Don't discard your usable items

I've lived and worked here for the last 15 years, now retired however I work part time for a nonprofit organization. This organization raises money by selling items in a thrift store to support a specific cause. My complaint is that I can't believe how many people in our county throw usable things / items away instead of donating them to help others.

I seriously would like your support to create a slogan in our county - "Consider donating before discarding" or "Who could I help if only I donated"? Let's make the Treasure Coast the area of caring communities to help those in need.

On Florida drivers

Living in Florida means instead of complaining of how fast 16 year old drive we complain of how slow 96 year old drive. Conversations in restaurants or breakfast shops have had the proprietors install a bingo game for the patrons. Seniors are old and often very hard of hearing, so they talk loudly. Your card will have the key words: knee replacement, hip replacement, cataracts, hearing aids, (and why they are a waste of time), golf, grand children, lack of grand children, wills, lawyers, lizards, snake and alligators, sea shells and of course, dogs! Go to places like TooJays Deli, Panera and Olive Garden, and you can score Bingo before the waitress has returned with your drinks and had taken your order. The 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. breakfast and lunch shops, will spice up their cards with resorts like Disney and Universal or rides and characters, You'll generally get more Bingo's on a Monday or Tuesday after the monthly holiday. Since quite a few customers are regulars, they have their own laminated cards they keep in their purse. So when you go out for breakfast, don't forget your card! Love Florida retirement.

A word of thanks!

My husband, a veteran of the Korean War, myself and daughter were having dinner at Duffy's on US 1, Stuart.  Because my husband wears his US Air Force cap everywhere we go he often is thanked for his service.

This night he was thanked by an anonymous good Samaritan who paid our dinner bill. 

If you are reading this, we thank you for your thoughtfulness in recognizing my husband and hope that we can pay it forward in some way.

Not all behind a Florida tag are Floridians

In response to the people who feel that south Florida has the worst and rudest drivers. Please keep in mind that because a car has Florida license plates that does NOT mean they are Floridians.  In fact, only 36 % of the population in Florida was actually born in Florida.  The rest are from other states and countries -  some of those drivers are just visiting - renting a car with Florida plates- and some live here part of the year - driving a car with Florida plates. So that means that these same people are probably traveling to the other states that you have visited and driven thru with their same bad driving. Sorry but bad and inconsiderate driving seems to be a universal phenomena and is is not isolated to south Florida alone. It is not kind to stereotype people and judge people that you have never met based on a moment in time. Would you like to be judged that way ?

Let us all do our best to be safe drivers - everywhere we go and treat others with compassion and respect. Try to make it a nice day for everyone. Be grateful for another day to try and get it right. Thank you for your patience.

Regarding the referendum…

The writer details shortcomings in our educational system which are obvious to most of us. The U.S. education system is currently ranked 15th in the world and the Dept. of Education continues to exist and support the fact that they are the only entity which is capable of developing a one-size-fits-all system for all areas of our country and in the best interests of our children. How is that working out? The classrooms are controlled (like most of our society) by PC. We saw the effectiveness of keeping a troubled student in the mainstream schools last year with the tragedy at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. Immediately after this occurred the local news stations mentioned the state program which was in place to keep children, known to have potentially dire conditions, in the mainstream. After a day or so the name of this program was never mentioned again. The level of actual education and learning be damned. We are graduating individuals that are not only unprepared for college but for life itself. Far too many simply are destined to be part of the entitlement system. If some students are slower than others it should be the responsibility of our system to turn the tide for those individuals and not put them into an environment which is simply overwhelming. The bottom line is education and not following the canned programs developed by individuals who often have no front line experience. Give the control of the classrooms back to the teachers. If a teacher even looks the wrong way at a student they fear for their job. “No child left behind” comes off the lips easily but is it what is best for future generations? Staying within the confines of a budget is simply never been part of government at any level – local state or federal. Correct and cost-effective decisions are usually only made when they are trying to position themselves for re-election. Many individuals who have children of school age can relate to the concerns raised in the author’s article. I lived in Miami when our son was school age. I sent him to a private school. This was not an easy financial decision for us but I would have scrubbed floors if it meant I wouldn’t have to send him into the public school system. Strangely enough he actually learned the three R’s in a great environment which was free of disruptive students and aberrant behavior.

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