Re: Enough is Enough

Dear Editor, I would like to submit some additional information to the R&R entitled "When Will Enough Be Enough?" in the March 8, 2019 issue of Hometown News.

First, the writer mentions the cost of the Mueller Investigation to the taxpayers, which is a valid concern for all of us.  However, some vital information has been left out.  This investigation is on track to actually make a profit, which is unusual for these sorts of investigations, because assets seized and forfeited come to a total of at least twice the cost ($46 Million versus $25 million).  This information is available at several websites including Yahoo News, ABC News, Politifact and CNBC, but unfortunately NOT at Fox News.

Anther important point is that it is not the objective of these investigations to make a profit, but rather to bring to justice persons who have committed crimes against the United States; in this case many financial crimes which deprived the country of legitimate tax revenues and defrauded many banks, insurance companies, etc. In addition, many of these crimes were against our democratic institutions, including free and fair elections and the functioning and policies of agencies of our federal government.  If we as a people determine that these activities should not be crimes, we need to change the laws through our legislative process.

Lastly, in a historical perspective, previous special counsel investigations have cost much more, in particular those investigating the illegal sale of heavy weapons to Iran by the Reagan Administration, which cost about $50 million; and the unending horror of the Ken Starr investigation into the Clinton administration, which cost over $150 million, humiliated the US on the world stage, and produced nothing of substance.

As a footnote, the Mueller investigation so far has resulted in five people close to the President and his business organization pleading guilty (and beginning their jail sentences as we speak) and dozens more indicted for major crimes against the security of the United States, INCLUDING coordinating with the Russian Army and Russian civilians and government employees to affect the outcome of a US national election and to change the policies of the US government in FAVOR of Russia and its citizens and aligned states.  Is that enough?

As a concerned citizen, I would call it a bargain at twice the price. I eagerly await the 2020 election cycle but we must remain alert because, as a result of these illegal activities, there are persons in the government now who stand to benefit from further election fraud and who have taken no action to prevent a repeat of 2016 crimes, despite the oath of office they swore to which requires them to uphold the Constitution and to defend the US against ALL enemies Foreign and Domestic.

Regarding the Mueller investigation

The vast majority of the American people do not approve of Trump's presidency for many reasons, the least of which is not his pathological lying. Trump lies to us on a daily basis.  I don't know about you but if my kid lied to me as often as Trump lies to me I would have stopped believing a word he said long ago.  Beginning with "No collusion" really? No collusion? For starters, we know only a tiny bit of what Mueller has discovered, and just eight hours after Mr. Trump looked into the camera, during the presidential debate, and said: "Russia, if your listening, see if you can find the missing emails, our press will reward you mightily". Russians did just that. Days after his inauguration, Trump had Russians in the Oval Office, no US reporters were allowed in. only Russian reporters. soon thereafter, Trump traveled to Helsinki for a private meeting with Putin, no reporters allowed, nobody but an interpreter, whose notes Trump snatched, was allowed into their private little meeting a half a world away. Trump then dined with Comey, to get him to lay off Flynn, who has since been convicted, the Trump fires Comey and on TV, says about "the Russia thin". Then, on a world stage, Trump, in answering a reporter's question after his secret meeting with Putin, replied "Putin very powerfully denied hacking into our election, even though all 17 American intelligence agencies said Russia did, in fact, penetrate our election. Trump took Putin's word over all 17 American Intelligence Agencies, on a world stage! Add to that, most of the six convicted criminals in Trump's orbit had ties to Russia, Manafort, Trump's election campaign manager, is in prison right now, in part for lying about his connections to the Russians. It's no secret Trump, who couldn't get money from American banks due to all his bankruptcies, got his funding from the Russians and is most likely still indebted to them.  The Russians, in turn, need Trump to lift the sanctions the US placed on their country for penetrating and meddling in our elections.  It isn't that complicated. Let's let the special counsel finish the investigation and if in fact,  Trump is so innocent, we will breathe a sigh of relief and have to accept all of his campaign workers' ties with Russia were just a coincidence. Let us not forget Trump's organization is also under investigation in the Southern District of N.Y. where Trump has already been deemed an un-indited co-conspirator in crimes against the USA. Feel free to fact-check all of this. Enough will be enough when the investigations and indictments are all addressed and justice served. Witch hunt? By the time this over, I predict there will more witches coming out Trump's orbit than there were in Salem Mass. in the 1600s.

Regarding the school tax

Don’t increase the school tax. The average retired Joe on a fixed income like me would be hurt by adding an extra $175 or so onto my tax bill to give these part time public employees a raise. School safety is the red herring being used to shoulder teacher raises. Safety is one thing, but to tie 70% of this proposed safety tax increase to salary is underhanded to say the least. Enough is enough, time to vote no!

