To A “Son of the Confederacy.”

A reader asked when would there be a month dedicated to white and straight people?

He also attacked the removal of statues of Southern generals and other leaders he claimed were legitimate historical figures.

He self identified as a heterosexual straight man married to a heterosexual woman.

He also saw himself as a “Son of the Confederacy.”

I believe it is important to respond to this individual.

Let me begin by saying that one crucial difference between you and the oppressed groups you oppose is the fact that unlike you these individual communities had to fight for the rights you were given at birth.

Unlike gay men you never had to hide your sexual orientation for fear of being fired, evicted from your apartment, or beaten on the streets.

The LGBTQ community had to fight in the courts, in the legislatures, and in the streets for the very same rights you received automatically because of your sexuality.

Regarding attacking Hispanics, did you or any of your white friends ever ride in the back of a pickup truck heading out before dawn to pick crops that fed the nation?

Did you ever cut sugar cane in the heat of the summer or change bed linens in a hotel that made the owner wealthy?

Are you one of the people I see cutting the well manicured lawns we in the suburbs take such pride in?

You claim that you are a “Son of the Confederacy.”

If so then you must also accept the legacy of being the son of slaveowners; people who believed it was morally acceptable to own other human beings because of their skin color.

You claim outrage over the removal of your statues and argue they are part of our history; yes, an ugly part of our history.

I have no problem with you maintaining the statues however, do so by removing them from the public areas that I support as a tax payer to private museums where you can visit.

In closing, allow me to answer your question of when there will be a month dedicated to white people.

Everyday of the year is dedicated to white people; it is called White Privilege.

You receive so many advantages based upon the color of your skin.

No one hurls racial epithets at you and you do not fear being killed.

No one is building a wall to keep you out.

No one objects to whom you love and marry.

Your White Privilege protects you from that hatred.

It also allows you to go to the head of the line in so many ways.

It is a shame you do not afford others the same equal privileges or opportunities.


Two Questions: I am very happy with white history being EVERYDAY. I am also very happy that Black History has a "month". I am however, getting very disturbed with the "under served" getting thrown in my face daily, on TV, on print, etc.

Anyone with ambition can get off of the couch/front porch being black, white, Asian, pacific islanders, Hispanic, etc. and find employment/educational opportunities today.

For me being held accountable for things that happened hundreds of years ago is ludicrous. I have friends and family in the LBGTQ, Black, Hispanic, Asian. etc. communities and I am so sick and tired of being lumped into a group that hates all of the above.

Until proved otherwise, I am friends with pretty much everyone I meet. That is until you pull your entitled crap on me. Thanks for letting me vent.

Let truth be our guide

Sometimes the truth hurts but the greatest beings and role models on earth all demanded it, including Jesus, Gandhi, MLK, and Nelson Mandela.

So at the risk of offending some of my neighbors, I feel compelled to be truthful.

Six local residents have been arrested so far for their participation in a traitorous insurrection. This is truly embarrassing to me.

Our county is known for our love for the Sheriff, our police forces and our first responders.

Yet six of our brothers and sisters joined a mob that day that attacked and injured hundreds of police officers.

I am deeply offended by calls for 'defunding police'. I am equally offended when I see men as using 'Blue Lives Matter' flags to attack the people they claim to support.

This county has a large number of very intelligent people – engineers, space industry contractors, educators, medical professionals.

Let's let truth be our guide, and that includes calling out those around us who engage in evil, even if we agree about most things. This is one such case.

Congratulations white & straight

My response to 'Two Questions' - So you came out as white and straight. Congratulations, you're one of the lucky ones. You're not going to be discriminated against for being gay, black, Latino, Jewish, Asian, Indian, or any other groups that has been discriminated against. Now go back to your KKK meeting.

White washed history

I would like to answer and respond to the KKK Konservative writer of the Two Questions rant.

They asked “Does anyone know when white history month is?” White history month is every month. “White washed” history has been and is taught in our schools and systematically disseminated in this country to propagate the lie of white supremacy.

It was the blatant inconsistencies and hypocrisies in this white washing of history that made it necessary for a movement that insisted on a more truthful and holistic accounting of what actual occurred.

You then asked “will there be a heterosexual parade”. I think maybe one day there will. I personally look forward to that day. I think it would mean that the people of the world would have evolved to a place where we accept the divine truth that no race of people, sexual orientation or gender identity is superior or preferable to another.

We are all God’s children and worthy of celebration, acceptance and love and the freedom to reach our fullest potential. When we can all be our authentic loving selves and not suppressed, restrained, ridiculed and made to feel inferior so that others can feel superior and try to benefit from this false notion, we will all be in a more peaceful place.

What really propels you to honor and celebrate your ancestors who inflicted the horrors and evilness of slavery; rape, murder, lynching, torture etc.? Don’t you have any who are more worthy of honor?

What about the rights of my ancestors who were the recipients of their hatefulness? They lost the war. Love and justice prevailed. Why insist on being wrong and strong?

Not Traitors

On March 2, 1928, Senate Joint Resolution #41 was entered into the Congressional Records. It reads as follows - “A war was waged between 1861-1865 between two organized governments, the United States of America and the Confederate States of America.

These were the official titles of the contending parties.

This was not a Civil War as it was not fought between two parties within the same government.

It was not a War of Secession, for the Southern States seceded without a thought of war.

It was not a War of Rebellion, for sovereign, independent states, co-equal, cannot rebel against each other.

It was a War Between the States, because 22 non-seceding states made war upon 11 seceding states to force them back into the Union of States.

It was not until after the surrender of 1865 that secession was decided to be unconstitutional”.

A proud southerner

Wow looks like I really upset the “politically correct” with my previous rant. They must not have been raised in the South.

I am an 81 year old 6th generation Floridan and may very well be a neighbor of the person who was glad I wasn't their neighbor .

Thanks to the one person who supported my views.

Yes I know about Jim Crow and segregation and education.

I also know that my three times great grandfather had a schoolmarm living in his home and he wanted all the kids, black and white to learn to read and write.

Now to the war.

Slavery was a small part of why the South seceded from the union.

If Lincoln had left well enough alone we would have not had a war.

I am proud of my forefathers who had the guts to stand up for themselves and much like they did in leaving England for many of the same reasons.

We southerners need to start standing up for our selves or be swept aside.

Big Fish musical is anti-Christian

I couldn't attend the musical Big Fish because of my Christianity.

After reading the plot on Wikileaks, I realized that this play was riddled with anti-Christian and anti-American content.

In Deuteronomy 18:9-20, God forbids believers from "imitating" witches, omens, occult powers, etc, in order to avoid their ungodly power and wrath.

I was even more disappointed that the Brevard County Public Schools and students hosted this kind of religious discrimination and anti-American content, in violation of their own District policy.

The salt in the wound was when I was told by a school official that Christian churches have also hosted this anti-Christian anti-American play. And, I was told I was the only one objecting to it. Sigh.

No wonder Christians and Patriots are losing their rights, freedoms, and American culture. Their collective silence and "tolerance" of these events going on in their own back yards will be their own demise.

I have no doubt that if a play was hosted at taxpayers expense that promoted Christianity at the expense of another religion such as Muslims, and/or promoted American Exceptionalism on publicly-funded property with public school students, the outcry and protests to cancel it and apologize for it would be heard all over the world by the media.

Just my opinion.

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