Re: What happened to common sense?

I can only assume that the writer of this rant is Rip Van Winkle who just woke up after sleeping for 100 years because in my lifetime there never was a time when sense was common.

I guess that long nap left his head a little foggy and he seems to be confused about the separation of arresting people who commit crimes and needlessly killing the people they arrest because they are inept, like Chauvin.

Every crime does not deserve the death penalty no matter what color you are.

By the way when you say “police officers who are protecting all of us” you put your finger on the problem. We don’t all get the same protection and that’s the real problem.

Jealous whiners

Every day in America there is some uneducated whiner who is jealous that a person who can walk qualifies for a handicap placard and they don’t!

You're obviously ignorant about who can and who can’t get a handicap placard. You should take the time to go online and look up who qualifies.

One of the requirements is that the ailment be permanent due to a neurological condition like mine.

I have PPS which started causing me difficulties when I was about 60. There is no cure but sometimes I can walk and I walk whenever I can to try to maintain the abilities that I have.

Don’t be jealous, be glad that you can walk.

If you want a handicap placard cut off your foot and you'll be eligible. Stop whining.

Distracted drivers

I’ve been driving more years than most of those drivers have been alive, or will be alive the way they drive.

What really gets to me are those people that are more interested in the things they are doing inside the car than what is happening outside of their car.

It is extremely frustrating when the light turns green and the person in front of you doesn't notice. You have to honk to “wake” them up and get them to look away from their phone. Then they have the audacity to give you the - “What’s your problem?” - look.

The other day my wife and I were on our way home from Louisiana, when at mile-marker 223 on I-10 the traffic started to come to a very abrupt slow down. A couple of slow miles later, we saw the accident on the west-bound lanes and were shocked to see two small cars buried under the back end of a flat-bed trailer that had slowed down to go through a construction zone.

One car had driven under the back of the trailer and the other had gone over the top.

The driver of the car on the bottom was died, the other driver was seriously injured. The point is, no matter how you drive, whether you drive like a bat out of hell or a little old lady, you need to pay attention at all times to the traffic ahead. The life you save could be your own.

Two Questions

Does anyone know when White History Month is? And will there be a Heterosexual Parade?

Coming out straight

In light of all of the gays, transsexuals and mixed couples coming out I thought I should also.

I am a heterosexual Caucasian male married to a heterosexual Caucasian female.

I have never dated or married out of my race and I was wondering when we were going to get a month to celebrate the fact that we are straight?

The gays have taken over June, Hispanics have their holidays, but we southerners with Confederate heritage are having our monuments removed and our right to honor our ancestors taken away.

I would like to see our rights as sons of confederate veterans restored.

Thank you for the meal

Recently, in June, I was in a restaurant. It was my first time eating out alone since my wife passed away the day before Christmas. There was a couple across the way with a couple of kids, and I was looking at them and thinking, “What a nice family they look to be.”

Well, they were indeed just that! I guess the woman saw right through me, all alone, and I guess looking sad, thinking about things.

She came over and told me my meal was paid for. I asked, “why?” And she replied that they just want to do it for me.

So, there are still some great people around, with understanding and compassion to others.

In this case the lady nailed it. I was sad, lonely and feeling alone.

The couple renewed my faith in my fellow people. Nice people. I will never forget what they did.

Talking about traffic laws

I have been a school bus driver for a couple of years now and love it. It is my part-time job after my career job retirement.

However, being out there on rush hours (and non-rush hours during field trips or other midday trips) I can say there is a real problem with people disobeying traffic laws, especially when they see a school bus or get stuck behind one.

It is as nerve racking for us bus drivers as it is for private or commercial vehicular drivers. The transportation services for the school system spends a ton of money on initial training and on-going training. School bus drivers are not only “drivers,” but “rolling classroom substitute teachers” who, not only must pay attention to traffic laws and patterns, but also to the behavior of the precious cargo we carry to and from schools; we are also “janitors” (got motion sicknesses on board?) in addition to keeping our buses clean and tidy at all times.

Our supervisors demands and paperwork are unstoppable and we must adhere strictly to traffic rules, school board rules, ethical rules (with students, public, parents and other drivers). We must only use our two way radios for communicating (even 911 emergencies are not allowed to be dialed from our personal phones); we cannot back up with students on board or make U-turns; we must watch street signs with “dead ends” or “no through traffic,” “private road,” etc; we must stop at stop signs, not roll through them, must use our signals for every move of the steering wheel, must drive in the right lane at all times, although this becomes a challenge if we are to make a left turn at the upcoming traffic light. Most drivers will not allow us to switch lanes. That is the reason why we sometimes take possession of the left lane way before we get to that intersection, and then our boss gets a phone call (Ha! Ha!).

Our buses are somewhat “slow manatees” in comparison to boaters navigating the waterways; and although we get complains about driving too fast, it is just an illusion because our buses are so big and it appears we are speeding through a 25 mph zone if we are in fact driving at 25 mph.