Addressing the Snow Bird rant

I could not go home without addressing the person who called the "Snow Birds" a plaque and curse.  Most of us are just hard working retired folks fortunate to be able to afford and escape the harsh winters and enjoy the sun in Fl.  We rent a beautiful ocean front condo from a local couple, happy to have us and continue to invite us back yearly.  Our relationship in our building has been nothing but great with other renters, as well as the owners.  We stay long enough to frequent {acclimate) local establishments, restaurant parking lots are always full.  Grocery stores are filled with shoppers,beauty shops have a waiting list.  Ask the realtors and merchants, they are all enjoying the good economy.  We don't hear them complaining.  They are more than happy to take our money.  Check out the local volunteer organizations .  You will find many people grateful  to have us as volunteers, as I do weekly.  You cannot condemn all of us for a few rude people you have met.  Are you always friendly and courteous?  Give us a break!!  You must have too much time on your hands, try volunteering.  Come and visit our beautiful state of Michigan, you will truly fall in love with our clean fresh waterways, and the incredible summer and fall weather  We would love to have you!!    Thanks to all our good friends on the Treasure Coast, we appreciate your sharing.

Signed, a retired Snow Bird

Driving is crazy

Lately driving back and forth to Physical therapy or my cousin's place to get it ready for selling, I've realized Florida drivers have no concept of speed limits. At any time on any given road you find people driving at 20 mph up to 65 mph, depending on their mood. While it's frustrating if your running late and the person in front of you has no idea where the gas petal is located, they instinctively know where the brake pedal is. So before you leave the house, you need 4 things, a bottle of water, a cup of coffee, (donut optional) a good book, and reading glasses, people are old here! Love Retirement!

Vote for schools!

The Florida lawmakers are gathering for their 60 day session and they are receiving guidance from Governor DeSantis. For too many years the state of Florida has operated education on the cheap. The legislators failed to appropriate enough money to give meaningful salary increases for teachers or instructional material for the students.

At least the voters in St. Lucie County have the opportunity to vote for money for the educational needs of St. Lucie County Schools. Regardless of what the state legislators do or do not do, the voters of St. Lucie County will do the right thing and approve the increase.

This will be the first county wide voter referendum conducted by mail. If approved, it will generate 22 million dollars and cost the owner of a $175,000 home an additional $168 per year. Some of this money will go towards raising the starting salary pay of St. Lucie County teachers which at the present time is several thousands of dollars lower than the surrounding counties. In addition, at the start of the school year St. Lucie County had 80 teacher vacancies!

The voters of St. Lucie County have the opportunity to do what the state legislators have failed to do over the years – put education first!

In response to 'No to tax hike'

I have worked for over 20 years in the school systems in different states.I really think you need a reality check when it comes to teachers and what they get paid for. I think you forgot that teachers do not get paid for any extra curricular activities. I think you forget about all the papers, tests and other quizzes that have to be graded. That is done at home or after school hours, with no pay. There are dances, proms, after school groups that meet, sporting events, There are PTA meetings, meet the teacher nights, report card meetings, conferences about your childrens well being, spelling bees, awards ceremonies etc. All of those are extra events that teachers do not get paid for. They hold fundraisers that are on weekends and weeknights that they do not get paid for. There are holiday concerts that all family enjoy that are non paid events, so for you to say that they only work half days or limited hours and comparing them to a regular job is ridiculous. You really need to open your eyes to the education that our children are getting. I praise the teachers these days for all their hard work and commitment. I believe they deserve more and I will be voting for a tax hike and any other salary increase they need to further their education.

About Daylight-saving

The voters in Florida unanimously approved retaining Eastern Daylight Time all year back in 2016. However before the measure can be implemented it must also go through the Federal approval process. To his credit, Senator Marco Rubio is trying to get it done. But as we all know, politicians and bureaucrats move at the speed of molasses going up hill in January.

In response to “Animal owners should be responsible"

I am a responsible Martin County animal owner. I have paid taxes in Martin County my whole adult life. I have two pets. I rescued both, paid a fee to do so, and pay for a county license for both. I’m a widow whose only income is social security. I keep by pets current on shots, feed them well, and might adopt more pets, who would be out of tax payers (that includes me) responsibility, if I could afford it. To further tax pet owners would only limit the number of pets getting rescued. The irresponsible would still not take their pets to the vet, not have them neutered and not pay for a license. Give an old responsible Floridian a break.

Author is spot on

The writer/author is spot on about Florida inheriting many people from different area with unusual driving talent.  I am a rare bird, born in central Florida.  A good majority of the local drivers here in Port St. Lucie are courteous and allow you access to the road in heavy traffic.  It's a dead give away when that "horn" is blowing when only a faint shade of green appears in the signal light....yep that's a New Yorker.  I love my state and all is welcome, but no need in being so anxious.

