Should we rename Brevard County?

I just read that someone wants to rename Brevard County to Space Coast County.

I am against it. It does not roll off the tongue, whereas Brevard County has a nice lilt to it.

Imagine the cost of everything to do with a name change. We should use those monies to help the needy causes we have such as homelessness, the hungry, kids at risk, and such. I do not think we need a big change like that in these already turbulent times. How about some stability? This is one woman’s humble opinion.


The endless mask debate

Masks: Helping or Hurting Us?Really look at people wearing masks. Can you fully read the expressions on their faces? Can you plainly hear what they are saying? Or, can you read their lips? Of course not! Those wearing masks look like their identities have been taken away--no expressions--only muffled speech. One aspect of the U. S. Constitution's First Amendment states that there shall be no law abridging, i.e., curtailing freedom of speech. Wearing masks does that. Masks curtail expression. They might be tolerable if they stopped the spread of Covid and its variants. However, one of my colleagues interviewed several Health Care Workers who wished not to be identified. They each said that the virus is so small that it can easily pass through masks--paper or cloth. One medical doctor specializing in Allergy said that the best way to prevent viral infections is frequent hand washing and keeping hands away from the face. Another medical doctor strongly favored prevention and treatment using Hydroxychloraquine,, Ivermectin, and Monoclonal Antibodies in combination with vitamin regimens as superior to vaccines. Many doctors believe that natural antibodies resulting from contracting Covid and recuperating are superior to vaccine immunity. Some people have worn masks and contracted Covid anyway. These facts should be considered in making decisions for keeping ourselves and our families safe. We have precautions and treatments available to us, but we have lost freedoms. We must protect our rights before we lose them.

Issues in Cocoa Beach

By the time this is published, Cocoa Beach city commission will now have passed a 7.4% property tax increase without any stated justification lead by Mayor Malik who disrespectfully appeared to spend the entire budget hearing on his cell phone. Commissioner Ed Martinez who generally supports his buddy now calls into city meetings as opposed to attending in person.

On Ed’s Face Book page he shows that he no longer lives in Cocoa Beach and moved to Tampa months ago. Why is this fraud on the public allowed? Cocoa Beach should really wake up.

RE: Solicitors becoming a pain

I completely agree with "Solicitors becoming a pain".

It couldn't have been said any better!

Raving the Hometown News

I would like to thank the Hometown News for their free newspaper each Thursday.

I find the most refreshing characteristic is the lack of “negative reporting”. It seems that most of the news media, and that encompasses all forms of media, are of the belief that only articles’ of a negative nature sell papers and will perhaps gain them notoriety and perhaps a “Pulitzer” for distinguished reporting. The only negative articles I find are in the “Rants and Raves” and express the anxiety of some readers as opposed to the newspaper.

I look forward to Thursday mornings with coffee and a community paper which celebrates the “good” side of society and does not go out of its way to incite unrest with yellow journalism. If this was a “daily” paper, I would subscribe in a heartbeat. Thank you for demonstrating respect for your vocation, integrity of reporting, and support of your communities.

A house divided

"A house divided against itself, cannot stand." - Abraham Lincoln, 1858

In these tumultuous political times, Abraham Lincoln’s immortal words ring true. As such, a “national divorce” may be something we should consider.

Dividing our nation into multiple countries is not a new concept. Yes, we even fought a war over this issue. And now be a good time to start discussing the possibility of actually breaking up the Union again, but this time, without bloodshed.

We as a citizens, agree on very little today. Perhaps in no other time since the civil war has there been such disparity between peoples in America. Marriages fail when two people cannot see “eye to eye,” and so too may our nation.

The concept of “middle ground” no longer exists today. It is a “winner take all” philosophy, not only in Washington, but in our every day lives. Consider these issues and ask yourself: “Am I willing to accept common ground?”:

Abortion. Discrimination. Gay marriage. Education. Immigration. Wealth Disparity. Taxes. Health care. Elections. Entitlements. Law enforcement. Just to name a few.

Thomas Jefferson thought that every generation should have a new constitution. And gave thought to our own constitution expiring every 19 years. Maybe he was correct because as a nation, we will never the see Constitution amended again: in order to amend the constitution, we, the people, need Congress to propose an amendment with a 2/3’s majority; or we need 2/3’s of the state legislatures to propose an amendment. And then, and only then, will the amendment be ratified if 75% of the states agree.

So we need to ask ourselves: is it time to go our separate ways?

Re: The other side

Thank you for speaking up about the negative effects of the vaccine on yourself. I agree-- the vaccine is totally untested in the long run and many people are suffering detrimental effects from it.

But mandating masks won't solve any problems. For one, there are people (like me) who refuse to wear masks. It goes against their conscience, or their religious beliefs, or their health beliefs, or whatever other reason they have. And secondly, it is scientifically proven that a mask does nothing to stop the virus and actually can harm you in more ways than one. The holes in your mask are actually about three times larger than a virus particle, meaning your mask stops few, if any, particles.

What would happen if we all stopped wearing masks and getting vaccines to stop a virus far less serious than the flu, with a survival rate of over 98%? Probably nothing. And then we could get on with our normal lives without this mentality of fear hanging over us, without people trying to tell us what is best for our bodies.

In regard to "the other side"

In regard to “The other side”, the notion that the vaccinated have mutated red blood cells came from a dubious German video widely panned as misinformation.

Also the latest data available (for past two years) shows that nearly twice as many people, on average, died per month from COVID-19 than died from flu.

Please people, get out of your ‘fox holes’ and do some real research from multiple sources rather than just continue the spread of misinformation, it’s both embarrassing and dangerous.

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