The straw that broke the camels' back

I've been a Spectrum/Bright House customer for years but NO longer.

A Spectrum representative advised me on how I could reduce my monthly invoicing. The only thing I had to do was replace the cisco boxes for Apple TV boxes. I was told that the Apple box was easy to install. Not true, I requested a technician come and set them up. The technician told me they would not work on my TVs. I attempted to return them however I could not. The reason being I removed the shrink wrap on each box. I was advised of a disclaimer stating if the shrink wrap was removed the product couldn't be returned. This disclaimer was on a separate sheet not on each box. I only removed one from the box. Bad move on my part, I removed the shrink wrap only to set things up for the technician. It's hard for me to accept this disclaimer however the worse is yet to come. The one I completely removed from the box couldn't be returned. I stated, how could I know it didn't work if I didn't take it out of the box. I was still told I couldn't return it. That means if only one box was purchased, it's too bad if it doesn't work. I have to be missing any logic

What happened, Spectrum made a deal with Apple and neither one cares. You own the product, not Spectrum nor Apple. Both don't care, I'm nobody! I'm out $720 (4X$180) and Spectrum and Apple don't care. I'm a senior and this hurts financially.

In response to a recent post, 'Rethinking Rants', I'm going to start with a rave.

Shout-out to Keeping Brevard Beautiful and all those who participate in taking their time to go out and clean the streets and beaches of trash that others have left behind. I recently joined this group after walking in my neighborhood brought to my attention all the garbage that people just toss out of their vehicles, and I'm proud to do my part, even though if everyone just did their part and didn't treat the earth like it's a giant trash can/ashtray, we wouldn't need people to go out and clean up after others. While doing clean-ups in my area, I've noticed that the school bus stop at Port Malabar and Cranbrook Ave. is repeatedly used as a trash and cigarette disposal area. One spot, in particular, is that I continually pick up juice boxes, water and drink bottles, snack wrappers, etc. It's so sad that parents are teaching their children that this is o.k. You have trash cans at home, why not just carry whatever trash you have in your vehicle with you and throw it away when you get home? They obviously sit in their cars and smoke while waiting for the bus, and guess where the cigarette butts are tossed? Have some respect for the earth, and for yourself. Stop littering, and please, please, teach your children better than that. What kind of world are you leaving for them, and their children, if it's o.k. to keep throwing trash wherever you please? Who do you think is supposed to come behind you and clean up your mess? It certainly isn't me, but I'll step up and do it because I don't want to keep looking at the mess, and I do care about the world being left for future generations.

Rave for local pluming company

I would like to extend a kudos/rave to the Meeks Plumbing in Vero Beach employees for the exceptional service and going above and beyond. First off to service plumber Terry for being courteous, professional and taking the time explaining everything to someone who is clueless when it comes to plumbing. Your expertise was beyond appreciated. Next up, the women in the office for making everything happen, Trish, Ashley and Natalie I appreciate all your assistance and professionalism as well.

I highly recommend Meeks Plumbing especially when converting from well to city water.

The other side

My wife has a blood clotting disease and cannot get the vaccine. I got the vaccine in March and spent three days in the hospital with hives and abdominal pain.

When red blood cells from vaccinated people are compared to the unvaccinated, there is a major difference. The vaccinated have mutated red blood cells. What will this mean in the long run after multiple shots and boosters? More people still die from the flu than from COVID. Mandatory mask wearing would solve the virus problem.

We have that for seat belts. Why not for masks?

Re: proper driving etiquette

In response to the question last week regarding why people choose to stop 2-3 car lengths behind the car behind them, at a red light.

There’s a simple answer to this. A little space between cars can minimize you from having not only a rear end collision, but also a front end collision. On a daily basis, notice the amount of fender benders that occur in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Rockledge, etc, it feels that people are driving as if they are on the bumper cars ride at the carnival.

With so many distracted drivers (on their phones), there is an increased likelihood of being rear ended at red lights. By allowing 2-3 car lengths behind the car in front of you, it will eliminate the chance of hitting the car in front of you, in the case of you being rear ended.

Vaccines role in local business

The part-owner of of a local restaurant says his God says NO to the COVID vaccine. His God is apparently OK with selling booze, divorce & driving with a suspended license, according to public records, interviews & pictures. I’d say just another hypocrite.

Good to know their policy regarding the safety of others.

Local car fanatics

All us car enthusiast and car club members love the information and photos of the various car shows. We would like to see the information on future shows in advance so we can plan to attend. Maybe more photos?

I enjoy Hometown News! Keep up the good work!

RE: Rethinking rants

Oh wow, you think just because people don't think like you, you want this section to be changed to satisfy you and the way you see this world?

You say you are not going to read it and put it in your trash. I have a suggestion for you, go buy yourself trash can liners and leave this free local paper for someone that will love to read it.

I like this Rants and Raves section just the way it is. Just because I don't agree with someone's view on things does not mean I am going to hate the paper and not read it anymore. I for one, would like to thank the wonderful people that work hard to publish this free paper so we can get info on what is going on in our communities.

Catch and Release?

I was concerned when I saw the picture of the person showing off the catch of a bull shark in last week's "Nice Catch".

Last I checked, I don't think bull sharks are edible. If something isn't edible then take a picture and release it back to the wild. Sharks are important to the overall ecosystem. The picture didn't really look like the shark was alive; I hope it was and that it was released. If it was killed, then I think that's not sportsmanlike at a minimum.

Shameful at the worst.

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