Private drivers do not respect our buses (which are big and yellow for a good reason of peripheral view to others), they try their best, at whatever cost, to get around us and slam on the brakes in front of us because traffic is slowing down and takes away the room in front of us; they speed up when we turn our Amber Student Lights on instead of slowing down and stop by the time we turn our Stop Red lights and Stop arms at a complete stop.

Another challenge is with drivers waiting at an intersection make that right turn with their traffic red light on, if they see us coming down the road even if we are only 25 feet away from that intersection, make the daredevil turn anyways, they don’t care to butt in front of us. It is hard to stop a vehicle that large and heavy when someone cuts in front of you.

Needless to say, on interstate highway driving, people behave the same way, even though most or our buses are programmed to not go over 55 mph, some 65 mph if they are newer.

Another problem we school bus drivers encounter is the phone calls that people make to complain about our driving. I would like to tell all those people who complain THANK YOU, but at the same time, come and follow our route with us for one day! (no one unauthorized is allowed to ride the school bus and no parent is allowed to step inside the bus).

If you are late for work, it is your own fault, get up earlier so you can drive to work at ease and safely, not only for you, but for others. .... And remember, the child I am transporting, could be your own child, or your neighbor’s child, so show respect for the school buses and obey traffic laws.

Mail the return envelopes back?

What a mean suggestion. Most of these mailings come from worthwhile charities hoping for a little help.

If you are not interested, just put the papers into your recycling bin. How much of an effort is that?

No one needs your “negative” contribution.

Affording nursing homes and Medicaid

I'm sad for you because one day you, too, may experience the real pain of sending a loved one to a nursing home or being in one yourself.

Either you won't be able to afford it and have to continue your present situation or live in undesirable nursing homes or it will bankrupt you!

Nursing homes are underfunded and understaffed now and without the help of Medicaid, forget about it! Medicaid isn't just given to anyone; it's a long and involved process and, in the meantime, you and your family are living in a high-stress situation.

I ask you, is it worth passing the huge cuts to Medicaid without understanding what it will do to a huge portion of our society, especially seniors?

The war was over 150 years ago

In answer to the rant about the Confederate memorial, my answer to that is that the war has been over for more than 150 years.

For the people at the time of the Civil War, both sides lost hundreds of thousands of people. They honored their dead for fighting for their beliefs.

I think the memorials were put up to honor these people and should be respected. It was the thing of the times.

If you are offended, ask yourself why.

The war was not about slavery. The war was about many other things, about commerce, trade and method of transferring goods that were sold.

My family fought on both sides

I just want to thank you for the Rants & Raves and everything else, but I am really confused now.

My great-grandfather and my great-grandfather fought on both sides, one for the Confederates and one for the Union. It is like, "Oh, what am I supposed to do? Which way am I supposed to go?"

Thank you. That is something that happened in our history. And I thank you very much.

Keeping faith in good, human spirit

I would like to thank the people in a black Jaguar on June 21 in a time period of about 1 p.m. with somebody struggling with groceries with the bags breaking as she walked with an impending thunderstorm heading our way, who actually turned the corner, put their hazards on, jumped out and helped the woman get all her stuff picked up, put it all in their car - put the woman and her purse in their car - and, I assume, drove her home.

People do not always show human kindness and uplifting human spirit, but they showed it to her, those around her and those who could see from a distance.

I had just about given up on good, human spirit.

So, once again, thank you to the man and the woman in the black Jaguar on June 21 at about 1 p.m. who helped the woman out with her groceries and her struggle.

You really helped her out, helped me out and possibly others in that same intersection.

Double billed at the store

I have been shopping at Walmart for about 15 years.

About six months ago, while sitting on a bench, I decided to check my receipts for accuracy. I am amazed to find that for about 50 percent of the time I have been double billed for items, forcing me to go back to customer service for a refund. Some of the items were for more than $10, (with) others for $1, and change.

This irks me terribly, as I now wonder how much I was mistakenly charged for the original 14 years, or so.

I do not inform the manager, as I do not want to be responsible for anyone losing their job.

A word to Walmart ... train your checkouts better.

If it continues to happen, I will go to management.

A word to shoppers ... check your receipts.

No receipt, no exchange

I recently received a blouse as a gift, and it did not fit. I went to the store and asked to do an exchange for a difference size.

I was asked if I had a receipt.

I said, "No, it was a gift."

She said, "You have to have a receipt."

I said, "I don't want to return it. I just want to exchange it for a different size."

She told me that you cannot do that without a receipt.

I asked, "How many people give a gift with a receipt?"

Now I have a beautiful blouse that I cannot wear. This is ridiculous, and if that is the policy, I do not intend to shop at Sears again.

Agrees with 'nice place to be'

I am calling about your Hometown News rant here in today's edition, and what an excellent rant you had there, titled "It used to be a nice place to live."

I agree 110 percent with the writer's views on that. It is just absolutely terrible what the commissioners and whoever is involved allow when there is just a green patch of land there.

'You know? You know what I mean?'

I am calling to get some feedback on this and get it off my chest.

What irritates me is when people are talking and every other word is "you know, you know, you know;" or "you know what I mean."

Please, people, leave that out of your sentence. I gets on my nerves - I don't know about anybody else - but I would sure like to know if anybody else agrees with me.

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