A rave for Chef Costa

Cooking is not something at the top of my list of things I love to do, therefore I am not an aficionado of cooking columns but  occasionally make and exception for Chef Costa's Cooking Corner - at least giving it a quick scan as his ad-libs are usually good for a chuckle and heaven knows we have few of those these days.  The February 1st column  was very enlightening for consumers/ shoppers.  I for one, miss that kind of information which was something found in the daily or weekly newspapers of yore.  Consumers need all the help they can get and 'informed' consumers would be a start for fixing consumer satisfaction and laws.

Regarding 'In Response to Turn Signals'

I would like to respond to the rant “In Response to Turn Signals”. The ranter suggested not using turn signals when no traffic is present, in spite of having formerly been a law enforcement officer (while I thank them for their service, I think an ex-cop should know better). Legally you are supposed to use a turn signal regardless of how much traffic is around. If you are a Bible person you may be influenced by the fact that according to scripture, we are to “obey the laws of the land”. If you don't go for that sort of reasoning, you still might be persuaded by the fact that there may be an unseen cop car nearby who might ticket you for this offense. Or worse yet, and I am ranting because this one concerns me greatly, that some poor soul might collide with your vehicle because they didn't expect you to turn that way. If you want to say that it should not be a law, that's one thing, we can get laws changed – but it's another thing entirely to disregard an existing law. 

Marketplace healthcare injustice

I qualified for a marketplace health insurance coverage subsidy for 2019 because of my low income and signed up in November 2018. I first had to prove that I had coverage in 2018 or pay the $695. I had the Medicare Part A hospital coverage so I didn’t have to pay it.

On January 23, I was told that I was disqualified for the subsidy unless I canceled the Medicare Part A coverage first. I have this benefit without cost from my disability.

I called Medicare who stated that Part A coverage takes second position to the marketplace insurance and that, if I canceled this coverage, I would have to repay all of the disability payments that I ever received. The marketplace said that they would take first position if I would pay full price. I won’t qualify for Medicare for five more years and I can’t afford $800 plus a month insurance payments.

So, I have to go without insurance and I had to cancel the marketplace coverage, which they said would take 30 days to process, thus another payment will be paid. Also, they won’t refund the three payments for the insurance that I wasn't able to use. The Health First supervisor said it was a law that you couldn't have two insurances and get the subsidy, however in the case of disability and only having hospital coverage Part A, Health First should take first position and the subsidy allowed based upon income.

A1A: a safety concern

I walk or bike on the sidewalk along A1A frequently. I often wonder what will happen if one of the zillion vehicles driving 40-50 mph (yes I know the speed limit is 35; I drive 35 and have received numerous hand gestures, honks and uncensored words as a result) would drift onto the sidewalk.

There is absolutely no protection for a pedestrian or biker. Whatever happened to the regular police patrols making an effort to hold the line on the speed limit? There used to be regular patrols and traffic stops.

There simply is too much traffic, cars turning, people walking and biking to allow these speeds to go unchecked.

Re: What's really going on

In response to the person who asked what's really going on, the Mueller indictments have absolutely nothing to do with Russian collusion!  And if you had been paying attention you would've known that! The only collusion with Russia was the Clinton /Obama uranium give away! Remember Obama or saying off mike, ' I'll have more flexibility after I'm sworn in'!.... so you think the wall is a distraction?! How ridiculous, we have thousands upon thousands of migrants headed to our border with not enough man power to vet them! The wall is not a distraction at all, it is necessary to help our border patrol, they are bombarded with illegals and drugs every day. The newly elected Mexican President has said he wants to flood the US with migrants, and that's what he's doing! No, the wall will not stop all, but will help control a lot, and certainly save a lot of money in the long run. Illegals cost taxpayers seventy five thousand each per year, guess that is OK with you, but not me and probably a lot of other Americans!  They need to come in legally. 

More on Trump

Seriously? I’m betting you won’t print this but had to speak out anyway.

How can anyone believe that Donald Trump is a Russian puppet? There is absolutely no evidence of collaboration after two years of investigations by multiple agencies and the entire main stream media. Why on earth would a successful American billionaire who is now President with an ego such as it is be beholding to someone like Putin or anyone else for that matter. I am appalled that Hometown would print such nonsense.

Oh, and by the way, walls work, just ask Israel.

Editor's note: Rants and Raves is a platform for readers to express their opinions, just as you have. We thank you for reading our paper and for feeling passionate enough about your topic to write in.

Foul language freedom of speech

As everyone who took high school civics course should know, the Constitution clearly states that, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of; or abridging the freedom of speech". So if, as the reader of Hometown News states, Representative Tlaib broke one of Congress's rules using foul language, I would like to point out that Congress doesn't have the right to prohibit free speech outside the floor of the capitol and even that is questionable.

To even suggest Rep. Tlaib "intended to threaten, insult and degrade" Trump and the office of the President of the United States is ludicrous. Nobody could possibly degrade this office more than Trump himself. His language is deplorable.

One final word, how dare you bring up Tlaib's legitimate right to hold an office. This is like Trump and Obama's birth certificate all over again.

You need to get over your fear of anyone darker than you.

Motorized carts for those in need

My husband is handicapped and we really need a motorized shopping cart when shopping.

I'm seeing an awful trend. I'm really appalled by it. People who don't need them are using them; kids joyriding on them.

The sad thing about it is that it takes away from people who really need the carts. Sometimes we've waited an hour for one to do our shopping. I've talked to the people at Publix and Walmart and they are very aware of it and they've said they should put signs up stating they're for those who need them. Yet, no one seemed to have done it.

Waiting for a cart for an hour isn't right. I would hope that the people who are using the carts that don't need them would really reconsider.

Salvation Army should improve service

I've always thought that the Salvation Army is an excellent organization. However, I had an unfortunate experience at the thrift store in Melbourne.

My son picked out two CD's at $2 each. I paid for these but, before we left the premises, he noticed neither had a CD inside. He went back to get a refund and was told to pick out two more which was fair. However, he couldn't find any more that he wanted. They still refused to refund.

I totally get that when someone buys something there and leaves there are no refunds. However, in this case we hadn't left the premises and the CD cases were 'empty'. They claimed they check all that come in which I am dubious of. Even so, when checking out, the clerk should have opened them to be sure they were all intact just like clerks at grocery stores check eggs for their customers.

My son never thought to check himself as he has never bought an empty CD. I will not support that store again since they were at fault for selling us a product that was not complete.

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