Over-trimming palms hinders them

I never understood the complaints about “palm scalping” (“crepe murder” – yes) – then I moved beachside.

It seems whenever there is the slightest hint of a storm heading toward us, the tree service folks are out all over the place, and yards are full of piles of perfectly good, green palms fronds. The trees themselves end up looking like punk rockers, or the Muppet “Beaker”.

People seem to have forgotten their elementary school science: plants (i.e. palm trees) feed themselves through photosynthesis, which means they use sunlight and chlorophyll (the green stuff) to produce the energy the plants need to live. But you’ve just put them on an involuntary diet! Not only is the tree injured (from half their parts being cut off), they’ve had their main source of nutrition greatly reduced – and now they’re more susceptible to insects, disease, and further damage.

We’re having a record-breaking hurricane season. TV footage from all the affected areas shows full palm trees blowing in the wind – but still standing. It’s what they’re designed for.

So please think twice before you call for your palm trees to be “trimmed”. Thank you.

Kiddos to Satellite Beach polls

I wish to express my appreciation for the poll workers. It was so professionally handled this year. During a serious pandemic, those workers were putting their own health on the line as they registered us, let us vote and sanitized the booths where we voted after we had used them.

I couldn't be prouder of how all those responsible for handling this year's important election took their responsibility so seriously to give us a fair election. Kiddos to all involved!

Re: Thank God the election is over

The writer stated that God puts people in charge of governments of the world. So God put Kim Jong-un of North Korea Fidel Castro in Cuba, Vladimir Putin in Russia, Bashar al-Assad in Syria and Xi Jinping in China? All who are enemies of this country.

So I find it hard to believe that God would put people like this charge to run their governments. The writer stated that we had been given the right to vote. With voter suppression running rampant in many states. That shows that we did not have a clear given right to vote. So writer need to take God out of statement, because it is not true!

Driving with a suspended license is frequent

I enjoy reading the Crime Report and Rants and Raves. In the Crime Report, there appears to be a recurring theme, namely, “driving with suspended or revoked license, 2nd or 3rd offense”. Is this revolving door justice? Let’s face it. If someone in this category really needs or wants to drive they’ll gamble and take the chance of not being caught. The attitude here is, “what’re they going to do to me?”.

In recent Rants, I agree with reported bad driving habits. Remember when we were taught that driving is a privilege, not a right? Possession of a license is supposed to mean that the State says you are qualified to proficiently and safely operate a 3000 lb. killing machine. All the schooling in the world is useless if you don’t apply what you learn.

Finally, I compliment Hometown News on your reporting. It doesn’t seem to be slanted or biased. Other printed media should follow your example.

Don't lax on COVID guidelines

I had a disturbing observation at a hotel over the weekend. On Saturday evening, Nov 14, I saw a group of 30 or more people having a party in the lobby area. Most of them appeared to be teenage girls but there were several adults there also.

They were sitting close to each other and standing together talking and laughing. I didn't see any of them wearing masks! I asked the desk clerk who they were and she thought perhaps they were members of an athletic group, maybe softball, and appeared to be celebrating.

Given the current increasing spread of the virus, I thought it very poor judgment by the organizers to have a party with no mask protection encouraged. The clerk also admitted that, even though they have a policy of mask use, they chose not to pursue the policy when they received resistance from the group. If you had a family member attend this event, ask why they didn't wear a mask.

Post office woes

Some attorney should do a national class action lawsuit against the United States Postal Service.

For example, we have a little post office where the only service we get is the mail delivered to our PO Box and window service. For a tiny 2" x 4" PO Box they charge $184.00 a year! That can't be justified. Especially considering that if your PO Box gets too full too often- they force you to pay for a BIGGER one! I don't need a bigger box and this one is too expensive as it is!

It's the Postal SERVICE who is selling out P.O. Box # information to companies So that our box gets full of junk mail and flyers.

They make money selling my information and we are forced to pay for a bigger P.O. Box. The small box is perfectly good for the mail that I do personally receive and unjustified for the cost.

$184 for a 2"x4" box!? We don't live in Los Angeles or Manhattan. We live in Port Salerno. Exactly how much money do they think we in a community like this, have? They are taking advantage of us and someone should do something about it. I'm limited. I can't. I hope you or someone you know can.

Let’s have an audit

When the Florida Lottery was voted on more than 25 years ago, the people of Florida were told that the money would be used to enhance the education system.

Since then, the schools have been complaining about being under budget, causing school closures and teachers being fired.

We, the residents, should have a public auditing on how the lottery money is being used, where it is going and why is it not going helping the school system.

Tiny dates and selling expired goods

I have what I hope will be a small rant.

All of our food items, in the United States, anyway, are supposed to be marked with an expiration date.

And that expiration date is printed in such tiny print that those of us, who are aging and having to wear glasses, and looking at the ingredients, and whether if it is from the U.S.A. and whether it has so much salt in it and so much sugar, because we might have diabetes.

I am looking at the expiration date, and it is not always consistent where it is on the package. Sometimes, it is under a dark, black color that you need a magnifying glass to see. Other times, it’s on the top of the package and in tiny print.

God bless us, who are losing our sight.

As trickery would have it, I don’t like to think that a drug store would do this on purpose, but a nutritional shake that is recommended by my doctor was on sale recently; and, as I was purchasing it and checking the dates, half of about what I was about to put in my shopping basket was outdated or sale-dated by many months.

I brought this to the attention of one of the store’s clerks. I hope they didn’t just dismiss me and put it back on the shelf, thinking somebody else might not look.

Crazy driving around town

I was driving this morning, when I saw a car get right on a person’s bumper in front of me.

Then, the driver went right into the left lane, passing the car that was doing the speed limit. He passed him like he was standing still; and, then, I saw him give the person he passed the finger.

Where are the police when these drivers feel they can speed and drive recklessly?

The driver was doing right in his driving. He was doing the speed limit and was in the right lane. I was two cars behind him before the driver did what he did.

I really believe that we need more police cars out on the road, watching out for these people, who speed and do this type of thing.

I-95 goes north, as well as south

First of all, I'm a Florida native, which, I'm painfully aware, is an endangered species.

This rant column is mostly a good thing, but when I see the recurring bitter and ugly tone of many, who are from other places, it gets old.

I'm all for hearing the opinions of others, to include the many appearing in this column, whom I disagree with. I served this nation for more than 20 years to help ensure that right.

However, please keep the snarky and often ill-informed comments, about Southern ways being "behind" and inferior to other parts of the country, out of your comments.

We don't need or want to hear your biased opinions about where you come from and how much better everything is done there. We didn't ask you to move here; and if that is your attitude, you are not welcome.

I can only assume that you are here because wherever you come from has taxed you away, and you live here to take advantage of the lower taxes and cost of living, as well as the winters that don't keep you indoors for six months of the year.

If those aren't the reasons, then there must have been something that you found attractive enough to leave the nirvana from whence you came.

If those reasons no longer exist for you, please do everyone, including yourself, a favor and return to that place that makes you happy. Life is too short to be miserable.

Those of us, both native and transplanted, who appreciate and love the fact that we get to live in paradise while pursuing happiness, will not miss hearing how wonderful it is where you come from; and everyone, including you, will be happier.

Please remember that I-95 goes north, as well as south.

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