Come on, Florida

How ridiculous can people in Florida get? Let me tell you how. Several jurisdictions are being sued for requiring that people wear a mask in public to protect themselves and others. Here we are vying for number one in the country for new virus cases, yet we have a bunch of clowns screaming that the requirement is unconstitutional. Stupid. From what I’ve seen Florida violates actual constitutional rights way more than other states. In Florida the cities can violate your rights by putting a lien on your house and steal your property, for having high grass in your yard! Now that’s a constitutional violation, yet you don’t see people suing for it. Florida is already looked upon as a societal outcast state, let’s not also make it the most stupid state.

Sharing the sidewalk

I walk on the sidewalk on SE Federal Highway. The problem I encounter is sharing the sidewalk with many bike riders. I can understand that a cyclists would rather take their chances crashing with a pedestrian than a vehicle going 60 plus mph or riding between vehicles that may be in the right turn lane and another one in the main road right lane. There are wonderful newly marked bike lanes on the roadway which in rare cases are being utilized.

I'm taking it that the county fulfilled their obligations of mandates of bike lanes and signage however all you have to do is survey the usage one day and determine that it may have made more sense to extend the width of the sidewalks by 2 to 3 feet. Mark the extra width for bike use and the sidewalk could be better shared. 

As it is now most cyclists do not slow down and the pedestrian who is in the right of way usually has to yield space to the cyclist.

I am not suggesting enforcement, especially in the way of fines, however what I would like to have happen is that cyclists slow down when passing a pedestrian and if passing from behind a pedestrian please call out which side  the pass will be on, right or left. I understand it is dangerous to ride a bike on US 1 but it shouldn't be dangerous to walk on the sidewalk.

Seeking some answers

I have some dumb questions for your readers and seeking some answers.

Questions 1) Do protesters have to have a permit to march in the streets? If you wanted a parade for an organization you would need a permit. Why are they exempt?

Two) Why is it good to protest in groups of five or more but having a huddles wedding or a funeral with family or friends would not be allowed?

Three) Why do hair stylists, barbers and tattoo artists have things like requirements like face-masks and sanitary guidelines, but restaurants workers do not?

Just wondering if anyone would have any common sense answers to these questions. Thank you!

Don't tell me to wear a mask

Are the same virtue signalers that are lecturing us on wearing masks the same selfish, hoarders who initially bought up all of the toilet paper, all of the meats and boxes upon boxes of pasta and jars of sauces? Could they be the very same people who continue to buy up all of the isopropyl alcohol, all of the hydrogen peroxide, and all of the generic brand witch hazel? I could go on but, hopefully, you'll get the point - despite your oxygen starved brain.

Before you think that you are going to lecture me on the selfishness of choosing not to wear a mask, take your own mask off and take a good long look in the mirror.

Don't mandate masks

Don't mandate for people to wear masks!

I think that's the worst thing you could do. I'm getting tired of these liberals putting out this stuff on people. First of all, you can't breathe in those things all day, you'll end up passing out. Then we will blame you -the Democrats. Then also, people that can't hear can't tell what they're saying. You can't see mouths, it's not good for deaf people these masks. They can't figure out what you're saying. Knock it off with these masks.

The social distancing thing I can understand, but not this mask thing. Knock it off with the masks.

RE: "Follow others lead"

This author needs to do some reading and understanding that not one of those countries rival our size and population. Let's look at what countries like New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, South Korea and others.

Vietnam and South Korea and Taiwan have a history with China, they all know that China lies (especially Taiwan and South Korea) and that the very mention of a virus they slammed the biggest lock in the world on their countries receiving anyone from China. Guess what Australia and New Zealand did? Yep, got a lock just as big and immediately slammed the door. No other countries in Europe, Russia, Iran, America and South America did.

Yes, President Trump reacted first of this group but it had still gotten in on our West/East Coast. The population's were a factor for the above countries also the fact that the people had previously been controlled and fell into step when the restrictions came. But for some they had very little restrictions because of the action that they had taken early.

There is no lesson from them for us.

All the problems in the world

There are so many problems in this country right now that I don't even know where to start. Should I begin with the people that are trying to take away a woman's right to choose what she wants to do with her own body?

Or the people who think Black Lives Matter is just a Democratic alliance? Or the children kept in cages at the border? Or the police killing innocent people just because of their skin color? Or the LGBTQ+ people who are discriminated against? Or maybe you want to talk about how guns are still available to buy everywhere and used to murder people.

Black Lives Matter is such an important movement because everybody should be equal and not be discriminated against just because of their skin color. I encourage you to educate yourself. Saying that "All lives matter" reinforces the idea that black people should not fight for equal treatment because they are already equal.

Just a reminder that a lot of police officers who had killed innocent black people have not been put in prison yet. Call me a "do nothing Democrat" or a "snowflake liberal", but nothing will make me change my viewpoint that everybody should be equal and I will continue to fight for equality for all, unlike the conservatives.

If the President wore a mask

What would it be like if our President wore a mask? What is all the nurses and physicians in our country gave a 10-day notice to strike? Of course, leaving the decision soley on the President, predicated upon his wearing a mask and mandating the rest of our country to follow.

The results would be less COVID-19 cases, less deaths, less stress on medical personnel, saving thousands of lives, the reopening of schools and businesses.

One may say, "It's against our Constitution". No, it's no! We put our most precious cargo, our babies, in car seats. We have to use safety belts and, let's not forget, don't text and drive. We do all this for safety.

If something as simple as wearing a mask can save our country from a disaster, wouldn't it make sense for all of us to work together today and join forces until a vaccine comes out.

Please spread the word to your loved ones, friends and neighbors to bring our country back to the great nation we are.

Wear a mask

Residents who choose not to wear masks refer to their "rights" and "freedom". But what about my right to avoid contracting COVID-19 from someone who is asymptomatic and unmasked?

Instead, I'm told to "stay home".

We have seat belt laws to protect those who want to be reckless with their lives, yet we don't have a county mask mandate to protect those who care about their health and take precautions.

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