Stick up for law enforcement

When are we going to stand up for the police officers in our county, city and state? Do you people realize that not every police officer is the same as they one you saw kill George Floyd?

Police officers are essentially. Police officers are necessary. Police officers are not evil. Have you all lost your minds?

For every bad police officer there's a good one who'll take them out. Please, stop the chaos in America and start sticking up for law enforcement.

Statues aren't good reminders

The Confederate statues should have never been erected to begin with.

These folks represented slavery. What can be more disgusting than keeping human beings as slaves? Didn’t Hitler try it? I don’t think there are any statues erected to Hitler in Germany.

If you were black, how would you feel looking at these reminders of slavery? I know I wouldn’t like it .

RE: "But what about the alligators?"

It is true that alligators are native or indigenous to the state of Florida, which means they were here first.

We are the ones invading their home. I do not have a problem with the alligators. I have a problem with poodles, which are not native to Florida. I say, "Get rid of the poodles and keep the alligators.

"De-gun, not defund" reply

You have to be joking!

You want the police to go on a call without having a gun and only the supervisor should have a weapon that is in the car?

Do you think a supervisor go with the cops on every call? My question to you is have you missed and/or changed your medication? You can't be serious.

You being a cop and you have to respond to a crime (like shots fired) would you go without a weapon?

The problem is criminal

We don't have a police problem in this country (not saying there aren't a few bad cops), we have a criminal problem!

Why do we have police in the first place? Because there are bad people breaking the law, hurting other people, threatening the or the lives of millions of innocent people.

If there were no criminals there would be no need for police. But the anarchists we have seen of late have turned things completely around to where the criminals are the good guys while the police are the "bad" guys.

How insane is that?

Jury trials should resume

Jury trials have been suspended, but arrests continue. Many prisoners are being held indefinitely without trial or pretrial release, at risk of COVID, in violation of their right to a speedy trial and and the opportunity to prove their innocence, and to pretrial release under the Sixth and Eighth Amendments.

The already massive jail is expanding into tents yet bursting at the seams. Sheriff Ivey's budget continues to grow when taxes, fines, fees, the money that prisoners' families must pay to the many jailhouse contractors.

Many of the prisoners are suffering from mental illness or addiction, and receive no effective treatment. Imprisonment splinters families, separates children from parents, spreads poverty and creates nothing but pain. Our courts and judges are funded not by taxes, but by the money they collect when prisoners are convicted. Is it any wonder they convict so many?

Other Florida counties are already holding trials without creating risk of infection. Juries are simply spaced out over a larger area and wear masks. Why are we lagging?

Schools need to open

School closures have serious consequences for the mental health, development and educational growth of our children.

Remote learning is simply not the same and school closures are especially detrimental to our most vulnerable students. Closures prevent educators from being able to address learning deficits, identify signs of neglect, abuse, suicide, etc. It’s why the American Academy of Pediatrics has said “ all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school.”

The nations two biggest teachers unions say they would consider strikes or protests if schools reopen in the fall. We must wonder why! Are they using a virus as an opportunity to gain even more power?

As Benjamin Franklin so eloquently stated many years ago “Those who would give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither.” Contact your elected school officials and encourage them to act in wisdom and not in fear.

Masks, masks, masks!

During visits to area businesses I continue to see people without masks. It is apparent that our political leaders do not have the courage to take the steps necessary to protect Floridians.

It’s time for company managers and owners to take the initiative for their employees. Employees all wear masks to protect your customers. They have a right to expect customers to wear masks to protect them. In the past you have put notices on the front doors: No shoes-no service; no shirt- no service. Now is the time for another notice: No mask- no admittance.

You owe it to your employees who are essential workers. You operate on private property. If someone refuses to comply and forces entry, call the police and have them arrested for trespass. Do it! You may save some lives.

Fake news of domestic violence

Here is some fake news for you, when they tell you on the news that domestic violence rates have no risen as a result of shutdowns. That's simply not true. It's simply not true. The victims are simply not reporting it.

Do you understand that, America? Domestic violence kills every day, around the clock; whether it is instant or gradual over years. The victims aren't reporting. Help a victim and don't judge a victim.

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