So far, so good

Governor DeSantis has started out his term on a very positive note requesting the members of the South Florida Water Management District resign.  And hopefully, the two who refused will be replaced immediately with people chosen by 

Governor DeSantis.  The many appointments made at the last minute by Governor Scott should also be carefully vetted and removed if the sitting Governor had his own choices to make.  Senator Scott also made it a point to let everyone know that the situation with the toxic algae was the fault of the Government, so  we will expect him to get this situation under control immediately as he is now there to make sure it gets done.

The Government shutdown

As I understand, when the shutdown is over all the Federal Government employees affected  will receive their back pay, for time they did not work.

Most Federal Government employee, other then those like the TSA and other law enforcement agencies could work at another job during the shutdown, then receive their back pay, or not working.

If they are financially able to, they could treat the shutdown as a paid vacation, going off on a nice vacation until the shutdown is over. Not a bad deal.

More about turn signals

So after working for the Ford you think using the turn signal to much will where it out? Don't think so. And I guess it is on is no one is around to not use the signal either. So you only break the law when no one around to see! Then you complain about someone who speeds! It comes down to being so lazy as you can't move your left hand and push the lever up or down! It is just no consideration for others. Only "ME" Have you ever sat at a stop sign and the person on the other corner has no signal on and you have yours on, and you both go and see him turning the same way you are and almost hit them. Bet you don't come to a complete stop at a stop sign, to use your words bet $10 dollars to a hole in a doughnut that you roll through them. So another law you are breaking...

Give your left arm some work and push or pull the lever up or down.

Keep the courtesy van

We just heard Thursday, January 24, 2019, that the Sebastian Hospital Courtesy Van will discontinue service to doctor offices, the Wound Care & Hyperbaric Therapy in Sebastian.

This was a complete shock to us, since we have used this valuable service for several years. Many of our senior citizens in Sebastian, Barefoot Bay and area, live alone, can't drive, and are in wheel chairs.

We hope the Sebastian Hospital Administrator and Board of Directors will reconsider and continue this very much needed service for our senior population.

Higher taxes

Yep, I knew it was coming, just not so quickly. Just a couple weeks ago the Sheriff wrote an article about a future initiative to raise taxes “specifically for school safety” and now we’re seeing it proposed for teacher salaries. Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. An extra mill on the tax bills for school taxes will be a huge hit for homeowners, especially on the heels of a recent tax increase in Port St. Lucie and higher sales taxes. Keep in mind that senior and homestead exemptions do not decrease the school district tax. Everyone pays the same whether elderly, retired, fixed income, no kids, etc.. The economy is not out of the woods yet and seniors aren’t raking in more cash so this coming proposal needs to fall flat on its face.

What's really going on?

So many Trump fans (actually a minority of Americans) are refusing to acknowledge that it appears more and more, with every mounting indictment and guilty plea for those lying to cover up Trump's relationship with Russia's Putin, that the US president is carrying out most of Putin's wishes. Attempting to end NATO, bashing of the United Nations and our closest allies and creating chaos within our own country while lifting sanctions on Russian Oligarchs with connections to the Russian Mob, are all things on Putin's decades-long wish list.  Wake up people, the wall is a distraction to keep your attention away from the fact that Trump's Crime Family Network is unraveling right before your eyes. We had an election and by a huge margin, those wanting an ineffective wall at the border lost that election. Grow up and pay attention to all the guilty pleas, and people revolving around Trump going to prison for lying about Trump's Russian connections. America does not want the 18th-century solution for a 21st-century problem. Border security could be better served by using modern technology not ancient walls the next generation will simply tear down.

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