Illegal fireworks

The first thing I did on the morning of July 5th was check my house and car for firework damage. My plans for the evening of the fourth included walking outside to watch what I could see of the legal fireworks. Instead my pets and I were held captive in the house by illegal fireworks that were barely missing my house and landing in my yard. Sadly, I fear it will take major damage or a tragic accident to put a stop to this. It can be done before that happens.

Thanks, Hometown News

In response to the letter, “Support local newspapers.” I would be happy to support a local paper, if it lived up to it’s name and actually reported the news from the area, but it doesn't. So, thank you, Hometown News for filling in the gap.

Cost of living

The Social Security cost of living raise is based on the rise in the cost of living.  Can we change that to the rise in the cost of Disney World tickets?  The tickets go up far faster than the cost of living.

Texting law is a joke

I have to laugh at the new texting and driving law. Let's add another reason to pull people over and give them tickets. Oh wait, they don’t, nor do they pull anyone over for speeding about 20 or 30 mph over the speed limit. Let see... I’m betting about 80% of all drivers don’t use turn signals. Is that a moving violation? Yes. Has anyone been pulled over for it? I doubt it. Lets look at trailer lights. Oh, it’s a non-moving violation, so why not pull them over and give them a NON-Moving ticket? Too hot to get out of the squad car?  Not worth the trouble?  I have better things to do? I have no clue what the police force actually does but drive around.  How about starting to pull people over and educate them that it is in fact, a violation for any of the above items listed and many more not listed.   Maybe someone will get the message. Look at the revenue the city could create by the added income. Educate them the hard way, by their pocket book!

Park shooting on the 4th

I live a block away from New Monrovia Park in Port Salerno. On Independence Day I noticed a very large crowd of young people lighting off fireworks in the park. My daughter and I found shell casing from a 9mm handgun in the New Monorovia parking lot the following day.  MCSO deputies drove by several times and did nothing despite the fact that fireworks are prohibited in Martin County Parks.   This is not an isolated incident, in fact it happens every year and there are crews  of county employees who have to haul huge piles of  debris away.  There doesn’t seem to be any preventative measures taken from County officials.   The message is clear to Martin County residents, anything goes in Martin County Parks including the discharge of firearms.   Way to go Martin County !

Concerns about cancer clusters

The recent article about weed removal was alarming – two people are quoted as saying they could find no evidence about cancer clusters in Sebastian and around Lake Okeechobee.  Their sources appear to be health departments in other counties.  Yet there are multiple internet and YouTube references - simply put "toxic Florida" in the URL.  At the last community meeting in the North County library, we watched a video which clearly stated that there are cancer clusters in the counties north of Stuart.  (One of our councilmen was even at that meeting!)

An unnamed source from UF allegedly said that "biological removal is no more effective than non-biological removal of vegetation." But we DO know (again, look at scientific research studies) that glyphosate and other herbicides are carcinogenic. One person is asking contractors about manual removal - who are those contractors?  Manual removal is being successfully done in other Florida counties; it might be a good idea to find out how that's being done and the cost.

But, really, what is the problem?  Are they trying to save the county money?  Are they invested in chemical companies? What?

Isn't the health of our community most important?

Be careful of scam

Granny hates scams. This one really hurts. On an agent’s advice, you switch house insurance companies to save money. You’re issued a contract. Your other insurance is canceled. A week later, with no ID or uniform, a 20-something guy in jeans and faded T-shirt arrives. He mumbles something, repeats it twice before you realize he’s here to inspect your house. He needs access to your roof. Much later, you check to find he’s gone without a word, without inspecting the immaculate condition of the home’s interior.

Weeks later you get a cancellation notice. “Your policy is canceled as of---. You have two shingles missing. Show us a contract to have the entire roof replaced. We will rescind cancellation on proof of completion.”

You have about three weeks to research the best roofing for your house, consult HOA requirements, interview roofers, check references, decide and sign a contract.

Granny is not the only one this has happened to. She has told this to four people who have said, (1) Yes, this happened to me (2) This happened to my sister-in-law. (3) My 90-year-old neighbor is a victim of this scam. (4) A friend of a client had the same problem.

Granny did due diligence, but it’s sad that even with a crash course in some large home project, a detail can be overlooked. Or is it a loophole in the law that allows these snakes to slither through? If you’re elderly with no guidance or Internet access, the cost can wipe out a slim bank account, put you in debt, or both.

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