Mask dilemmas and irritations

I tried wearing a mask but the lack of oxygen and the moist environment around my nose and mouth gave me a headache. That made me irritable so I found myself wanting to boss other people around.

Why wear a mask?

Whether to wear a mask or not: It's simple math! Wearing a mask equals a considerate person. Not wearing a mask equals and inconsiderate or worse, uncaring person.

How does the math work? Simple: Even with no pandemic, no one wants to have spit droplets from your mouth hitting their eyes, entering their nose, or entering their lungs. A mask, whether N95 or simple cotton, catches much if not all of the droplets that would otherwise fly out and potentially float to our kids, our spouses, parents or even ourselves.

Now, during a pandemic? Your spit droplets are not just gross, they could kill. See? Even an elementary school student can understand this math, it's so simple.

Public/private property not a dumping ground

Our society has greatly increased having dogs a a part of the family, and rightly so. With this comes responsibility. Your new family member is a part of all your household standard rules.

Depositing feces on others property is not only disgusting, it is against the law. With the increase in a "family dog", the new "deposits" are out of control. Like the rest of the dogs family, deposits anyplace else than its own habitat is unacceptable.

Stop with the "I pick it up" - it's your choice of a family member. Deal with it. Stop placing your responsibility on others.

Trash on the roads, still

I would just like to say that the people throwing trash on the highway can carry it home empty the way they carry it home full from the store.

I keep picking up McDonalds boxes, wrappers and trash in front of our home. People should be fined. Maybe we need more signs or teach people to be more considerate of others.

Thin blue line

Let's remember that there is a thin blue line in America. Once you lose that thin blue line with law enforcement you get anarchy. Do you understand that, America?

I'm not sorry that the police officer was completely right at all, in fact, I don't think he was right. I believe there a lot of good police officers that profile everybody.

If they're smart police officers they profile every person of every race for their own safety.

God bless this country.

Meat eating is another pandemic

It is disheartening, that in all of the discussions about the COVID-19 virus, that except for a handful of medical doctors and some national plant-based organizations, there has been no real dialogue about where all of the latest global pandemics are originating.

Although not fully understood, the process of cross-species transmission is the result of intensive confinement of animals, wild and domestic, destined for slaughter.

Our slaughterhouses and the open wet markets of Asia are blood-soaked, hellholes of misery. The only thing different in this country is that all of the suffering and killing is hidden from our view. Many epidemiologists have already predicted that the next pandemic will not originate overseas, but in our own meat processing facilities.

If we really want to get serious about ending these global pandemics, resultant deaths and economic devastation, we need to curtail and eventually end the consumption of animals. Plant-based foods provide more than enough adequate protein.

RE: "Shortage of mask worry shopper"

I too am very worried about the shortage of masks worn when I go to the store. I'm 87 years old and last Saturday I went to a store and here comes to fire rescue personnel without a mask, without gloves just strolling around the elderly who are just trying to stay protected.

I think this is nothing but disrespect to the elderly and tax paid government entities should know better and lead by example. I can't imagine they'd help someone without proper equipment. This goes for the Sheriffs Office and the school district.

Back yards are the new front yards

Neighborhoods are sure looking differently. I notice all the cars/trucks/boats in the front yard, across the grass and on sidewalks. People don't believe in curb appeal anymore. Play equipment like basketball hoops, fire pits, all belong in your backyards.

Come on, folks! If you're a renter, look around. If you're the home owner try and keep your neighborhood keep and clean. House values are at stake. If you see a code violation, report it.

Let's keep the area clean and healthy.

Good guy driver helps roadside

My husband and I were driving on U.S. 1 in an SUV and didn't know the back door was open. I heard and noise and suddenly saw a bag of groceries spill out onto the road.

So I pulled over, and of course all the cars to my left were going by, but behind me was a gentleman who stopped, but on his blinks and got out of his car. He picked up the box of groceries and carried it back to my car and put them back in. Luckily nothing was damaged.

It was very nice of him to do that. I commend him. I wish I knew who he was so I can say 'thank you'.

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