Giving back

There are so many people and families out there who truly need this money to bridge the gap until they can go back to work. We are retired and fortunate not to require it. Our first thought was to return the money. But who knows if it would end up helping where needed, or be wasted again. So, understanding that our local small businesses may or may not receive the assistance they need to survive, we decided to have our trees trimmed; have our sprinkler system overhauled; have our house pressure washed; have scheduled maintenance on our car done early; and we have contracted to have a paver sidewalk installed around the side of our garage we have been talking about for years. So that is five small local businesses we have given work to in the last few weeks.

Yes, we would have probably had all of these things done over the next few months or years, and all of them were done outside where distancing could be observed, but it helped these small local businesses stay afloat now until things get better. We also set aside some money for when the restaurants open again.

Some of our favorite servers are going to get some great tips.

Thank you, Hometown News!

I am wanted to rave about your newspaper! I really look forward to every week and really appreciate all the people it takes to get it published and even my conciencious delivery person.

Everything is terrific, keep up the good work. I really appreciate it. Stay safe!

Here comes the love (bugs)

I was working out in the yard today and saw number of lovebugs – singles and joined.

With the decrease in traffic in these pandemic times, how are they going to be “controlled” if they aren’t being smashed on the front of 18-wheelers and other vehicles?

About mandatory masks

With Florida beginning Phase I, a response is required to the writer wanting masks mandatory in stores. Unfortunately he/she does not understand the effectiveness of masks. Masks do not replace the need for social distancing, and hand washing. At Publix yesterday at checkout the attendant came very close and asked if I wanted help unloading my cart, No! Her mask provided high protection for neither of us. The danger of masks is giving a false sense of confidence.

Coronavirus particles are 0.06 to 0.14 microns, that is very small. As a Ph.D. scientist the best mask protection is provided by N95 masks (now only for health care workers), 95% effective. Surgical masks don’t have the tight fit but still provide a good level of protection. Other masks commercial or handmade are less effective (10 to 60%). Effectiveness is determined by material, design, and fit. Such masks are not designed to block tiny particles. At Publix I saw masks not fully covering the nose or bulged out on the sides..

Nonmedical face coverings are only helpful against spreading the virus if we continue to take social distancing and hygiene seriously. If you have: fever, coughing, sneezing, please stay home.

RE: "Mask should be mandatory"

This is on the topic of people wearing masks in public. I hope this is just temporary, because it's not very attractive or bright to do that. I hope it doesn't last long and shouldn't be the new normal. I will never accept it as that.

Also, I was in Walmart and all the materials were gone. People are homemaking these masks and they're only 2% effective which they need to know.

The doctors haven't thought about deaf people that can't hear and can't tell what people are saying because they have their mouths covered. They need to stop this. It's gotta stop. The black masks need to be omitted, too, they look intimidating.

Dog beaches an unpleasant suprise

Our family spent a week, prior to COVID-19, at a local beach; a very nice area we have not been to in several years.

To our suprise, and disgust, every beach location we visted was subject to dogs and their owners allowing them to deficate whereever.

We were informed by many residents that complaints have been made. Why are the beaches becoming (are) dog privledged areas? It's not very pleasant.

Be careful of renting fully-furnished homes

This is the time of year Snowbirds go back up North and some will dubiously rent out their Florida home under the guise of "Fully Furnished." In fact, what they are doing is getting people to PAY for the "right" to babysit their home.

The reason I say "home" is because they declare the house as their homestead, their home. To RENT out a homestead is illegal, you say? Well yes, it is, so be very careful because you are dealing with underhanded criminals. Make sure that you video tape the home and have the homeowner walk around the house, and the grounds, pointing out any indiscretions. If there are far too many cheap & worn out objects in the house, have the homeowner state that in your video, too. If you see something you think should be pointed out but they refuse to, make sure you do it while you're filming.  I would also do a 2nd video (perhaps via another person, not you) the very first moment you take possession of the house and at the MOMENT you are opening the door.

If you don't do this, you will be sorry. There are people in this town who do this year after year and they use the money that they save by not fully paying taxes and by keeping people's deposits to supplement their carefree lifestyle- as though collecting unemployment weren't enough. Check to see if they have any lawsuits against them and don't take any of their explanations as the truth. They're criminals. They lie.

Know the Law, Stay Alive:

Some people complain that cars sneak up on them from behind when they walk or walk their dog. People need to know the law so this never happens. When you drive, you drive on the right. When you walk you walk on the left, facing traffic; that way you can see them coming because they are no longer "behind" you. This is very important law these days because the hybrid/electric cars make almost no noise!

While I'm at it, when you ride your bicycle in the street, you ride on the right with traffic. If you are going off the street and into the crosswalk with your bicycle, you walk your bicycle across the crosswalk, hence the name crossWALK. If you ride your bicycle in the crosswalk you are not only breaking the law, you are shooting out into oncoming cross traffic and will probably get hit. When driving, this has happened to me to many times to count, including with skateboarders. Good thing I have good reflexes when driving, but a lot of our senior citizens do not. Walk everything in the crosswalk. Know the law .....Stay alive. This may be nature's way of thinning out the ignorant people from the gene pool.

A message to dog owners

In response to "I don't know you're there" where the person  wants  drivers to beep their horn when they are behind the dog  being walked in the street. Why is anyone walking their dog in the street? Dog owners should keep their dogs on their own property. Streets are for cars and vehicles, not for dogs. Please, dog owners, respect the rights of others.

A house with gremlins?

A couple weeks ago I bought a new sander and then I found out I already had a perfectly good one and all I really needed was some sanding pads that went with it. I returned the new toy and used the old one a few times, but then I put it away. So yesterday I went to use it and low and behold I can't find it. I love Florida but I hate getting older, unless of course we have house gremlins hiding my stuff when I don't pay attention to when I actually put them away. So it's decided, I'm going with House Gremlins. I'm not accepting the old age theory. Gotta Love Retirement!

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