Cars on sidewalks also a burden

My husband was a bike rider until a health issue caused him to stop. He agrees wholeheartedly that both bikers and walkers should share the sidewalk.

The sidewalk is a municipal property and owned from the municipality. He also has a valid concern for cars that are parked on sidewalks. He remembers trying to ride by a car that was on a sidewalk and it was very difficult. He would get on the grass and try not to upset it. I also have an issue with cars on sidewalks when I'm walking or pushing a stroller.

The municipality, I'm sure, has a ordinance against cars being parked on sidewalks. Cars parking either on or partial on sidewalks are a hazard.

Texting and driving needs steeper fines

I am glad that the Florida legislator is finally doing something to discourage texting and driving. However, a $30 fine for the first offense is a joke. I doubt this will discourage anyone from texting and driving.

However, in my opinion, a suspended license for a month for the first offense, three months for the second, will. When I was learned to drive, I was told that if you take your eyes off the road for even two seconds you can have an accident.

If you get an important text message, simply pull the car over. If the people who text and drive don't care about themselves that's fine, but please don't take myself or my family with you.

RE: Christianity and women's rights

I would like to make a comment about the submission titled: "Christianity and women's rights".

My comment is one word: Amen.

This person makes the claim that there in no scientific evidence that the God of the Bible ever existed and that Christianity has never helped women further their independence and instead done terrible things to them over thousands of years.

First, contrary to popular opinion, modern science has not ruled out the existence of the God of scripture. To the contrary the evidence makes it more and more clear that we are here as a result of God's special creation rather than by some chance. The Bible itself contains nothing scientifically absurd but actually anticipates some of the discoveries of modern science. The truths about God and His creation that are revealed in scripture can still stand up to the most rigorous scientific questioning. No need to be ignorant about this.

Second, Christianity recognizes the value of women, because women are made in God’s image and likeness as well as men. A Biblical worldview acknowledges we must speak out against injustices concerning women. And certainly there have been injustices down through the years, shamefully in the name of Christianity by some, even though a proper understanding of Christian scripture would not support such treatment. However, apart from an accurate Biblical understanding, although sincere, may lead to chaos and hostility between both male and female.

Where are the ducks?

Is someone running a special on roast duckling, duck on the barbie or duck salad?

There used to be over 200 ducks at the park, now you do well if you count 15. Every week you could see a new bunch of babies running with their mother, now you never see any new babies at all.

Even the seven white king ducks that were there and one we called "Broken Beak" are not there.

Ducks are nasty and dirty, but you can at least feed them by hand or walk with them. I'm just wondering what happened to them.

Florida driver's are the worst

Although we are transplants from up north for three years now, we have lived all over these U.S. and have to say: Florida has the world's worse drivers.

What's the matter with you people? You sit at green lights, that have turned from red, and sit, and sit and daydream. All the cars behind you who are patiently waiting for you to move the turn, are getting upset that you are so inconsiderate. What do you do, fall asleep while waiting for the light to change? Is it so much effort to keep an eye on the red arrow and wait for your turn to move, not just sit there? Then, when you finally move, they only to let two or three cars behind you get through the light. The rest of us have to wait for the light to cycle again.

Aside from the fact there are so many more drivers here this time of year, due to all the snow birds, we full time residents are being punished for this. Why not pay attention to what is going on? Is it such an effort?

This is not the only problem here. Some drivers cut in lanes in front of other people, nearly causing wrecks and act as nothing is wrong. Perhaps they all need to go to a refresher course in driving before being permitted to drive on Florida roads.

Poor service at auto repair shop

I had my car serviced at a so called full service oil change facility on the Treasure Coast.

What a joke! Being a disabled, retired mechanic, I closely watched as the work was performed on my vehicle. While the oil was changed, my tires were not checked nor were my fluids checked and topped off.

Upon notifying the manager that I was not satisfied being charged $46 for poor service, she insisted the work was done and even presented me a printed sheet that reflected the services we're done yet they were not.

As I sat in my car I became more dismayed at the poor service. If folks don't want to be ripped off and receive poor service on your vehicle, I would suggest you stay miles away from this short cut facility.

They will no longer receive my business, that decision comes after two years of patronizing this facility.

Pets are a responsibility, not novelty

I am truly disappointed with all of these lost animal posts that I come across everyday on social media. I find it hard to believe that a "caring" pet owner would lose their dog this frequently.

Sure, accidents happen and dogs can get out once in awhile but with the amount of dogs out there I don't think this is the case. With people struggling to pay their bills maybe they can't afford to feed their animals so they just let them go which is very heartbreaking to me. If you're not going to commit to a pet for their lifetime then why bother getting them in the first place? You hear them say "I'm moving and I can't take them", or my child is allergic; excuses, excuses. The fact is the puppy has grown up and it's no longer a novelty.

Do us all a favor and don't get a pet if you're not in it or the long haul.

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