Holiday greetings means sincerity

My cousin posted the following on Facebook. I never thought of it this way.

When someone says “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, remember, they’re not doing it because of political correctness. They do it out of respect. Because from the 20th of November to January 24th, there’s at least 14 different religious holidays. So, when someone says Happy Holidays to you, thank them. Because they don’t know what you believe in. It’s called respect, not a war on Christmas.

More transparency and leadership

I moved here in 2006 and loved everything about Melbourne except its political structure. I always wondered who was the mayor, who was the city commissioner, who actually ran the county - except for the sheriff who seems to be the “higher” authority and spokesperson for the county, there doesn’t seem to be leadership here.

There appears to be no obvious or clear delineation of the political power structure. If you want to write a city official or call there is no “main number” that you call to get services to resolve a citizen’s complaint. There needs to be a well-publicized and accessible county directory that explains this county for all the newbies and oldies that live here.

Speeding problems on Crosstown

We have had many accidents on Crosstown Parkway due to people driving 55 mph and higher in a 45 mph zone.

My husband and I commend our Port St Lucie Police Department for all they do for the city. Our law enforcement needs vehicles that can perform well in all situations. During the holidays there are many drivers on the road who shouldn’t be driving.

Many drivers do not make a full stop at a red light when making a right hand turn putting pedestrians who are crossing the street in danger.

I saw a young boy almost get hit at the corner of Crosstown and Cashmere because a car did not stop to make a right on red! I had to beep my horn to stop the young boy from continuing to cross.

So thank you to our Law Enforcement for enforcing the law!

RE: Your body, your choice

If you really believe your quote, then why do you criticize the people who don’t want the jabs and what makes you think you will be alive to vote in the next election? Is it because you got the gene therapy?

It took years for the polio and smallpox vaccine. A vaccine is to prevent you from getting the disease, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for this jab. You seem like a fear monger, just like the propaganda news networks.

Are you so blind you can’t see what their agenda is? I’m talking about the leftist and right wingers. They just take turn with the paddles.

Thank you Hometown News and “Rants and Raves”, where freedom of speech is still available.

Re: Take pandemic seriously response

The vaccine is not safe! The second shot put me into congestive heart failure. I did not have it until the second shot. There are thousands who had severe and life changing reactions. Now, a significant number of our teenagers are having heart problems. You are not stating all the facts. I know 10 people who, a month after getting the shot (last winter/fall) were affected by Covid - it was bad, but they had the shot. So please check your facts. Preferably a reliable source other than ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN.

A new reality for Florida

All these baby boomers flocking to Florida for their leisure years may not realize it, but we are now well past the point of ever being able to take the option to flee from the path of intense hurricanes again. Evacuations, like years ago, are over.

With only one direction out, all highways north would be totally overwhelmed and in gridlock all over the state. The supply of gas would quickly dry up and not be available anywhere for days. We are just one major hurricane away from mass pandemonium for grocery and hardware stores. There will be panic buying of toilet paper and everything else when everyone has to ride out storms in place, not to mention the problems lengthy power outages bring. That is the new reality for Floridians. Hopefully bigger storms will continue to by-pass like they’ve, fortunately, have the last several years.

Betty White was a national treasure

I'm not sure of one person who personified being a national treasure more than Betty White. What a sad way to end a sad year. Rest in peace, dear Betty.

Wish for the new year

I hope that the foolishness stops and we can get back on track to becoming the best country in the world. We've really lost our footing lately. Not just because of politics, but because the American people couldn't look past the nonsense and love one another. I'm not saying we need to sit in a circle and sing kumbaya, but wouldn't it be nice if everyone could just respect the fact that we're all just here for a short time. Why must a select few try and make the majority of humans feel less than worthy. My hope is that we can just overlook the physical differences between each other and understand that without each other, we're all going to perish. So, happy New Year, and peace and goodwill to ALL.

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