Rave for coupons!

Thanks to the Hometown News for starting to include the coupon inserts in the newspaper.

I used to have to buy a three dollar Sunday paper in order to get the coupons. Now, I don't have to!

I hope Hometown News continues this practice. It is of great benefit to people like me and I am very appreciative.

Philosophy of arguments

If anyone is interested in what's happening in this country should read into the philosophy of Hegel’s Dialectics.

Worries for the postal service

I am a senior citizen who has worked and lived here for over 50 years. I am deeply concerned over the delay in U.S. mail deliveries due to President Trump and his cronies openly seeking to destroy the post office during the worst public health crisis in a century.

With states increasingly relying on voting by mail to continue elections during the pandemic, destabilizing the postal service not only threatens the economy and the jobs of 600,000 workers, but is also a direct attack on American democracy itself.

As American citizens we need to address this in the upcoming election.

Home confinement

I am a 70-year-old, surprisingly, healthy person. I have committed no crime, but I'm sentenced to home confinement for an open ended term.

This is because Gov. DeSantis has refused to lead; without mandatory face masks as the rule the virus will not be controlled. As of July 16, there are almost 15,000 new cases. If they only interacted with one person, there is a potential of another 15,000.

Numbers don't lie, DeSantis does.

"Don't mandate masks" response

This is in response to the “Don’t tell me to wear a mask” and “Don’t mandate masks” letters printed in the July 24th edition. I’m sure some of the people that hoarded toilet paper and other sanitizing products that were so hard to find for so long, were indeed mask wearers but you have to admit, some people that did the hoarding were non-mask wearers. So probably equal blame there.

If you or your loved one was in the hospital and the doctors and nurses that were providing care were not wearing masks. Would you be saying “Bravo, bravo”. “I applaud you exercising your freedom of choice as this is a free country”.

When I see someone in the grocery store that is wearing a mask, I silently say to myself, thank you brother and or sister for the minor inconvenience of wearing a mask for 20 or 30 minutes while you shop. Thanks for having my back. We are all on the same team and it’s not a Republican/conservative one or a Democratic/liberal one. It’s the human team we are all part of and we would really like you to join us.

Mask mandates and trends

Florida has stretched out it’s lead over Texas in the number of new COVID-19 cases in the last weeks. What happened weeks ago? The state of Texas mandated masks. Go figure!

"No mask on your face, you big disgrace, spreading your germs all over the place." (Sung to Queen’s “We Will Rock You”)

"All the problems..." response

The author mentions people trying to take away "a woman's right to choose what she does with her body." Does the author believe a woman has a right to choose whether or not to wear a mask?

Somehow, "my body, my choice" seems only to apply to abortion. The author also mentions that he or she will "continue to fight for equality for all" I suppose all does not apply to unborn babies in the womb. Very hypocritical.

Not so cheap

I'm tired of U.S. businesses that operate in other countries where labor costs are cheaper, and then resell their goods here at home. We must prevent U.S. corporations from operating at the expense of American consumers.

Bring back car bumpers

I want to go back to when cars and trucks had bumpers. Bumpers were made to prevent damage to vehicles, today front and rear panels ARE the damage. One used to get a ding in the bumper and could live with that, but today a rear or front panel has to be replaced at a cost of anywhere between $800 to a couple of thousand, if the taillights and hatch lift are involved. I know that the auto manufacturers won't change because the profit made from selling these panels are DOLLARS from heaven. Another downsize is the cost of insurance whose rates definitely go up when claims of a thousand instead of hundreds are the consequences. I recently had a slight backup damage to a small quarter of my rear bumper on my new 2020 pickup. SURPRISE! My rear bumper was mostly plastic and had to replace that section and taillight assy. for a total of $835. A ding in my bumper if it was steel would have been overlooked on my part. I see this everyday when I am driving. Many who don't want to put a claim in for insurance live with their new vehicle in this condition. It is a sad situation which I wish some auto manufacturer would correct.

Re "Statues aren't good reminders"

I think slavery in America isn't comparable to the attempted extermination of a race. Not that I don't condemn both. The civil war was a tragic war were brothers fought brothers and Father's fought sons. This was a war were Americans fought Americans. It is a blood soaked time in our history. A tragic war but these statues are a reminder of how far we've come TOGETHER. After the war these generals of the south help reunite a country that otherwise would have been unrepairable. They are on the wrong side of history. But these statues aren't there to glorify slavery.

Volunteering makes me happy

I have thoroughly enjoyed my three months at the Meals on Wheels volunteer job. I volunteer once a week. I pick up the meals, averaging 10-13 meals at 11:00, and deliver them to the seniors placing them on a chair or table outside the home.   The seniors will open the door once I ring the bell, but they are very cautious and practice social distancing. 

Please go to info below to sign up for volunteer hours. Folks like Ms. Allison age 100 years old and Ms. Donna, age 96(names have been changed) are VERY inspirational and appreciate my volunteering. Mr. Tom tells me every Friday I make his day just saying hello. I get more out of this job than I give my love.   I love  to see the smiles on their faces. PLEASE call Curletha Campbell 772-2237829 or email ccampbell@kanecenter.org

RE: Don't mandate masks

Responding to our friend's letter "Don't mandate masks" who says "liberals" are putting this stuff out on people" and "We will blame you, the Democrats". May I remind them that it's the doctors who put this stuff (masks) on us. Florida is under the leadership of CONSERVATIVE Republicans and the nation is under a REPUBLICAN president, who, by the way, called this pandemic a HOAX at his Feb. 29 rally (look it up). The failed leadership of these two has led to the highest unemployment since the Great Depression and 145,000 dead American in less than five months, on their watch, while our allies, Mexico and Canada, have both gotten a handle on the virus, as has Europe. Don't throw stones in glass houses. Keep your virus to yourself, wear your mask!

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