Women reps on women's issues

At last weeks State of the Union address given by President Trump, there were about 25 new congresswoman, dressed in white, in attendance.

These woman sat together and reacted to the various issues in the same way. I feel they have every right to their opinions, however, their lack of compassion for the victims of late term abortion shocked and saddened me. Killing a viable child right before birth (or possibly after birth) is so unbelievable and so out of character for human woman that I wonder whether our species will ever survive.

Have today's women lost their motherly love for humanity? As a woman, I hope not.

Unfavorable visit

I spent two weeks on the Treasure Coast. It was great, but ruined by two types of people. One was people with dogs who don't know or care that dogs are not allowed on the beach for a lot of good reasons.

The other are people who smoke think the beach is a giant ashtray. Both of these stupid groups of people belong to the idiots where 95 percent of them give the other five percent a bad name.

Respect our beautiful beaches, or stay home. You're not welcome!

Reefer madness

Tho those who want marijuana legalized: do you know what happens when it is? I live in Colorado six months of the year. Since it has been legal, the crime rate has soared, homelessness has increased because people from other states come and spend all their money on pot. It's so bad, the city of Pueblo pays one way tickets to return them.

The emergency rooms are overcrowded. Drug dealers rent houses and tear out interior to make grow operations. Companies are having a hard time finding heavy equipment operators because operators can't pass drug test. Many drivers involved in fatal crashes have had pot in their systems.

The money from taxing pot is not enough.

Drive slower on the nice streets

Recently, our neighborhood streets were finally paved and they are so nice

and smooth, however most cars and trucks find it necessary to drive faster than ever and the speed limit is 30 mph. I wonder if any of these people have kids who like to play or skate in the beautiful paved streets?

Why do we put up with it?

Why do we put up with train horns blaring all night long, heard more than a mile away from the trains' tracks. These horns should be no louder than necessary to be heard a block or so away to warn any idiot wanting to ram through the barricades.  I live 1.1 miles from the train tracks, yet every night and all night long I am awakened by these outrageous train horns.   There is no excuse for it.  Why should people a mile away or more from the tracks be forced to hear the blaring horns ten or twelve times per train at 1, 2,3 or 5 o'clock in the morning?  It is an assault perpetrated on millions of people up and down the Florida East Coast.  I noticed in highly populated Broward Country there are so called quiet zones where no horns are permitted during the late and overnight hours. Call your elected officials and fight back. This assault on millions of people, night after night, cannot be allowed to go on. We never used to hear these horns at all where I am until about two years or so ago when new horns were installed on these trains. Don't be silent! Call these representatives or let's go to their homes during the overnight and blare our horns 10 or 12 times every hour and see if that sets a fire under their rear ends....Do something!

Statistics show

A federal government study of crime nationwide indicates 90 percent of murderers had previous criminal records. Doesn't that tell us that we allow far too many criminals to walk free?

About swai fish

The debate on Swai fish resulted from the catfish wars where the U.S. catfish industry went after competing countries for supplying catfish to the U.S. market because U..S fisheries were over-fishing locally. The catfish industry falsely accused foreign suppliers of importing polluted fish to keep supply of their product high. This same attack extended to other varieties. The major suppliers of Swai fish in Vietnam have been inspected and have found to be superior to our own local suppliers. The writer in this weeks paper stated five suppliers used Swai fish from the Mekong Delta. The Swai fish at Publix are farm raised, extremely clean, very mild and delicious. My opinion is that they are much safer than fish caught from the polluted water along much of our coastline.

To the rude note writer

For that totally uninformed, very rude person who left a very nasty note on my car, that has a “DISABLED VETERAN” license plate, stating how dare I park in a handicapped parking place, please become aware of  Section 316, 1955, Florida Statutes, that: “provides for any vehicle displaying a Disabled Veteran, Disabled Veteran Wheelchair, Paralyzed Veterans of America, International Wheelchair Suffix or Motorcycle Wheelchair Emblem license plate to park in spaces designated for handicapped parking.”

Further, in order to receive the DISABLED VETERAN license plate, that person has to be certified as 100 percent disabled by the Veteran’s Administration.

Keep the area trash free

I've lived here in Fort Pierce for eight years as a snow bird and love everything about this town EXCEPT for the unkempt, dirty, litter strewn landscape along our main north south highway, U.S.1. I'd hate to think the citizens of this beautiful town take so little pride in where they live that making it a pig sty by throwing trash out the window has become a way of life. If it's a passersby that throw trash out their windows on their way through, we need more effective police and sheriff patrols to catch the litterbugs and fine them $500 per offense to stop the carnage or allow our citizens to report them with a picture of the littering and let them receive a ticket in the mail with a $100 fine unless they can prove otherwise.

In the meantime - don't we have prisoners in our city and county jails that can be coaxed to get some fresh air and exercise while making our city beautiful again. I'd even volunteer to supervise the proceedings. LETS MAKE FORT PIERCE BEAUTIFUL AGAIN.

Make yard sale signs easier to read

Just had a brief rant ABOUT YARD SALE SIGNS !!! We can't read them.....some we can barely see them. Use bright & bold colors folks. We love your yard sales....Just wanna be able to find them !

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