Family values?

The breakdown of family values and morals are not due to same-sex marriage. It has to do with the divorce rate, domestic abuse, pedophile priests, violent video games and lack of parental controls, to list a few.

Stop trying to blame same-sex marriage for all the issues that have been building up for the last two decades, long before same-sex marriage came to the forefront.

Same-sex couples and heterosexual couples are not perfect; so, instead of sitting around ranting, you and your Christian community should get up and be part of the solution to the problems.

Remember, opioids can help too

Popular opinion is that opioids are "bad" drugs. I've been on Tramadol, intermittently, for many years. I've had eight major, and painful, operations. Thank God for Tramadol.

I lost my health insurance that paid for my $4,000 per month biologic, months ago. Tramadol's the only med that allows me to function. It also has an anti-depressant effect, which keeps me off those drugs.

Please remember - walk a mile in my shoes. If you don't need opioids, be grateful, but don't criticize those who do. Until you've experienced pain so bad you pray for death, don't judge.

Yes, misuse is bad, but opioids are not.

The impatience of tailgating

Recently, I was driving southbound, at 40 plus mph, with someone about 10 feet behind me who apparently was trying to kiss my butt while I was driving.

I was about a block away from a store I was going to enter, so I took my foot off the gas pedal, and simultaneously put on my right turn signal indicating that I was going to make a turn. To the nitwit behind me, when a car in front of you puts on their turn signal, it means they are going to make a turn and invariably slow down.

You should either slow down also, or pass them by in the other lane. It is not my practice to enter a store parking lot at 40 mph, maybe 10 or so. You had to blast your horn while still staying behind me. I hope I did not make you late for your drug buy.

Pets in danger on black asphalt

This is a bit of a rant, but mainly a warning to dog owners/walkers by the beach.

It saddens and worries me to see that the bike path that has been on these roads for many years, where many people bike, run, walk and walk their dogs, has been nicely repaved about a year ago, I think, by city/county.

I don't know who exactly, but by putting down black asphalt, our dear pets are in great danger if walked almost any time during the summer. Their poor little paws will be burned, and they often don't let you know they are hurting.

What were you thinking? Whoever ordered this? There is no other place to walk now on these two streets. Please don't do this on the Stewart Road Trail!

No party is above criticism

You just have to shake your head when listening to some politicians.

Speaker Pelosi doesn't want illegals sent to her state (a sanctuary state) yet doesn't support border control. No wonder she doesn't want them sent to San Francisco. The city is a mess, used needles are all over, addicts shooting up in public, feces and urine on sidewalks. It has to be cleaned up regularly, what a tourist location. Bernie Sanders wants felons in prison to vote because of their constitutional rights. I believe in felons voting once released, but based on type of crime. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren preach socialism, but both are millionaires. Thank God for capitalism. Hillary Clinton has voiced her opinion on the Muller report. How about the actions she is getting away with from the past election. Don't forget lack of support during the 2012 Benghazi attack.

I can't believe that the Democratic Party (and others) can't agree on one positive action of President Trump.

I believe these massive caravans moves on our border are do to the lack of politicians support of our President. What is a better time to move on our border?

Why let illegals in and receive benefits and not address problems of our Country likes the homeless?

I have always been a independent voter.

We rely on the Postal Service

There are still some of us elders out there who do not have access to email, don't know how to use email even if we had it.

So, our main sources of communication, as well as the ability, and hopefully we will have it, the Postal Service.

Thank you, and keep that in mind that there are some people who are young and elders, like myself, who do not know how to do an email thing.

Turn signals

Of course, everyone who has driven has noticed the 50-60 percent of the inconsiderate drivers who are too lazy and uncaring to use turn signals.

If I was in law enforcement, I'd give everyone I saw not use a turn signal a ticket.

However, that's all an officer would do all day.

I'd come in on my days off and work eight-to-10 hours a day unpaid; and everyone I saw not using their turn signals would get a ticket.

Sprinkling rules?

Have lawn sprinkling rules been changed? Lawns are being watered any day, every day. I just think the public should have updates.


Why do dog owners think that it’s so darn cute to take an animal into the supermarket? I don’t care if it’s tiny and fits in your bag. It’s a darn dog that can use the bathroom at any moment!

Unattended kids

I’ve taken the time to visit some local parks. Some have fountains and splash pads and some just have slides and swings... but you know what they all have in common? Unattended kids. Please, parents, a slide is not a babysitter. Do a better job.

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