A call for help

A while ago I called Landscape companies listed in the phone book (remember them?) I was looking for someone to cut my lawn on a regular basis and one other thing , I needed done once.I was looking for someone honest & trustworthy & decent.

I called a company in Port St. Lucie . A nice lady answered the phone, I told her my story , she apologized saying , they don’t cut lawns but, she knew a nice fellow that does, assuring me I would like him. She gave me his name and phone number, I thanked her.

I called him, having a pleasant conversation, about him and his family, and I told him the two things I needed done. He assured me I would be very pleased with him and his work. He is honest and comes from a well known family in his community, and surrounding communities.

I told him to put the bill in an addressed envelope , in my mail box, in case I was not home. Well a lot of unforeseen things happened to me , and I couldn’t get back with him , and on top of that I misplaced both their phone numbers. I do remember his name that she told me .

I am hoping the kind lady and the nice fellow see this and call me or stop by my house. Thank you.

Re: Women reps on women's issues

I read with interest the letter in Rants & Raves on Feb. 22, 2019 titled "Women reps on women's issues". The writer referred to President Trump's State of the Union address and the "25 new congresswomen, dressed in white" who were in attendance. I appreciate that the writer allowed that the women "had every right to their opinions" but she questioned their lack of compassion for the victims of late- term abortion., saying it "shocked and saddened" her. She ended her letter asking if "today's women lost their motherly love for humanity?" For anyone who wants to really understand this issue, I would recommend the writer & others interested in this read what the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention say to understand why these kinds of abortions happen, even though they are "rare". https://www.washingtonpost.com/us-policy/2019/02/06/tough-questions-answers-late-term-abortions-law-women-who-get-them/?utm_term=.38e07d83e998

It is very frustrating to see that women, esp. continue to believe some of the overly simplistic and politically charged ideas about abortion. It's also ironic that a man murdered Dr. David Gunn for providing abortions for women who wanted/needed them. As a retired therapist I have heard horror stories of women who wanted an abortion for many reasons. I once worked in child abuse work and helped a teenage girl whose mother forced her to have a child she did not want, as punishment for getting pregnant. This is no simple issue even if some would try to make it one. Girls and women need choices about their bodies especially if rape or incest is involved, but always.

Runners left litter

It was disappointing to see the litter left in residential yards after the Feb. 10 ‘Run for Your Heart’ event through North River Shores.  After the runners cleared the area, I picked up discarded paper cups and other trash from my and a neighbor’s yards.

Cite red-light runners

I think the public would be better served if Port St Lucie law enforcement cited cars running red lights than giving speeding tickets on six lane lightly traveled roads with 40 and 45 mile speed limits. In my 14 years of living here I have observed rampart disregard for cars observing red-lights but never have I seen a ticket issued. Time for law enforcement to adjust their priorities.

Driving the old cars

I would like to address why senior citizens drive cars, such as a Mercury Grand Marquis or a Lincoln Town Car.

Have driven either of these cars? These older vehicles are so comfortable, very quiet and drive so smooth; and, they have huge trunks for carrying stuff.

Yes, they are a little more expensive on gas, but considering everything, it is worth every penny.

I have personally taken a ride in the more economical cars, and many of them do not give me the comfort or the ride such as these older cars.

Another point to mention is that these larger cars are much safer in an accident than the smaller ones.

As far as maintenance goes, these two cars, are usually NOT in the shop constantly. With regular maintenance, these cars can last for a long time, and I do mean a long time. My car at present is a Mercury Grand Marquis and is 13 years old with low mileage. Until that car “bites the dust,” I will continue to drive it.

Old people and old cars on the road'

Did it ever occur to anyone that the older people driving big cars might be the reason they became old.

Driving a bigger car is safer.

There are too many accidents with injuries with unsafe puddle jumper cars than there are with full-sized cars, not to mention all the texting while driving from the younger drivers.

There should be mandatory suspension of drivers licenses for anyone caught texting while driving.

There would be fewer accidents, and insurance premiums would go down as a result of fewer accidents.

Stolen bicycles?

To the people who took two of my childrens bicycles.

Yes, we had a sign in the yard that said “Free Stuff,” meaning you could take all the old cabinets, doors and construction items that we were going to throw in the dumpster.

This did not include my children’s bicycles. It did not include our cars either. Thank you for not taking the cars.

Please return the two bicycles.

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