Prayers really are the answer

Hasn't getting the Bible and prayer out of schools been a great move?

Now, costly police officers and 'guardians' replace them in most schools. Metal detectors greet students each day in some schools. You can visit your child's teacher, after you go through security clearance. We may yet get armed teachers, if some have their way.

No money for competitive teacher pay; no money for supplies or texts, since most of it goes to fortify schools. Teachers face physical abuse from children who disrupt learning regularly for classmates. Those children receive no meaningful consequences. Visits to 'the office' that used to be fraught with dread are now an adventure. And, mass school killings continue on a regular basis across the nation, despite all the fruitless expense.

Maybe the Bible and prayer weren't really such a bad idea after all? They sure gave us better outomes than all these expensive measures are producing. 'The proof is in the pudding.' Think about it.

Ditto about Mueller Investigation

I could not agree more. Complaints about the costs which are well worth the findings "So far, the Mueller witch hunt has uncovered a coven of witches". The Benghazzi investigations were costly and proved nothing. The other thing people don't seem to grasp is that justice department has been doing the job it is supposed to be doing and they were appointed by Trump and he is not immune to criticism or investigation, no president is. Trump spends a awful amount of time tweeting and ranting about what is fair to him and not fair to him, continually repeats no collusion, that does not mean he's not guilty of other things, that's what we have a Dept of Justice for.  Partisan politics aside, anyone should want a full investigation completed and let the findings be decided, from the looks of things already there's a lot to uncover.

Regarding the school vote

To the retired teacher, thank you for correcting me about public school teachers actually working 188 days. The pay really equates to a start at about $30 per hour plus benefits. Hardly minimum wage. What do you do for the other 6 months while taxpayers are working 250 days a year for minimum wage? By jumping onto the bandwagon of other communities looking for a pay increase for a few, you’ll actually be lowering the already low standard of living for the many.

Surprised at paper

Surprised and annoyed to see three columns of Trump bashing printed in your Rants & Raves. with a lot of incorrect accusations included. Sorry to see that you have joined that group. To me, Hometown News was free of all this political hatred and I am very disappointed. that it is just another one in the crowd. Sad.

Editor's note: The Rants & Raves are a platform for readers to give their opinion on topics of interest to them. These opinions are the author's and not those of Hometown News . Thank you for reading and for sending in your opinion.

It's line clearing time

It’s pre-hurricane season and FPL contractors are clearing lines. A much needed and appreciated service. When I once tried to make a suggestion, as I felt as a long time resident of my neighborhood, I had some knowledge of how we are hit, I was not received as being helpful and was informed that they are contracted to clear a certain distance from the line and that was what they did.  I guess that makes sense, but every time we have a hurricane I am out of electric a very long time as it is an old neighborhood with lots of well established trees. While I understand that property owners are responsible for doing their part, I also know that older neighborhoods have older folks with limited resources. Some of the trees have been around for generations. Also, it seems like they could do a little more of an eye pleasing job. They have the equipment and man power. I am not expecting a job like an expert would do, but it wouldn’t hurt to round out the areas and make them look a bit better. But, I guess no one goes the extra mile, or inch nowadays. Thank you, Hometown News for your Rant & Rave section. I promise my next letter will be a rave.

Feels sad for ranter

After reading this article in the March 22 issue, I am saddened for the author that he or she is suffering from an acute case of TDS. (Trump Derangement Syndrome), perpetuated  by the inability to accept election results.

It is a shame that one fails to see the positive strides that have been made in our country since the incompetent  last administration.

I pray for you and others who are also afflicted to think what is best for the American people and see the glass half full instead of half empty.

Remember what Jack Kemp said which was reiterated by Ben Carson in dealing with Mayor DeBlasio when aiding in the NYC housing crisis, "A rising tide lifts ALL ships." (also, don't rely on google's paraphrased representation of this meeting, read Dr. Carson's verbatim transcript).

In response to the investigation

To the person who wrote that President Trump was colluding with the Russians,  HA! Mueller report is out and guess what?! No collusion! Witch hunt? Yes it was, and the President and the American people need an apology! 

Happy with decision

Ballfield - I Applaud the outcome of the “no sale or development” for the time being of the green space in Sailfish Park and also for paying attention to the public’s outcry in rejecting the offers. You are doing your job by paying attention to the people that put you in office.

We may need the revenue as quoted by Commissioner Kelly Glass, but she is not for “green space:. Kelly’s threats to propose increase the mileage rate is deplorable and irresponsible. You will not have my vote and many others.

How much do we want to grow? Additional growth adds more traffic in the area, parking problems, police services and stressing the school system and at the end of the day, the kids would have to go somewhere else to play ball.

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