No to tax hike

Just say no to the proposed school tax hike. Look at the facts. The average person with a full time job works 2000hrs per year (50 weeks or 250 eight hour days). The teachers work 150 six to seven hour days per year (around 1000hrs or half full time) with no work weekends, nights, or holidays. If starting salary is $38,000 per year, that comes out to $38 per hour. Pretty good pay for Florida where most residents make dirt for wages.

Crazy Florida drivers

We will soon be leaving Florida.  We’re hoping with our vehicle intact as well as our bodies.  We have never seen such terrible, inconsiderate and crazy driving in our lives.  We have traveled across the United States and southern Florida has the worst drivers.  We have yet to be at a stop light and not witness someone going through a red light.  We’ve never seen anyone pulled over when they do it.  Insurance companies and collision repair must be extremely busy.  Maybe this is why insurance rates are so high.  I’m sure a rude and inconsiderate driver will now write and tell us if we don’t like it, don’t come back, instead of trying to improve their driving.

Animal owners should be responsible

Reading the Vol. 17 No. 40 of the Hometown News it stated the County currently provides the Humane Society $235,000.00 annually divided into monthly payments while Port St. Lucie is still paying the Society $152,500.00 annually under its current contract that’s set to expire on Sept. 30 of this year, whatever this all means.

I am appalled at the amount of my tax dollars going to the Humane Society for dogs and cats. A nonprofit organization without outside over-site.

It’s time a County Dog and Cat tax be collected from Dog and Cat owners to support the Humane Society. Another thought is that an additional special tax through the County be collected from all sales of dog and cat products to support the Humane Society.

The Humane Society is a great nonprofit origination with many volunteers that has become a huge huge “business.” It is a personal choice that people have owning a dog or a cat, with the exemption of a Service Dog, therefore, must take more responsibility in the support of the Humane Society. Not my tax dollars!

Education, health care, food, clothing and shelter are just a few of the necessities of human needs. Again, if you want to own any animal it should not be supported with County tax dollars.

Our County officials must be more responsible and accountable in the distribution of our tax dollars.

This is no witch-hunt

Mueller investigation is nothing compared to Hillary witch-hunt. No indictments , no one found guilty whereas in Mueller investigation , guilty pleas and countless indictments so Enough is Enough should check facts and respond to the truths that have been concluded and wait to see how much more will result in “lock them up.” Trump and all his cronies and family. The Republican’s have put a target on her back since she was first lady back in the 1990s and they have over the years spent more $100 million taxpayer dollars on investigation’s aimed at taking Hillary Clinton down.

Regarding teachers

I'm a retired school teacher and wish my husband and five children could tell you how many hours I spent after school for parent meetings, student discipline, PTA meetings, and the once a month, until 10 p.m. at school, setting up learning stations to supplement current studies for students to participate in when they had free time.  Then the time spent at home preparing lesson plans, grading papers, and preparation for the various meetings and activities mentioned above.  Not sure, but minimum wage sounds more like it.  By the way we work 188 days for your information.

Pay attention to tax hike

The school tax hike is supposedly only for four years with 70 percent of the money going to teachers. Really? You are expecting us to believe that, when the tax expires in four years, the teachers who got raises will revert to their original lower salaries? This is a sneaky way of getting a permanent tax increase passed by disguising it as a “temporary” tax increase. Who is counting the ballots? I hope it is not the school board.

Daylights savings time isn't expired

I noticed Sunday, March 10 is Daylight Savings time and I recall in the last election voting to end it because it messes up people's biorhythms. Even the European Union moved to drop it all in many countries.

Why no mention on the local news the fact that our local legislature has done nothing in two years? That's no way to govern, ignoring the voting public. I'm surprised there isn't a little bit of outrage since some many people voted for it.

Everybody hates it, it seems. It messes up your body's clock.

Rebuttal: Curse of the Snowbirds

In response to the rant titled "Curse of the Snowbirds," I am a snowbird. My wife and I have been coming to Florida for 15 years. All the while, supporting your economy, respecting your environment and generally having a very good time. Maybe someone should explain to the writer how we Snowbirds are helping Florida survive by pumping all our "Northern" money into your state. We alone, in three months, have spent over $3,000 at your restaurants, gas stations, theaters and in stores from Bealls to Goodwill.

Sorry if the checkout lines are a bit busy but we like supporting local businesses and keeping Florida folks working.

We also love picking up garbage on the beach and doing volunteer work here, too.

We come for the weather, the beaches, the great free concerts, the restaurants, the wide parking spaces and the courteous people. To that rant author, be assured, we sure don't come here for you. Sorry someone dropped a house on your sister, but it wasn't a snowbird!

Smoking ban enforcement

I am all for banning smoking on the beach (and at festivals).

However, how will the ban, if adopted, be enforced? Is it like the dog ban? There are dogs out there on the beach daily and no enforcement of the ban. In fact, reminds me of a song: dogs to the left of me, pooches to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with hounds!

It is pointless to pass any rules like these if enforcement doesn’t follow.

"Florida Retirement..." rebuttal

In response to the individual who wrote "Florida Retirement Never Boring," I, too, have observed drivers run red lights from; Texas, Massachusetts, Georgia, Connecticut and many other states.

The writer also needs to be reminded that a large population of individuals have come here from other states and have made their homes here. Consequently bringing their poor driving talents with them.

In closing, if this individual can identify a true Floridian with poor driving habits while stopped at a stoplight, I am sure the government would love to acquire that talent.

Time change not a timely issue

This is to address the senators from Florida who want the keep the time change stay as one time change.

Why can't they just worry about the problems they have in their own state of Florida instead of trying to change the whole country? There are other states that don't want it. But once again, we have a handful of senators who are sticking their noses into a problem that's not a big, important issue. They have about a thousand bigger issues to stick their noses into. Do you think they will? No.

Hopefully some other state senators will check them and say worry about your own state and stick to bigger issues in this country instead of the time change.

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