Rights vs. responsibility

Does the 75-year-old man who refuses to wear a mask in public overlook the fact that the only reason he can go out and shop in public is because of the many essential workers who keep stores open, by showing up for work, perhaps putting their own health and safety at risk? That's not to mention the situation of our healthcare workers.

Does he overlook the fact that all of them are wearing masks, not only for their own safety, but for his? We all have the right to attend to necessary business, but with that comes the responsibility of not causing injury to others. Every teenager with a driver's license understands that principle.

Is he really so selfish so as to ask an 87-year-old woman to be a shut-in for his sake?

Perhaps he will take his own advice when foaming at the mouth with the virus, to not go to the hospital and "just stay home".

His attitude reminds me of the adage: "a man that is all wrapped up in himself makes for a small package"

At what cost?

Black lives matter. That is a fact. Now, I will make everyone angry, including representatives of Black Lives Matter. Property destruction is violence, not rebellion. 'Defunding' police is a terrible idea. Racism is wrong, and so is fanaticism by anyone - white supremacists, ISIS, BLM supporters who declare police as an institution leftover from chasing slaves or who support property destruction.

We are at a moment where we can make real progress. Fanatics could set us back. We should all take a stand for facts, for what is just, and against anyone who is a fanatic.

When history is opinion...

The Confederate flag? Gone. Statues and monuments? Gone. Respect for our history, our flag and anthem? Gone. Respect for law enforcement? Gone. What else will be taken away from this beautiful country we call home?

How do you explain to your youngster why that pedestal is empty, what used to be there and why it’s gone? What will history books look like when they contain opinion and not fact?

At 73, these days I find myself saying: “Glad I won’t be around to see it”.

Masks are respectful

My daughter has been an ICU nurse for over 40 years.

I asked how this COVID-19 is. For her to say "It's bad", then I know it is. I wear a mask to protect the folks that are working in the stores I frequent. It’s called respect for these folks. Please, think twice and protect these working people.

Please, wear a mask. Please!

We need to follow the lead

Since New Zealand with 5M people and Vietnam with 25M, people controlled the spread of the coronavirus. Maybe Treasure Coast residents can follow their lead. These countries tested all citizens and used contact tracing and self-quarantine in addition to face coverings and social distancing.

It's troubling to see our community businesses reclose because employees are found to test positive when it may have been prevented if they had been tested before reopening.

Please consider getting yourself and your family tested whether you are symptomatic or not. The faster we can contain the virus, the faster our community can get back to a sense of normal.

RE: Homophobia is the wrong word

You must not have noticed that we are in a “cultural war”.

A war that the Democrats have been waging for a long time (decades) but now, aligned with their surrogates (BLM & Antifa), it has hit the streets of our nation.

When you don’t have or are incapable of debating a topic then you result to name calling i.e. we now have systemic racism in or nation. A nation that has elected Barack Obama to the highest position not only in our country but in the world, and minorities hold political positions of the highest level, hold positions of our law enforcement and in fact there is not a single position that minority has not held.

So, not only are you a homophobe if you do not agree with their lifestyle, but if you believe that transgender males should not compete in women’s sports you are called some kind of “ist”.

I believe their goal is to take the majority of this country and put them on a guilt trip so all of the ridiculous stuff that they are spreading and in fact changing the culture in our country will influence the gullible to vote for control of our country as they have done in several of our states.

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