A plea to commonality

This isn't so much a rant or rave as much as it is a plea.

It seems to me that we have so much more in common with each other then those constant divisions would have us believe. We all inherited the best governing system in the world from our Founding Fathers. Since then many of our ancestors gave their lives to defend that system and pass it down to the next generation.

It is our turn now to recognize the importance of holding that fragile system together for our children and grand children in spite of any of our perceived differences.

Brevard is not big city

We came to Brevard County in the early 1960s. Wickham was a dirt and shell road. Brevard was out in the country. We worked at the Cape and learned to drive around the alligators and snakes on the roads. It was never meant to be like New York in this area.

Lately I hear how folks moving here don't like the restaurants, shopping or water because it is not like where they came from. We love it here! It hurts those of us who have become a part of Florida to hear your voices.

I have been to New York. It is not a place I would want to live. If you want to remain in Florida, learn to adjust and not try to change everything. It was a nice lovely quiet town with the Atlantic Ocean only a short drive away. If you look as it that way, maybe you will understand why we love it here. Relax and enjoy what there is to offer.

You can't bring New York or New Jersey here.

Let's define socialism

30-40 years ago, I was taught to hate people I didn't even know; to call for the death or annihilation of men, women, and children called "communists" or "Marxists" or "socialists."

Fast forward to now, and the following truths have been made a little clearer to me: 1) I've been lied to; 2) A true communist has nothing in common with a Marxist (or socialist); and 3) both communists and capitalists hate socialists.

Why do both communists and capitalists hate socialists? The direction of power: In both communism and capitalism, the direction comes from the few at the top to direct the activity of many at the bottom; in socialism, the direction comes from the many at the bottom to direct the activity of the few at the top. In other words, in both communism and capitalism, the plant manager hires and fires the workers; while in socialism, the workers hire and fire the plant manager(s).

Next time: Capitalism's' promise to bring the masses out of poverty and into liberty, equality, and fraternity from slavery, feudalism, and serfdom.

Vaccine/masks mandates protects me

I don't give a flying fish about anyone not protecting themselves against COVID, they'll be gone soon enough. What I care about is, those who won't protect themselves allow the virus to mutate and perpetuate killing hundreds of thousands because of their stupidity.

Any vaccine/mask mandate helps stop the virus spread just as the mandatory smallpox vaccine has virtually eliminated that virus and saved millions.

I wish there was a mandatory vaccine/mask against stupid.

Tell me I’m not alone...

If you live in Palm Bay, you know where Palm Bay West shopping center and Winn Dixie Plaza on Malabar Road is.

This is a “rant” that’s long overdue due. Why do people feel that it’s OK to park at the curb of the stores where it clearly says no parking? It is constantly congested driving into plaza. Not only do they park and wait for another to run in, but some leave vehicle empty to go shop - all ages of people, all who have no trouble walking.

It's very annoying for the ones that just want to go and park and can’t get around these vehicles. It's very inconsiderate and unsafe.

Please tell me I’m not alone about this. If tickets were being given, this would stop. Why?

I would like to send a big thank you to those who responded to "Learn History or be doomed" in defense of this great nation.

I agree that our history is not spotless but we have tried to correct the wrongs we have done. The Socialists and Marxists agenda is to destroy America. Read online "The Communist Agenda for America". This was written in the fifties, but you can check off each of their goals and you will see for yourself that they have accomplished almost everyone of them, from tearing down the family, to "dumbing down" our children and turning ethnic groups against each other. It has been years in the planning but has now arrived. The "learn history" writer has obviously bought into this mindset. If this country is so bad, why is everyone wanting to come here?

If Socialism/Communism works so well, why are so many people from these countries risking their lives to come here?

RE: "The endless mask debate" & "The other side"

I try not to insult anyone’s opinions but some times they are so off the wall that it is impossible not to respond.

The reader that wrote against masks stated a medical doctor suggested Hydroxychloraquine instead of masks for COVID prevention. Hydroxychloraquine, really? If you google about a belief that the earth is flat you will get hits, including from some who claim to be doctors. If you line up 1000 doctors and ask them what is a better COVID prevention, masks or Hydroxychloraquine, what do you think the results will be? But you saw this from a “doctor” so it must be fact.

Another reader wrote against masks and vaccines and said that COVID particles were so tiny that a mask will not stop them and masks do more harm than good. Another proven fact (sic). COVID particles do not have wings or wear jet packs and travel via tiny water droplets in the atmosphere - water droplets which do not penetrate masks, but he/she states their theory is scientifically proven. This person also states the best way to overcome this virus is to not get vaccines, not wear masks and live normal lives.

I can not believe that people still think this way and sometimes believe it is the same person writing these letters week after week. The only advice I can give to people like this is to be very careful when they travel anywhere so they don’t go too far and fall off the edge of the Earth.

RE: "A House divided"

To the ranter that talked about the U.S.A breaking up and us "...going our separate ways..." Please, Please, Please! Pack your bags, sell all of your property, and get the heck out of my country the United States of America.

We don't need you, we don't want you, and we never want to associate with you ever again. You are a sunshine patriot and a fair-weather friend - go and leave the United States and don't ever, ever, ever come back here again!

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