respect for our service men and women.

We give The Military Industrial Complex over 700 Billion a year, they were in Iraq/Afghanistan for 20 years and you know what happened. Well, with all their so called intelligence they did not know the Capitol might need some assistance on Jan. 6?


Overcharge for COVID test

On Aug. 31 I needed an X-ray and went to a clinic. While waiting in the exam room, I saw a note that read $120 for a COVID test.

I checked with the front desk and this is true and they do not bill your insurance company even if you have it. It is out of pocket. They will not bill the government.

This does not seem right at all.

On a whim I called Med Fast when I got home. They will bill you insurance company or the federal government if you do not have insurance.

So folks go to Med Fest.

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