In response to Crazy Florida Driver

I suggest that if you are a winter resident, you come and check out the middle of summer. All those crazy Florida Drivers are being polite, and driving responsibly. Hmm. Maybe everyone you see on the road being careless and rude are not Floridians. Just having a Florida license plate does not make you a Floridian. I love snowbirds. And we do need them. But the truth is, I drive as little as possible until they  are all gone. I let you have the beaches, best parking places, downtown, and stores and wait for summer.

It isn't about biorhythms

To the rant with the messed up isn’t daylight saving time that messes with your biorhythms.... it’s the changing of the clocks that may do it temporarily. Most people like daylight saving time because it makes a lot of sense.  You need to get your facts straight and your biorhythms checked out.

Re: “This is no witch-hunt”

Yes, people do need to get their facts straight! Whomever was indicted thru this masquerade, had absolutely 100 percent NOTHING to do with Russia. NOTHING. I understand there are those who prefer to stay comfortable with the blue pill. However, “her” whom you refer to, the one who was first lady back in the ‘90’s, is as shrewd as they come. Be patient. It will all come out. All of it. Perhaps there will still be those who  prefer to remain asleep. Stay tuned.

I don't have kids so I don't want to pay for them

I am appalled at the tax dollars my husband and I have to pay for education ( three school taxes and Children’s Service Council tax). We purposely chose not to have kids. Those with kids should pay these taxes and the more kids you have the more you should pay.  Why should we be penalized? Florida has one of the worse school systems in the country. Again, the parents should be responsible for paying these taxes.

E-cigarettes are targeting youth

The U.S. Surgeon General has declared youth e-cigarette use an epidemic, increasing a staggering 78 percent among high school students from 2017 to 2018. E-cigarettes are the most commonly used tobacco product among youth. 27 percent of high school students use at least one tobacco product, setting them up for a lifetime of addiction.

Major reasons for this new epidemic among our youth include the rise of e-cigarettes that look like USB flash drives and are easy to hide, such as JUUL, and the wide variety of e-cigarette flavors.

E-cigarettes are unregulated tobacco products and almost all e-cigarettes include nicotine, as well as chemicals and toxins which are unsafe to inhale. The Food and Drug Administration has not found any e-cigarette to be safe and effective in helping smokers quit.

I am writing to urge Florida officials to pass Senate Bill 7012 and House Bill 7027 that would prohibit the use of electronic smoking devices in all Florida workplaces where smoking is already prohibited. State lawmakers need to designate electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product, define them as electronic smoking devices and the act of using such devices be considered smoking and secondhand smoke. This legislation will ensure everyone’s right to breathe clean air and save thousands of lives.

The evidence is clear, state lawmakers need to end their failure to act and add electronic smoking devices as tobacco products to Florida’s Clean Indoor Air Act without delay.

In the dark about daylight savings time

I hate daylight savings time! I hate getting up in the dark. What is the purpose of daylight savings time anyway? Will someone please explain it?

How to keep Florida beautiful

Florida is such a beautiful place that I would love to keep it that way for my children and grandchildren. How? Here are a few reminders:

1) Reduce: Keep a few cloth tote bags in your car and remember to take them into stores, so we can reduce the plastic bags we use.

2) Reuse: Reuse the plastic bags you have at home.

3) Recycle: Recycle the extra plastic bags at your supermarkets' recycling bin

And, of course, recycle your paper, glass, plastic, tin and aluminum cans.

4) Never use/buy Styrofoam (cups, plates, take-home containers, etc.). They never go away in the garbage land fills. And encourage establishments that do use Styrofoam, to use alternatives.

5) Because we are in the Sunshine State, please consider solar panels on your roof or yard. Wouldn't you love to eventually eliminate your electric bills? Take advantage of the sun. Thank you

Daylight savings time information

This is in response to a recent rant about daylight-saving time. The writer wondered why we were changing the clocks in March when he "recalled in the last election voting to end it."

What election is he talking about? It wasn't on the ballot here in Florida. The Florida daylight-saving time bill, which passed 33-2 in the Senate and 103-11 in the House, says if Congress amends U.S. code it is the “intent of the legislature that daylight-saving time shall be the year-round standard time of the entire state.”

Gov. Scott then signed it into law and Sen. Rubio quickly followed with two bills: one allowing Florida to stay on daylight-saving time and another that would change it for the nation. Congress must approve of it first. Senator Rubio has now introduced a bill that would create daylight-saving nationwide.

Having daylight-saving year-round has some disadvantages including sunrise after 8a.m. a portion of the year, a major hazard for school children. If Congress approves Florida only, we'd be isolated among the rest of the Eastern time zone creating havoc in commerce, schedules, communications and TV shows.

The writer goes on to say, "That's no way to govern, ignoring the voting public." While we've been ignored in the past and our votes overrode, this is not one of those times. I just wonder if enough research has been done to understand the ramifications of being on daylight-savings time all the time or the alternative?

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